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08/24/08 09:05 - 73ºF - ID#45433

estrip on pause

1. assistant manager for several stores means my head is going to explode at work with all there is to do.

2. I now have a 2 person film crew with a local photographer with $20,000 in equipment at our disposal to begin shooting a promo/then documentary on green living space in rock harbor. (!!!?!!!)

3. refinancing auto loan (hell)

4. fixing credit score.

5. brewing beer.

6. walk the dog walk the dog walk the dog walk the dog

7. weddings/camping/weddings heeelllll

i need a vacation
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08/17/08 11:37 - 72ºF - ID#45356

NY city for the weekend.

after driving to NYC via Pennsylvania (i-81 to i-84) I have decided that Pennsylvania needs to be kicked out of the Union for unruly behavior. (construction from the moment I entered till the moment I left)

also...we spotted a tanker truck full of

"liquid egg product"

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08/10/08 08:58 - 58ºF - ID#45292

xp please!

Well we didn't win the laptop at the barbeque/raffle last night. Which means we have to go and buy an uber cheap laptop. For lauren to do her papers on. Boo. but NOT a vista model. NO NO NO!

and i don't have much of a hangover at the moment, which rocks.

Anyone been to the melting pot?
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08/08/08 07:23 - 61ºF - ID#45272

tsk tsk tsk young lady

Where the hell have I been???

working. Apparently around here, summer = busy months. Not to mention that, for the most part, days off have come to = a strange combination of weddings, events and obligations. And yes, I have been cheating on estrip with another online community.

Now now its not what you are thinking. Don't be upset, let me explain.

It all starts with samsung, you see. Samsung has offered me a deal wherein for every Samsung phone that i sell at work, I have the ability to go to their website and enter that phone's ESN number in. What it gives me in exchange are points. yes points. Delicious and free points.

And what do points give me exactly? THINGS! Thats what! Allow me to relate the items that I have received, free of charge, with said points.

1. A pair of kicks (adidas)
2. A George Foreman Grill the size of my microwave.
3. 3 month supply of Frontline Plus flea repellant stuff for Ralphie.
4. Puppy shampoo for Ralphie
5. A wok about the size of the George Foreman
6. Kicks for lauren
7. A book for Lauren.
8. A harness for Ralphie (not yet arrived)
9. An audio book
10. Age of Empires III
11. A new wireless card for my computer

and finally....

12. Mr Beer Premium Edition Microbrewery
13. Mr. Beer Whispering Wheat Weizenbier refill


So first of all, lets not even talk about the time that I am on the computer playing Age of Empires.


Okay I admit, I am, by no means, a beer connoisseur. In fact, I will admit that I am a beer idiot. I know I like blue moon, and the original intention is that I would like to make blue moon!

well it has started to evolve.

The website I have been checking out is a forum for Mr. Beer fans, that tells you the ins and outs of home brewing. So I apologize for cheating on you, but I desire to know MORE!

Presently I have a Pale Ale fermenting in the closet. I will be able to Bottle said beer on the 17th and then it might be ready the first week of September.

Next batch will be a weizenbier. Then a 'witty monk' which is a true belgian witbier - or the most similar to a blue moon that you can get.

Also, I have decided to start TASTING beer, instead of drinking it. IE we went to the village beer merchant (oh my goodness what delightful beer selections!!)
We picked up a Moosbacher Weisenbier to try. Had a pint last night, good flavors! I will not even begin to pretend as though i know how to detect subtle flavors. But its a start.

incidentally, I just ordered a scale, thermometer and some extra bottles from samsung. BAM! free!!

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