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Category: moving

06/28/07 01:38 - 80ºF - ID#39835

tick tock tick tock tick

times a tick tockin away!
tonight after work begins crunch time.

everything we own is getting moved to the garage. or to kathis. tomorrow morning lauren and i will be wrestling with the hoardes of ny city folk who are all on a mission of mass exodus of the hot and steamy city in favor of the ever so pristine jersey shore (sarcasm? noooo)
spending the weekend at the beach with a ridiculous amount of assholes i'm sure. but hey, sun and ocean and a free house a block away from the shore? sure.

i intend on mild inebriation throughout the weekend.

ending sunday morning, when we again will be facing the hoardes of (holyshiti'vegottagobacktowork)
in time to get lauren to work
and me to the budget rental truck
and then pack all night

monday afternoon, you will see me, there in buffalo
i'll be the one swearing under my breath at the 47 boxes of books(bricks) that have lauren's name all over them.

here we go!
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Category: fwuffy

06/26/07 04:23 - 91ºF - ID#39815

cuuuute with chris

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Category: pain

06/24/07 05:41 - 82ºF - ID#39795

grumble grumble

my throat hurts.

which sucks. i don't enjoy that very much. i thought that was supposed to end when i quit smoking. that was 9 months ago.

i think we have made a decision to move on the 2nd. so if anyone wants to stop by, we will be there. moving. and then we have to get back in the car and head back to NP on the morning of the 3rd so that we could go back to work. lovely, eh?

anyway, i need to go close my store. i think i'm going to go home, get ice cream and then nap.

ice cream + sore throat = mildly complacent.
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Category: randomo

06/23/07 12:08 - 65ºF - ID#39783

my grandpap made dandelion wine

i drank a little too much blue moon last night...
but luckily i started out the day snuggling with a purring kitten... unless you are (e:paul), there is no way a bad day could start out with a purring kitten!

lauren just went out to lunch with her ex boyfriend... i wish she would hurry back with some food...

so my question is this...

what is everyones favorite hot spots around elmwood? (and i don't mean for wireless internet access)

coffee spots?

there is a place in NPZ that has the greatest food ever.... and I need to find a similar place..

also... i have a menu for 'just pizza' and noticed dandelions on several menu items... what is up with that? buffalo doesn't seem like the type of place to go all hippie tofu on me... whats the deal people?

ummmm yeah thats all for now.

oh wait....
one other question: is amy winehouse is really a white chick?
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Category: randomo

06/22/07 01:10 - 67ºF - ID#39763

stick your beef between two buns....

yesterday i spent about a half an hour filling out an online resume / questionairre for cingular. they called this morning and wanted me to come in for an interview.

umm... sorry i don't live there yet...

but the fella said to call him when i made it to buffalo and he would set me up with an interview.


anyway, i managed to deposit approximately 16 envelopes filled with resumes and sparkly clean delicious cover letters with addresses of many different sprint/nextel/cingular/cricket/etc addresses on them. I sent none to verizon as i have beef with the verizon store here in the mall.

did i really just say that i have 'beef' ?

anyway, in hopes of attracting all kinds of star wars lovers that may open up said envelopes, i was sure to affix a lovely star wars stamp on each of the envelopes. I saved Darth Vader for the Sprint store.

its going to be tough juggling all the interviews i'm going to have, and even tougher deciding which company deserves me the most...
  • sigh*

I just invited my boss and his wife to my going away party, and lured him in with the seduction of 'drunken slip and slide' he was panting with excitement.... at least that is what he said.

tonight i;m going to kick back with a 6 pack of blue moon and enjoy me friday night... just wish i could get out of here now.
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Category: randomo pix

06/21/07 08:07 - 75ºF - ID#39758

trip pics

pics of our trip to buffalo... there are not i know...

drivin drivin drivin

but this is our new home!

and this is our balcony!

anyway, i feel the need to inform you that one of my cats just jumped onto my shelf and stuck his head into a box of tampons and ran off with two of them. just what i need.

back to work!
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06/19/07 10:03 - 69ºF - ID#39738


We just got back from Buffalo
(pics later)

We went first to esquared's sheldon apartments wherein they started showing us this first apartment....

"the guys who lived here before were artsy"

and when i mentioned (e:jim) and (e:james) she promptly said that it was their apartment!

we saw your plaaaaacceee...

lauren loves your color preference, but we have no idea how you could have lived with that kitchen...

and i have to ask... they were really going to raise your rent due to the 'balcony'?

anyway - we went over to the other place and fell in love. we took it.
we are official (e:strip)peerrss!!! 367 elmwood baby!

more soon...
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Category: randomo

06/17/07 12:56 - ID#39704

rooaaaddd trip.

buffalo HERE I COME!

i think we are leaving around 5 am. lauren hates me for that. but i'm driving, right?

we have to get up to wilson and drop off a bunch of my stuff at my brothers house, visit, and make it over to my other brothers house in ransomville before heading back into buffalo for a 2 oclock double appointment at sheldon apartments and elmwood village apartments.

then i have to run around putting in applications all over b-lo

tuesday morning at 9 we are to call and confirm a noon showing of another apartment.

we also have to call about a 2 bedroom on ashland.

and do some more job hunting

and lauren has to go visit the college at some point.


and I still do not know where i'm going to end up staying. the problem is now that my family is guilting me into staying with them. oh sweet jesus if they were to find out that i came to western ny and did not stay with them then they would be convinced that the world is ending... so lauren and i are just going and saying the hell with it - we will get to where we are getting and do what we have to do....

okay i need to get some food and look for more apartments online
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Category: randomo

06/16/07 10:27 - 69ºF - ID#39696

pop goes the brain cells

so i'm recounting the deposits for the last week so that i can make a bank deposit....

and as i'm counting i'm noticing something strange...

i keep losing count between 14 and 15.

i say 14 in my head and then 15 and then i'm like... wait... was that right?

i did this about ten times just now and it makes me wonder if there is some reason i have forgotten that after 13 comes 14 then 15 and so on... perhaps its true...

this job has eaten my brain.

or maybe its just the zombies...

okay at any rate its time to go home, thank god.
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Category: archaic

06/14/07 10:44 - 68ºF - ID#39664

360 days in a year

There is something about ancient knowledge that fascinates the crap out of me. The kind of ancient evidence that goes against what we know. We have an established history and millions of books that say 'this is the way it is'. And what interests me is the stuff that gets the panties of scientists and historians in a major knot. There are so many phenomena that are simply ignored because to actually look at it realistically would cause such an enormous shift in our paradigm of the world that nobody wants to even bother.
Anyway, I would go on forever about it, but instead I'll present you with my most recent findings.

This is from a book I'm presently reading.

The Aryabhatiya, an ancient Indian mathematical/astronomical work states:'A year consists of 12 months. A month consists of 30 days'

The ancient Babylonian year consisted of a 12 months and 30 days in a month.

The old Egyptian year consisted of 12 months of 30 days.

Plutarch wrote that ancient Rome (during the time of Romulus) the year was made of twelve 30 day months.

The Mayan year consisted of 360 days.

The Incan year was divided into 12 quilla of 30 days.

The Ancient Chinese Calendar consisted of 12 months each of 30 days.

In all the previous cultures, the addition of 5 extra days to the yearly calendar (and in some cases even the addition of a day every fourth) is indicated to have occurred around the same time.

This is the basis of the theory that at some point in the archaic past the earths orbital position underwent a change. Which leads to many other theories that I won't even get into. Because they involve everything from pole shifting, the changing height of human beings, floods, Atlantis, dual moons and the like.

Okay I've bored you all enough.
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