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Category: work

05/30/07 05:08 - 83ºF - ID#39463

when you work at a toy factory....

I just set my post its to go to my phone. how exciting... i feel as though somewhere along the line i have jumped into the age of technology.

So I am presently working a ten hour day in one of my stores. It is a slow store, so i usually spend the day bored/playing online. today i watched a movie online - Another Gay Movie which is a spoof on all the gay movies that are out there.

Wow there is a lot of gay sex in that movie.

So the funny thing is that here I am, watching gay sex movies at work.... and if my boss was here , he probably would just laugh at me.

The funny thing is that the owner of this company has another business. he runs this website: with his wife. so when i work in the poughkeepsie location, there is constantly shipments being delivered for his website.... and so when the owner (thor) calls me back and says 'hey your order is in' and then he waves a giant black dildo at me, i think to myself... wow... this is the greatest job ever...

if i were just reading this, i would probably be completely skeeved out by the idea of a boss waving a giant rubber dildo at their employees... but somehow here it just is hilariously the way it is...

anyway... i just thought there should be some type of indication of the fun environment in which i work..
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Category: randomo

05/28/07 10:43 - 63ºF - ID#39431

Random acts of selfish thought

I'm not used to working Mondays. One of my employees quit this weekend, bringing my hours up but totally screwing my schedule. Wednesday I work a ten hour shift and now Thursday will be at least 11.5 hours.

We have managed to schedule a date for our next visit to Buffalo. June 18th-20th. Basically will involve waking up at the ass crack of dawn and driving for 6 hours, then Job Hunting/Apartment hunting for both the rest of Monday, as well as all day Tuesday. We will be camping too.

Yesterday I also managed to schedule in the following events.
June 1 - Art Show in Utica
June 9 - Nick's Body Building competition in Poughkeepsie
June 18-20 - Buffalo
June 22 - Concert in NYC
June 28/29 - move out (TO WHERE???)
June 30-July 1 - Campout going away party @ Kim & Jean's
July 7-8 - "the Felly & Lauren are gone!" party @ 66 south
July 22-25 - Family 'get together' @ Bear Mountain State Park.

I also got completely overwhelmed by all that is to happen and how the hell to do it all.

I realized that we have no place to store our crap for the entire month of July (if we don't get an apartment right away July 1)

I realized that I may not be able to work in July if I have already given then a July 1 leaving date.

All this and Mel decided to spend a good hour asking me why I am wasting my time selling cell phones when I am such a talented videographer. All the reasons that I managed to give to her all ended up being a steaming pile of bullshit. What it all comes down to is basically a lack of confidence. Sometimes I know i'm an awesome videographer. I can't even watch a movie without picking it apart. Then when it comes down to actually trying to prove that, I just get afraid of putting myself out there. And then I say.... All I need is ten G's and i'd be fine... I would start my own business!
blah blah blah its all bullshit.

Really though. Lauren is going to be gone for the evening so I'll spend the night painting some delicious works of art for Jess. And avoid the thought of taking control of my life yet again!
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Category: 'deep' thoughts

05/23/07 11:03 - 73ºF - ID#39386

Camp Felly

We bought a tent.

which basically means that no matter what happens, we will never be completly homeless...

maybe that is a rather bleak way of looking at the future. But seriously, it will work out wonderfully in our travels to Buf to check out apartments. We can just camp there and make it a fun little getaway. But the screwed up part is that I have a crapload of relatives in the youngstown/lockport/wilson/ransomville area up north of Buffalo. Brothers, grandparents and aunts and uncles. But really the only place that we could really stay would be my grandparents house due to circumstance.

I love my grandparents. Really I do, but with my grandpap's recent decline and the stagnant emptiness/loneliness of that house when nobody else is there... well i just don't like staying there.

And I count myself so lucky, because my gripe with not wanting to stay there has nothing to do with the fact that I am in a lesbian relationship and would be bringing my girlfriend with me. The last time we were there, they absolutely loved lauren. I am so very lucky for such a wonderful and loving family.

Alas. I love tenting. And so it shall be.
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Category: food

05/22/07 11:38 - 65ºF - ID#39374

bubble tea is being tried again...

okay so i'm trying to upload photos and it is telling me that adobe flash player is having a script error or something that is causing my computer to run slowly. then the photos that i upload have little x's on them of the red variety and so theydo not upload. are the two related?

my original post spoke of bubble tea.... here is the post without photos.

[box]I first heard of Bubble tea on here, but I was new to the estrip community so I did not voice my confusion. (what the hell is bubble tea? Bubble gum flavored tea?)
Then yesterday Wazina invited me to the City with her and Steve to have Bubble tea and do some shopping. (actually they didn't tell me they were shopping, they said 'walking around')

2 story morals here.
1. bubble tea is weird but good.
2. never shop with wazina and steven.[/box]

also saw 28 weeks later last night... not all that great...

it was as if the cameraperson was having an epilectic fit. i mean, the first one had just the right amount of fast camera pan/tilt/zoom/etcs to give you glimpses of what was going on... but this one - it was just too much... i felt cheated i guess... but then that is my videography training perhaps... i often feel cheated when watching movies...

also saw shrek 3 online.. (hehehe) and though the quality was poor, i enjoyed it immensely!
okay time for groceries.
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Category: work

05/19/07 04:05 - 59ºF - ID#39344

i'm not irritated...

