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06/27/07 03:59 - 86ºF - ID#39830 pmobl

stupid me

just like jenks, I have nothing new to report. been slaving away with school crap because i've been a procrastinating looser who had months and months to complete my work but decided to wait till a week before its due to begin.

so, I've been staying for 12 to 15 hours at a time at work so that I can finish on time. and I don't think I will. i'm going to have to beg the prof for an extension.

i'm sitting in the work park and taking a break. here is the view.


and here is a pic of a drawing I did that i'm showing off.


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06/21/07 01:14 - 63ºF - ID#39750

Toronto trip

here are some pics from toronto. i wish i could have taken a lot more, but i forgot my phone charger and so after the first day, my phone went dead. there was some cool stuff that i wanted to show you guys, like the woofstock festival they had going-on for dogs. it was basically and animal version of allentown festival. it was hot and the dogs looked just as miserable as they do at allentown.

i also wish i could have taken some pics of all the homeless people i saw there. i don't think i've ever been to a city with such a HUGE homeless/mentally ill population. not NYC, nor london, nor paris had this many people sleeping on the streets. and i don't mean just living on the street like regular homeless people do, with boxes and blankets and loads of stuff, but rather people just plain drunk and fucked up, completely passed out in the middle of the sidewalk. just out cold, nothing with them, no personal belongings, laying literally in the middle of a busy sidewalk, pissing themselves. i wonder if toronto has a higher drug addiction rate than other big cities.

this was the view from our hotel room.

we ate at ho-lee-chow. my fortune was told by a cookie. it actually wasnt a fortune, it was more so advice. pretty lame advice if you ask me. i have this little game i usually play with cookie fortunes; i follow everything they say with "in bed", so it actually makes some fortunes pretty funny. this one was not so funny, but much better advice than it originally was. "don't burden yourself with trivial matters, in bed."

i'll keep that in mind. thanks ho-lee-chow.

sweet robes in the closet.

and this was the marble bathroom.

and a little kitchenette to cook food, with real dishes and utensils.

the rest of the room.

then we went to the science center. this is an elephant heart. look at the size of that thing compared to faben's hand!

they also had this thing where you could have your picture taken and it would automatically age you 50 years. they keep the picture online for you for 30 days, so i'm going to go try to retrieve it and post it before they dump it. people beware; it might be a little too disturbing.

they also had a small indoor rain forest.


and this is the crazy sky that we saw when we were leaving. it was the same day there were crazy thunderstorms here. i think (e:jim) posted a pic of it from buffalo. it looked like the scene from the poltergeist movie. i was afraid there was going to be some sort of freak tornado or something. btw, did i mention that ii have a slight obsession with tornadoes? i dream about them often. i think that is one of my life long see a real tornado. they terrify me, but excite me at the same time, kind of like relationships, but a lot less turbulent.

there is a second post below that i just posted a couple of hours ago.
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06/20/07 10:24 - 67ºF - ID#39749

update and i'm going to die

faben's graduation is on monday and she refuses to go. and she's been kicked out of honors math, although is still in all other honors. (which i don't understand how, since she's barely passing those)

i know i've said it so many times this past week, but i was hungover every day for like, five days straight. when i started in the beginning of the week, two drinks and i would be tipsy, by the end, i could easily down five and be perfectly fine. it's scary how quickly you build up a tolerance.

i've really been having a ton of fun hanging out. didn't really expect it.

marvin is barely speaking to me. he's so angry with me, and doesn't want to hear anything about what i've been doing. i don't really understand why, i mean he's had a zillion chances for many years. so, now when i am seeing someone, he gets an attitude. tough shit, buddy.

omg, someone is coming in my pool room to KILL MEEEEEE!

holy shit, if you find out that i'm dead, it's cuz some killer has just gotten into our yard.

gotta go investigate.
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06/14/07 08:48 - 75ºF - ID#39661

o come ye, worthless sleep

hmmm....let's explore what happens when one takes an ambien and then does not go to sleep.

one gets a weird high that consist of slowed reaction time and slowed thought.

one get an instant "AHHH" feeling throughout one's body.

one starts to think that it may be more fun hanging out with the ambien for a while, rather than retiring for the night so soon.

one can no longer focus on faces that are farther then a couple of feet away.

one also can't walk correctly. one begins to sway from left to right .

one now lights a cigarette and looses it. so one lights up yet one more.

one just gave another one an ambien, who has returned a cross continental trip who has same insomnia problem, for years, but has never taken any sleep meds.

we'll see how it works for that one.

one also is beginning to think that one might write something clever.



one is now getting yelled at for smoking and is getting tired of thinking about clever things.

one has run out things to say.

one is going to sleep.

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06/12/07 09:33 - 78ºF - ID#39633

fuck you

i am dying of insomnia. i will die. i know it. i feel like i'm half way there. someone help me?

i did not sleep the last two nights at all, and the only reason i slept in toronto is because i had some ambien. AND even when i had the ambien, i was still up 3 or 4 times a night.


if this continues, i will kill myself.

