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10/22/08 12:00 - 36ºF - ID#46249

updated lady gaga video

ok, the video is not working below. i guess youtube has taken it down. not sure why because it says that it's the OFFICIAL video posted by the record company. maybe it's cuz youtube takes down all videos that appear to be in violation before it actually verifies that the vid is legitimate and then reinstates it when it's proven otherwise.

either way, has it on his site and working.

i wish there was a way to embbed videos other than google and youtube ones.

here is the link. for all of you music have to see this vid and hear this song. it's pop genius.

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10/22/08 08:52 - 34ºF - ID#46247

new lady gaga

Look Lady Gaga has a new song. This one was my favorite from the montage I posted a while back.

here's an interesting tid bit. so gaga is going on tour and is opening for NKOTB and when they gave her the budget she was like whoa and revised it and gave it back to them with the changes she wanted to make. i guess she needed to add all of the costumes, and technology and lights, etc. bottom line went waaay over budget.

and they came back to her and were like, um...sorry gaga, but this is crazy over how do you ever plan on paying for all of this. well, she came back to them and said that every night after the tour performance, she is going out and playing a set in a small club or wherever and all the $$$ from that are going to supplement the tour budget. so she is basically working and doing two tours, one to support the other and making no money on it at all.

she said that the performance is everything to her and the money is nothing to her if her performance and the show are not what she's envisioned them to be. it's all about the show.

call her pop music what you like, but that is dedication.

she kind of reminds me of a female kanye west in that respect.

This video is super 80's hot. I can totally see myself dancing to this all night at the party.

Hey can we have music on Holloween? I mean, like loud music?

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10/17/08 09:35 - 44ºF - ID#46155

If Obama wins the blacks will take over!

Take a look at this Ohio town. Obama thinks white people are trash. He's a terrorist. He's a Muslim. When you've got a negro running for president.....

And these people are dead serious.

Oh god, why are so many back road American's so fucking dumb?

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10/14/08 07:53 - 61ºF - ID#46118

Death Note part two tomorrow

k, remember how we went to see the death note movie, paul, peter, tony, tiburon?

the second part is playing at regal tomorrow at 7:30. we have to go.



I Hope it's the chair for you sweetie!!!!

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10/13/08 10:18 - 63ºF - ID#46101

hey mr.

why don't you become a member here and come to the party. there is really a much better chance of seeing me swinging naked from the chandelier there than of me actually talking to someone in private, offline. nothing personal, i'm just not very personal and am social only when soaked in alcohol.

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10/10/08 04:57 - 66ºF - ID#46048

movies people!!!!

ok, guys we have to get cracking on this outing.

you guys get a choice

amherst dipson on main at 7 or 9:30 (which i would prefer)

or elmwood regal 7:55 or 10:25

call me 465-****
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10/09/08 05:59 - 64ºF - ID#46026

who wants to see a movie?

faben and i are going to see that new bill maher movie about religion and how rediculous it is. i think it's called religilus or something like it.

we are planning on going tomorrow. anyone want to go?
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...