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01/20/07 03:26 - 20ºF - ID#37795

Deinspiration #4

just because your mom gave you a dictionary two years ago and you throw as many adjectives as possible into a sentence, does not mean you know how to write, YVONNE!

good writing doesn't come from convoluting the english language into this unbearable garbage that you shit, every day, onto my screen. describing everything you see and hear with those big words you learned for the SAT's, does not constitute a good piece of work. it just means youre trying too hard to appear like you have some talent. trying to sound deep and cerebral just looks plain stupid. you sound like a prison inmate, YVONNE, who spews a lot of words with nothing to say.

interesting people are interesting becuase they show interest in things other than themselves. theyre interesting because theyre educated and experienced and can form opinions and hold discussions about things that require intellect. you, on the other hand, try to find 75 different ways to analyze yourself when there's nothing of interest to analyze!

why do you keep trying so hard? can't you just accept the fact that you really are not as special as you think you are? and can't you see that the really smart people of the world would never, ever, consider you anything more than a wannabe intellectual? and don't forget, you still are a fat heffer, so even the dumb skinny crowd wouldnt want you.

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01/20/07 08:19 - 19ºF - ID#37789

Sorry i didnt go

but i'm still suffering from the damn headache. it hurt all night long. i hope you guys had a better time than i did.

Happy Birthday, Paul!
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01/19/07 05:38 - 30ºF - ID#37781

Deinspiration #3

so, you think that by writing these deinspirations, youre being some kind of rebel? you think youre somehow unique and different and special? here's a news flash, YVONNE, youre ordinary and boring. youre about as unique as everybody else. this little protest does not make you appear smart or witty, nor clever. going against the grain is not a passport to coolness.

remember, standing on the other side of the tracks doesn't mean youre exotic, it just means that you have to watch your fat ass so that it doesn't get plowed by the train. youre still a lameo, accept it.


on a serious note--i'm still at work. been here 11 hours. im so tired and i have a headache. i don't know if i'll make it to the party. :(
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01/18/07 09:27 - 34ºF - ID#37766

Deinspiration #2

saying youre big boned or that it's in your genes, or you're just thick and not fat, is a complete lie, YVONNE. in actuality youre fat AND lazy AND most likely a slob.

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01/17/07 05:12 - 24ºF - ID#37747

you suck after all


seeing as how the site has been filled with feel good mantras popping up at the most (for me) inopportune moments, i felt it is necessary to provide a nice counter balance that will reflect my life philosophy which consists of "you suck, life sucks, fuck off"

instead of filling one with hope and inspiration, i feel we need words that will bring us down to grim reality and provide a much needed sobering for our disillusioned psyches.

so, i vow to write, each and every single day, in the spirit of (e:inspiraysean), a DEINSPIRATION for the soul.

here goes,

If doing your best is not enough, YVONNE, you probably are not good enough after all.


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01/17/07 07:34 - 13ºF - ID#37735

relativity revealed?

i had the strangest dream last night.

dreamt about a three dimensional model of the probability of an event happening, if that makes any sense what so ever. it made sense in my head at the time.

in the dream i had this vision that every event in someone's life is suspended in a vacuum on an axis. the event then (in a three dimensional model) spirals from the bottom to the top of the axis where the whole length of the event is divided by half of the whole, infinitely and the lenght of the axis is the lenght of the event. and the further out one goes on the spiral the less probability there is that the event happened or that it was done by or happened to you. and so your entire life consist of these spirals perched on these axis'(or axi?) connected by their infinite (but visibly concrete) probability of happening or not. and existence was a big convoluted blob of 3-D spiral mounds of nothingness.

i'm not kidding, this really made a whole lot of sense last night and it was a lot easier to understand when i didn't have to use words to describe it.

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01/15/07 12:34 - 32ºF - ID#37698


there are so many movies out there that i want to see. maybe today i'll make a day of it. here is a list. I have to prepare myself for the oscars. What good is it watching the show if you have not seen the movies, granted, some of theser are not oscar material.

Children of Men
The Pursuit of Happyness
Dreamgirls (because Beyonce's body is dreamy)
Night at the Museum
Stomp the Yard (i was in the drill team in high school)
The Painted Veil (Edward Norton is my dream man)
Blood Diamond (because Leonardo is dream man #2)
The Queen (because although i'm not british, i do loooove the queen, i wish we had one)
Chrlotte's Web (who doesn't love this story)
the two Clint Eastwood movies (because theyre going to be nominated for a bunch of stuff, even though i don't like war movies)
Miss Potter (because it looks so damn cute)
Pan's Labyrinth (because it looks so damn cool)
Notes on a Scandal (because an adult and a 13 year old love story can't ever go wrong)

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01/09/07 07:27 - 30ºF - ID#37616 pmobl

i want to make the bestest database ever

this is what I'm doing at work. I am going to have the most banging database known to man!


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01/07/07 10:47 - 36ºF - ID#37569

in response to paul's dog pill post.

yes dogs can definitely get addicted. they had a piece on NPR about a dog who was addicted to frogs. she would catch poisonous frogs and suck on them until they had no poison left in them. i guess the frogs had hallucinogenic/euphoric effects. it got so bad at one point that the only thing the dog ever wanted to do, from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed, was to suck frogs. she would run into the back yard any chance she got and if someone was not there to let her out, she would sit by the back door and cry. once she did get out, she would bonkers until she actually found a frog. since the frogs were only around in the summer, the dog went through withdrawal every winter, but started right back up when the weather got warm. they tried everything to get her to stop but she would just find a way to get into the backyard, regardless. eventually, after a few years, for whatever reason, the dog calmed down, and no longer went bonkers for the frogs. she settled down and only sucked a few frogs a season.

kind of what happens to us as we get older, huh? we can't go on sucking frogs forever.
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01/07/07 05:29 - 42ºF - ID#37515 pmobl

think again piggies

I don't think this is something we need to be rewarding our kids for.


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