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Category: random, culture, lifestyle

10/31/11 11:57 - ID#55414 pmobl

Neat Party Trick

You wanna put the proverbial Fear o' the Almighty into someone?

Three li'l words will often do the trick:

I. Know. Everything.

The reactions are priceless! Try it the next time you're faced with the inevitable skeeviness that comes with people.

/end PSA


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Category: random, lifestyle

10/29/11 08:30 - ID#55399 pmobl

Something I've Missed

So, this morning I get to have an indulgence I haven't had in a while: Saturday morning cartoons.

Sure, they aren't nearly as good as they were "back in the day"..and I've got to cook breakfast..and do laundry..and clean the basement..and work out..and get ready to see my ex-wife about some visitation..and prepare for some snow as if it were the Genesis Deluge..

I can still watch a 'toon, or two.

Small miracles...

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Category: random, photos

10/28/11 11:23 - ID#55396 pmobl

In lieu of...

Since I can't change my avatar atm, I hope you folks will settle for an uploaded pic:

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Category: music, random

10/28/11 07:21 - ID#55394 pmobl

I've Decided

It's official. It's virtually impossible to be in a bad mood after listening to "Raspberry Beret".

A good day is assured!

Addendum: "The Book Of Love" by Peter Gabriel brings me to tears. Everytime.

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10/27/11 05:11 - ID#55391 pmobl

Small Miracles

Ha! I actually got to leave early today. Bonus: the bus is not overly laden with rampant ass! Awesomesauce.

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Category: random, musings, culture

10/27/11 09:22 - ID#55387 pmobl

Sayin's an' such

It's a great day in the mornin'!

My mom used to say that in lieu of cursing...but it's only on my mind because I watched the original "The Bad Seed" last night, and the language was so rich, the diction, perfect. It's hard to believe Americans used to talk like that.

I blame the internets.

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Category: musings, random

10/26/11 06:23 - ID#55382 pmobl

Public Transportation

Again, big shouts for the estrip welcome!

The thing about public transportation is this: when it's crowded, and your feet hurt from working, and you're fed up with the unwashed masses, do you stand, or risk having someone's ass staring you impolitely in the face for 45 minutes? I mean, I'll eat ass under the right circumstances, but THESE are not them.

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Category: random

10/26/11 11:58 - ID#55381 pmobl

Can you dig it?

Big shouts to the good folks at for actually allowing this admitted sociopath to join up.

This being my first foray into the blogging world, expect these to be totally random as I attempt to find my voice. Your patience is appreciated in advance. ;-)

First up, I'm listening to "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", by Sir Elton. So topical...I have to thank an erstwhile friend for doing something I couldn't. ~.~


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