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Category: gay

06/10/09 01:47 - ID#48884

Doin My Part

Because it's funny.

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Category: gay

08/16/07 02:15 - ID#40577


So, Felly and I come from a (for the most part) liberal town where we felt comfortable holding hands in public and being in public in general. Today we are going for a walk: to the bank to get quarters and to the post office for stamps. Felly says she is still not 100% comfortable holding hands/showing PDA's because we don't really know what we are dealing with here. Now, I know this is the home of Ani Difranco and all, but for all you gay folks out there, what is your opinion on the subject? I, to a certain extent, have "I look like a straight girl" priveleges that give me perhaps a false sense of security, but when my girlfriend and I are together only a small few would mistake us two straight girls out on the town.

Also, I have never lived in a city before, so I am only assuming, but I am sure it all depends on where you go, when you go, and all that jazz. And there are always the few that ruin it for the group.

Anyways, if anyone sees us on our walk, feel free to honk, wave, and yell obnoxious things from your cars.
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