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02/24/06 12:08 - 23ºF - ID#24406

My Name

Jill: A dance involving little to no clothing

....I like!

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02/08/06 04:29 - 20ºF - ID#24405

It's Been A Long Time...

Since I last posted....
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08/18/05 05:51 - 59ºF - ID#24404

Oh my Goodness Gracious

Bright Eyes will be playing a show at the CFA on November 21st......and who's supporting you ask?..........The Magic Numbers....
How very very exciting.
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08/16/05 08:55 - 62ºF - ID#24403

In Response

Everyone has written such interesting journals since I last posted...
It's great!
SO I'll start from the bottom and work my way up,

SARAH, there is a Death Cab Concert in Toronto at the Kool Haus on October 15th, tickets are a pricey $24.75 (too rich for my blood, I like my concerts like I like my men: cheap and all ages.......ewwwww........hahaha)
Tickets just went up for sale on, they'll probably go perty fast...

Also, in response to your previous entry I haven't been really keeping up with my quest for new music to llisten to. But, I do adore the Magic Numbers!!!! I think you'd really dig them!
I've also been listening to Of Montreal a lot lately, they have a show in Toronto on the 30th, but I won't be home for it unfortunately.....
and the New Pornographers are always a gaurenteed good time (Show coming up in Toronto in Sept.....little hazy on the exact date though)
Sons and Daughters are good.....
Hope that helps.

(Also, I think I might want to dye my hair platinum blond?.....We will have to discuss further as you are the expert)

Amanda, you always have the craziest stories, I quite enjoy it......of course this time the craziest part of the whole tale was that it did not include Katrina!?

Maureen, I wholeheartedly agree with Jason. And I happen to know that your list of potential suitors is endless.... I can name ten just off the top of my head alone.
You are lovely and bright and kind and humble........I just think you are swell (and you pick out all the right candy to pack in care packages......which I enjoyed immensley and am very grateful for!).....And I am positive that everything will fall into place for you. And if for some reason it doen't you will forever be surrounded by friends and family who adore you!!!!!

LeeLee, your story is so sweet. I hope all (e:strip)pers are so lucky!

Michael my sweet, little Lobster-skinned boy. T ake solace in the fact that since I have left (coincidence?....I hope so!) you seem to have become more outgoing and proactive than ever!! I'm really happy to hear about all of your little adventures into social normalcy.....remember, we all must start with baby steps.....and besides, if you become too "normal", how will I ever catch up upon my return?! I love you VIscarino!!!!!

I guess that's all for now....

Take care Peepers

Oh, before I forget, DrChlorine I am really excited about the whole theme song thing but I can't access the link.....can you just let me know what it is? Pu---leease!

and Ladycroft, I am from the good-old Buffalo, but I've been in Scotland since May.......hence my confusion with the dates.
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08/15/05 10:28 - 64ºF - ID#24402

Roomate Scramble

Sad, Sad,
No Yo La Tengo concert tonight for this girlie,
instead I will be showing our flat to a girl called Tess,
and washing and old lady's hair....
So am I really missing out?....

But on the bright side, after two very long nights in the dark, the smell of rotting milk seeping out of the refrigorator, our power has been turned back on......Glory Be!!!!!
No more sewing by candlelight and eating cold soup!
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08/11/05 09:17 - 71ºF - ID#24401


(E:Tina) is right, the Tilly concert is the 15th of September not the 9th......I appear to be getting used to the whole inverted date thing here...

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08/10/05 06:41 - 68ºF - ID#24400

Looking Up

I woke up this morning in a rather unpleasant mood. I don't know why but I was angry about something from the get go, my sheets were all tangled and my duvet had fallen off the side of my bed and refused to cover me properly no matter how much I struggled with it.
I just wanted a cozy bed.......and to stay in that cozy bed and not go to work.