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06/11/07 05:40 - 80ºF - ID#39611

uh huh

ugh...i'm so hungover....blah

and my knees are bruised.

and i have little butterflies in my stomach. ;)

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06/09/07 06:01 - 72ºF - ID#39592

toronto: part 3.14159265

people, if you've never seen phantom of the opera, you are missing a sensational show! i know it may seem corny and lame, but i cannot begin to tell you how fucking fantastic the show was. in fact, it was so fantastic, that i am taking my ass back to the theater to see the show again, tonight!

we sat in the second balcony today, and although you got a nice view of the whole stage, it was quite a distance away from the stage. in order to get a better view, i'm going back tonight and sitting in the first row. for 50 bucks a ticket, you can't go wrong.

this really is one of the most spectacular productions ever made. the costumes are brilliant; bejeweled and shiny, the stage setup is exceptional and the over all show is truly unforgettable. this really is one of those shows that one MUST see during their life time. i had shivers during the climactic scenes and my eyes watered at the end. the audience gave a standing ovation to the cast and i felt like a little girl, feverishly clapping my hands when the phantom took his bow.

that phantom....he's so misunderstood. he's my kind of guy.
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06/08/07 07:41 - 76ºF - ID#39584

toronto - part deux

i wanted to see "we will rock you" in toronto, like (e:metalpeter) mentioned, but the tickets are so bloody expensive, that it appears that only super rich and well-off people are allowed to enjoy the theater. they run around 220-240 per ticket! can you believe it?

i mean i know that broadway tix are that expensive, but i didn't know that toronto tickets are that pricey too.

instead, we are going to see phantom. i know, i know, just about everyone has seen that show at some point or other, but i actually saw it in high school and i could stand to see it again. luckily, the show is in it's final run at the prince of whales theater, so instead of the 90-180 dollar tickets, they are selling ALL remaining seats for 50 bucks. the show ends next week, so it looks like we JUST made it.

(e:ladycroft), we are staying in the same exact location we stayed when we came here last time except that my hotel is across from the comfort inn. we ate at ho-lee-chow today! where are those pictures from that visit? why don't i still know how to link to journals? why am i so lame?

i do love toronto. i don't think we realize what a world class city we have right under our nose. i want to move here and learn how to speak canadian.

on another note, i have been forced to read harry potter, 5th book, and am now totally potterized. this was my first harry potter book that i have read in its entirety. i remember reading the first couple to faben when she was just a wee bit old (hee hee), but could never really get into it. she went on to become a potter fanatic. i think i had a snobbish attitude about it, thinking that i was too sophisticated to read such childish crap. but just recently, because faben has been nagging me so terribly, and probably because i have a shit load of work that i am so good at avoiding, i gave in, only to find that it actually is pretty darn good.

i can't wait for the movie to come out, and i think i have a total crush on snape. he is so dark, mysterious, moody, angry and tormented, precisely what makes a man sexy. definitely hotness material, but most certainly NOT relationship material. on the other hand, we all know that relationships are boring. silent, dark and internally tortured men are HOT!

i decided that i am back into men. i mean, i've always been into them, but lately i've had very little interest. however, i think my interest in that whole male/female interaction is returning. i wish i was still flying. i could have a boyfriend in every city and then it would never get boring like normal relationships do. i remember this cute, , rastafarian boyfriend in st. croix. although he was blonde with blue eyes, he was definitely croixian. i guess when the danes colonized the island, they left more than just architecture behind. (ok, seriously...i don't even know if they left any architectural styles behind, but they did sure leave some cute genes)

i wont have many pictures to post, as i don't have a digital camera anymore. just recently, marvin took the one i had, which was actually his from when we lived together as man and nag. i only have my phone camera which i guess would suffice, but i forgot the charger at home. so, there are only a few pictures of the hotel room and the science center that i'll come home with, unless the camera lasts longer than expected.

seriously, why are emotionally unstable men so sexy? i can't get them out of my head.
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06/08/07 12:06 - 83ºF - ID#39580


so i made it out of buffalo last night. i took a 4 day break and booked a fantastic hotel in toronto. i have tons of pics but i can't post from my phone, cuz...well...i'm in canada and it's not working.

we have a sweeeet room, with 2 tv's, dvd players, fat robes and a delicious breakfast buffet. i'm not big on breakfast buffets but this one is very, very tasty. we also have a tiny kitchenette and real silverware and dishes and fridge and stove and microwave. and the pool is awesome. there are rooftop jacuzzis that overlook the entire city. it is just breathtaking. i want to come for a romantic getaway here, like now!

the pool

the rooftop


it's unnatural how much i love hotel rooms. i guess thats one of the main reasons why i loved flying. it's because i got to stay in hotel rooms all the time. people told me that i would eventually get sick of them, but i never did. i miss hotels.

today we are headed to the ontario science center.

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06/06/07 04:32 - 59ºF - ID#39546


i suck i know...

hey greg, if youre reading this....i'm sorry i didn't call you all weekend....sorry i didn't return your call on sunday.....and i'm sorry i didn't call you all week. i promise i'll make it up. don't go reading into it or anything. it's nothing, i promise.

i'll take you out to dinner soon.

but first,

i'm going away for the weekend, to cleanse myself or something. i took thursday and friday off and i'm skipping town.

more to come.

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...