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10/10/07 11:42 - 60ºF - ID#41569

growly belly

Frozen pot pies linked to salmonella? COOK THEM YOU MORONS!

anybody else think that unions have gotten too big for their britches? i've been rather anti-union since my father got screwed around so regularly by his union.

(e:enknot) your baby is adorable! more pictures please!

last night i met with my boss, heather, and her friend carmello about doing this crazy fashion show/theatrical experience. it sounds like such amazing funness!

more on that later...

i have to get off the computer as lauren has to start writing papers.
and i have to start on my chores.
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Category: randomo

10/09/07 10:08 - 73ºF - ID#41556

the next day

now its time to put last nights rollercoaster of emotion away and pretend like monday night football doesn't exist.

i have a football hangover. without booze ever having been involved.
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Category: good eats

10/07/07 04:33 - 74ºF - ID#41537


i am currently soaking sliced bananas in rum.

this would be a hint as to one of the flavors of jello shots that i will be bringing to the (e:strip) halloween party.
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Category: good times

10/07/07 12:39 - 61ºF - ID#41531

buffalo rising? corn mazes?


Yesterday we went to the Corn maze in wheatfield!

My cousin came to the house and picked up (e:lauren) and drove her up to my aunt's house in Niagara Falls. I met them there. Of course we thought it was just going to be the four of us. NOPE!

we had about 15 people by the time we were done... I show up and of course the perfect thing to do is drink before hand apparently, so we did.

The corn maze was awesome. of course (e:lauren) showed her heretofore unknown skills at exiting mazes. There was the question of whether or not she really was an indian tracker.

ALSO! i started working in the springville store last week. very interesting location i must say....

but one of my coworkers turns out to work for buffalo rising and i realized i didn't know what the beef was between estrip and buffalo rising, but that i should probably know before she sees my estrip bumper sticker next time we work together.

so please help... what is the beef?
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Category: good times

10/03/07 09:37 - 66ºF - ID#41481

Who rocks the party that rocks yr body?

We just returned from our first dance class.

Wednesday is more of a workout class for women. It involves all the top rocking, or the moves that don't involve getting down on the floor. so we did lots of dancing, and then we went and used the big yoga balls doing all these exercises that made my body cry. Then we went back to the top rocking. Oh and there is also up rocking, which involves jumping up a bit.

Once we get our strength up, we can then go to Monday nights, which is a women's class that is more about the actual floor moves. I think we are definetly going to need to hit the Wednesday night classes for a few months first.

Oh and Jim, I did find out that Tuesday nights are the basics classes for breakdancing that is a mixed class for male and female. Also the same class is Saturday at 3. So if you want, I'll defientely get you set up with them and all will be peachy keen!

Oh and Heather is also going to set me up with some people to do freelance graphics. I haven't done graphics in a while, so this is exciting!
Okay my arms hurt too much to type any more!
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10/02/07 11:11 - 65ºF - ID#41469

last post i swear

okay last video i'm posting. i swear....

this is so creepy and strange i don't know what to make of it...
it is little abba puppets.
abba puppets!
and very stereotypical gay men!

yeah i dunno.

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10/02/07 10:51 - 65ºF - ID#41468


If A and B then C.

A = Love of Muppets
B = Interest in Pulp Fiction
C =

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Category: good times

09/30/07 10:18 - 55ºF - ID#41414

Dance I said!

Last evening was spent witnessing some of the best dancing that I've ever seen that didn't involve alchahol...

The dance battle was amazing. There were so many people there, so many different races coming together. There were the rich, the Poor, the young, the old. Everyone was AMAZING!

Here is the youngest participating in the popnlock section of the battle....

You can't see it from this video, but she had no problem getting right up into the faces of the boys there.

These guys are from the later dance battle..

There are move videos on my Youtube site if it interests you.

The guys were all very friendly, we had people coming up to us and introducing themselves all night. As we sat there, looking around, it was as if everyone had their own little party going on, people just dancin without a care in the world. There were people there from Rhode Island. From NYC. From France!

So I have to admit that Lauren and I are going to check out the dance classes that they have next Wednesday. I think it would be hilarious to head back to New Paltz one day and spin around on my head in myold living room.

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09/29/07 06:57 - 65ºF - ID#41404


We are heading out tonight to the Verve dance school tonight (almost on the corner of Allen and Main -- above the art store)

It is supposed to be a dance battle with people of all ages breakdancing. Supposed to be pretty interesting.

if anyone wants to check it out....

there is more info

yeah... word.
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09/25/07 08:28 - 68ºF - ID#41315


Australian rugby league player Ben Czislowski, 24, complaining of an eye infection and pain in July, was found by doctors to have, embedded in his head, a tooth belonging to opponent Matt Austin, with whom he had violently collided in an April match. Austin also lost several other teeth in the collision.

A Lake Charles, La., man was killed in August by a single gunshot, which was explained by Sheriff Tony Mancuso: "(The man and his girlfriend) were engaged in consensual sexual behavior involving a firearm when the firearm was discharged, resulting in his death." [KPLC-TV (Lake Charles), 8-2-07]

A 60-year-old female rancher was killed in August in Mitchell, Australia, when a 10-month-old male camel (recently arrived as a birthday gift for the woman) apparently mistook her for a female camel, knocked her to the ground, and lay on top of her in what one camel expert said "no doubt" was "sexual" behavior, crushing her with his 330 pounds.
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