But, I did eventually drag myself away from my pillow and head to the office (on the way, the slightest of misty rain ruined my random good hair day)

It's so chilly outside, and wet and rainy.....
I hear you people complain about the heat back in Buffalo, and I realize that I'd be miserably sticky if I was there too, but I do long for a bright warm day... Months with only the faintest trace of sunshine have taken their tole on me. Buffalo may not have the best weather around but at least we've got the sun!

But I digress, my day has gotten better,
I just got news of an upcoming show at the Mohawk Place,
On September 9th, Orenda Fink (Azure Ray), Neva DInova, David DOndero and......the musical equivalent of a bright sunny day at the park: TILLY AND THE WALL

I'll be there......griping about the weather most likely, and with the biggest smile on my face because.......I'll be home, and I'll be listening to joyous melodies!!!


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08/09/05 03:24 - 68ºF - ID#24399

Trip to the Circus:

The Fringe Festival is finally upon us.
Time for concerts and plays and books and movies!!!!.........
and.......Street Performers,
I love street performers, they create such excitement.
I love the fact that they introduce the bizarre or unexpected into everyday life.....I'm just walking down the street, headphones on, hands jammed into my pockets (to stop my all to high-waisted slacks from riding up.....I HATE office attire!), on my way to work when all of a sudden a man painted entirely in silver robotically springs to life and scare the Bejeezes out of me, or a woman stomping and screaming, wearing highheels and a red polka dot leotard, demands my undivided attention as she violently frees herself from a metal chain and straight jacket.
.....How is anyone expected to get anywhere on time with such distractions?

I love it!!

With all that the festival has to offer, it's almost impossible to decide what to invest your time and money into seeing. Having never heard of most of the shows before, it really is a bit of a gamble. Luckily my very first show of the festival was so outrageously good that I really want to see it again. Circus Immortal Was this phenomonal alternative avant garde circus show, in this tiny tent where the audience was forced to stand, shuffling around to make room for the performers, who by the way were the best looking group of circus performers I had ever seen. I wish I would have taken pictures because It's pretty hard to do it justice in words.
Phenomonal though.

I have to get back to work now ......sad.

Oh and by the way:
Comments, Comments, Comments, I love getting comments on my journal......Jason you made my day!
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07/14/05 07:16 - 75ºF - ID#24398

A few More.....

I took this photo for Mike because this tree right near our flat looks just like an Elephant!!!!! I think of him every time I pass it!

I went to the March on Poverty rally and intended on marching, that is before I waited by my self in a crowd packed shoulder to shoulder for well over two and a half that time we moved about a foot (if that).......I started to get claustraphobic so I escaped to the part of the Meadows where the stage was set up and listened to speeches. Everyone was in a really friendly, united mood.

Two of our roomies. Tony - the Swede (I think he must dye his hair, I mean come on who has ever heard of a raven tressed Swede?!), and Julie - the French Canadian (and so as not to dissapoint I will inform you alll that yes, she does have the Celine Dion body wash!)

The Rilo Kiley concert was tremendous. It was a small intimate venue and the band was even better than I had expected, and I had some pretty high expectations too.

Here's the Beast hard at work!

The Beast and I desperatley miss our we try and squeeze out some maternal affection from a dice.

That's it for now I guess!

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07/14/05 06:30 - 75ºF - ID#24397

And now..........PICTURES!

Here are a few photos from the lovely Edinburgh. Enjoy!

THe crew at the airport.......Mike looks so sad, he's a good friend, the same cannot be said however about Yosepha and Jesse.....they look all to pleased.

View from Princes Street overlooking Princes Street Gardens.....sheer perfection! How lucky are we to see this everyday?

The castle is like something out of a fairytale. It's huge and perched on a craigy hill; looming over the city.

Our temporary home: the hostel we stayed in the first week here (and grew to hate!)

Our room in our apartment......err flat. Looking terribley inhospitable. But don't worry, we took care of that!

Me before.......

And after my professional haircut.

Yo and Eric came to visit.......and Yosepha redeemed herself (and now has one up on Mike!)

Beast and her beau Hamish. Good guy, even if he does leave his porno in the dvd player when he loans it to people.

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