Today I took a look at this schedule that Jeff, the other manager, made up. somehow my hours have dropped down to 30 hours and his has risen to 40. this is all, of course, due to the fact that Anthony recently tried to quit for a better cell phone company with more hours/pay/etc... he was kept and given a full 40 hour work schedule and raise and whatnot. well this is bullshit because now i'm getting hosed out of a good ten hours.
my girlfriend told me that i have to calm down. i'm calm.

anyway, it just sucks and it really makes me consider this job and these people who i work for to be a lot less grand than it used to be. not that it was ever 'grand' but now i see them as a hell of a lot more shady.

good thing i have tomorrow off. Nelson asked me to work for him tomorrow and i told him ihad things to do.

i'm sad that i'm missing yard sales. i need stuff. cheap stuff, apparently, since i'm losing money.

also - i was just doing some family genealogy research and just found my grandfather in a 1920 census. he was a fireman. he lists his parents as being born in 'england'.

England?? what happened to Ireland?? I THought I was IRISH! somehow i definetely just switched heritages... how odd. not that i embraced the irish part of me much more than drinking heavily.

i need to make a visit to buffalo soon and do some job hunting.
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Category: work

05/16/07 02:10 - 51ºF - ID#39304

storms and angry lisps

This is my third attempt at writing a post.
Entry number one got eaten by a power outage/storm.
Entry number two was lost in a horrible backspace/back a page incident.

here we go

we just had a really crazy 5 minute storm. dark as hell, lightning, rain like a waterfall, etc... we lost power which ate my first entry. and now its gone, sun is out, and only 5 minutes have passed!

before that a fella with a lisp came in and wanted to pay his bill. being as though we are not a corporate, the only way we can accept payments is through Precash, which charges for every payment. And its cash only. So the guy just flipped out on me and then said that I was rude. I told him that he needs to chill. He demanded that I call customer service. I told him that irregardless of what customer service tells me, I cannot do something that my system physically will not allow me to do.
Where is your manager?
I am the manager.
Where is your home office?
This is the home office.
If you are not sprint then you take that sign down now!
um. no.
What are you going to tell sprint when i bring somebody from sprint into here tomorrow?
um... the same thing that i'm telling you now.

incidentally, this guy has been in this store several times before trying to do all kinds of stuff that only a corporate office can do. So he knows that I cannot do this stuff. Also he had a lisp.

I have to say that normally i am one of the most helpful and understanding persons ever, but sometimes people are so besides themselves that I have to laugh so that I don't get pissed..

and i just heated up soup which means i'm now very busy!
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Category: work

05/15/07 05:44 - 74ºF - ID#39287

woes and potters

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Anthony who informed me that he is probably going to go to the other store, the one that is offering more an hour, plus a full 40 hour week, plus feature commissions.

So Thor is trying to keep Anthony, so he is doing everything that he can to keep him employed in this company. Which could pretty much affect MY hours. Anthony has already informed me that he would NOT allow that to happen - but I am still nervous.

It sucks because I gave them such advance notice of my leaving so as to not screw them, but i'm the one who may end up getting screwed in the long run. It's like a catch 22. They have to keep the people who work here happy. So the people that are already intending on leaving might as well be the ones who get the short end of the stick.

In other news....

I uploaded a ridiculous amount of videos to my youtube account. all kinds of ridiculousness.

Also - July 13th is my new hero. Harry Potter! Which reminds me. there is a toad like woman who walks around the mall sometimes. She has some kind of neck condition that makes her whole head look like a giant toad or Jabba the Hut kind of creature. And once she wore a pink bow in her hair and I swore that she was dressing up as Professor Umbridge.
I would have voted for this woman to be the dolores umbridge over that imelda woman. for serious.
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Category: d zine

05/12/07 01:04 - 59ºF - ID#39247

Tasty Baby

For some reason i feel as though somebody somewhere is about to yell at me........


Steven wants one too. maybe i should charge him....
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Category: daily grind

05/11/07 02:23 - 53ºF - ID#39237

Veal is for lovers

I just spent about 2 hours on my friend's Myspace account friending every person I could find from the UK. She is a musician and requested that I, her northeast marketing director, do so. Considering how much I can't stand Myspace, it was very benevolant of me.

I just ordered a rubber tree plant for my mother for sunday. I don't really have much of an explanation why I would order such a thing, but confusing her makes me very happy. And i'm sure she will make some type of comment about trying to grow rubbers... my mom sure is kooky.

I also ordered a set of 6 prestretched canvasas to create jess's birthday present.

The paintings in the background will be the inspiration for it - as seen on HGTV.

I like the idea of that and Jess has been asking for a Felly Original for a while. Of course her birthday was May1 - so i better get a move on.

Tonight I'm making a Tshirt for Erin for her birthday. it will read simply

"I went to the veal house and all I got was this tasty baby"

wrong... very very wrong...
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05/10/07 11:38 - 62ºF - ID#39222

The kitten is biting my toes.

One of my employees just called me to let me know that if i wanted some extra hours that I could come in early and he would get out early... Nice to know, Anthony... I'll keep that in mind... thanks much. no.

I'm not allowed to wake Lauren up until Noon. She has been working crazy hours for the past two weeks and finally has a morning wherein she can sleep in. So... noon. I have another half an hour to dick around on Wazina's laptop while she gets ready to head into work.

I'm thinking about spending a little bit ripping up that horrid bush in the front yard. Actually there are four bushes there, surrounding a large boulder. And of course, it is all boxed in by very contemporary wood edgers. (sarcasm) I imagine that the roots run very deep as well.... this should be interesting... By the time I am done, I would not be suprised if we end up with a shovel across the yard and me having a hissy fit.

Wow that just reminded me of the time i got stuck in the driveway here and looked up to see all of my housemates watching me try to shovel my way INTO the driveway. and then the cheap ass shovel broke and I proceeded to throw it across the yard. We found it when the snow melted.

I think I just realized that I'm a total impatient, hot tempered asshole. Which is funny b ecause when shit goes down at work I'm the last person to lose it.

anyway... I'm going to go clean the kitty box.
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