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Category: moving

11/30/07 09:55 - ID#42340

again? are ya kidding?

sometimes i have to wake up earlier than i have to in the mornin to check my mail/estrip/etc before lauren needs the computer for the rest of the day...

and then i have nothing exciting to post.

been thinkin about moving a bit further north of buffalo when my lease is up - since mostly i work in lockport and lauren goes to school up there. i love the fact that we live right between allentown village and elmwood village for anything that we want to do - but seriously - we don't do anything down here so at this point its just costing us gas. maybe we should just stop being lame!

besides we need to be someplace with a yard so that I am allowed to have a dog. lauren promised you see :) i've named him already. Ralphy.

So my aunt and cousin live up in the falls - LaSalle? she is trying to get me to move near her. And i would have to say that if i were to move closer to anybody in the fam it would probably be her...

but then my boss shook her head at the idea of it. no no no... you don't want to live there...

okay fine. its not like i don't have till June to find out where I want to move to...

now i'm rambling.
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Category: moving

07/28/07 11:17 - ID#40288

wegmans is my baby daddy

i'm hoping the worst of it all is over.

today i moved a 900 lb couch up to my living room. it really is a hideous couch, but i have a bunch of fabric and i'm hoping to transform it as we have transformed this apartment.

seriously though, i think the couch might have caused serious internal injury. We had to take both doors off their hinges and heave. two people at the top, two people at the bottom.

at one point i questioned whether or not i had any ability to go on living. that was about half way up.

at another point i almost passed out.

i also was in the sun all day at a christening for my second cousing. i'm approximately the color of those hideous red curtains that i have found mixed in with the stuff i have moved in.

so now i'm reading about all the (e:strip)pers hanging out at the 24 and i'm wondering how i 'm awake enough to read this, write this, or comprehend any of it, and yet i want to go play.

forgive me (e:society)... i'm almost ready to come out of hiding...

just a little nap first...
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Category: moving

07/19/07 02:39 - ID#40166

countdown to acid reflux

tonight i fix lauren's car window/blinker with jess.
tomorrow is my last day at work
tomorrow night is happy hour at oasis for the last time
saturday is harry potter
saturday night is a barbeque at my bosses house
sunday through tuesday morning is family reunion
tuesday is the day i grab my cats and say goodbye to new paltz.

i've been so busy. so very busy. sorry i haven't posted/commented more than flippantly. i'm rather flippant you see.

hey guys, what is this Nova 3C promotions company? They want me to come in for an interview, but if it is going to be annoying telemarketing for pennies crap i don't even want to bother...

i can't wait until the stress levels die and my dry and sarcastic sense of humor comes back.

this little kid just ran out of kb toys yelling,

'dad! brian just called me a retard and that really hurt! it really did! my feelings are hurt'

i don't know why i found that so amusing, but yeah... okay i really got to stop procrastinating...
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07/11/07 12:04 - ID#40049

brushed nickels

god this computer is slow.
i was going to upload a photo of the kitchen that lauren and i just spent crazy back breaking heat stroke inducing hours painting, but the photo is huge, and this computer is slower than snails racing in the mojave. also this shitty computer chair almost unceremoniously dumped me directly into the shaky computer desk that i'm sitting at. which would have resulted in horrible horrible things.

Missing Image ;(

that should bring up a big fat red X.

i would go ahead and upload it elsewhere and resize it, but that would take most of the morning/afternoon.

the interview went okay - though i was given a phone call as i was pulling into buffalo monday afternoon that it had to be rescheduled for that evening. thus i was unable to do much of the last minute research that i had intentions of doing. it went okay, though he repeatedly asked me about my graphic design and video production background. wasn't i at an interview for cell phone sales?

anyway - hopefully it went well, though i'm really concerned about having an apartment/bills/etc and no job as of yet. i have to keep telling myself it will be okay.

the painting was HELL. hot. i have a hugeeee bruise on my leg from straddling the refridgerator (don't ask). our kitchen now has a new floor, a lovely set of cabinets in the color of 'chocolate sparkle' and the walls are a delightful color that we have deemed to be magical as it shows up grey, blue and green depending on which wall/light/angle you have. we are currently debating on whether or not we should have a brushed nickel color for the hardware on the cabinets or a black. i personally like silver, though after looking at the cabinets i'm unsure.

I have been asked by lauren to inquire as to what everyone thinks is the fastest way from elmwood ave to UB north campus. hmm?

we were leaving last night, passing the bidwell park (is this right?) and saw a gathering. it made me wish i wasn't going back to new paltz. i suddenly realized that it was the first time i'd rather be somewhere else than new paltz and it made me an odd mix of reminiscent/sad/happy/eager/etc.

anyway - thanks for all the well wishing! i need to get some laundry done!
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07/03/07 11:44 - ID#39907

just can't wait to get on the road again

well we made it there!

somehow we managed to move the entire truck into the apartment in the matter of about 20 minutes. chalk it up to excellant packing, but wow... it all came together great! my 14 year old nephew carried all the heavy stuff.

(e:chico) - thanks for stopping by and bringing us beer! it was delicious and well needed by the time we got back and sat staring at the mounds and mounds of our belongings in the middle of the living room! it made us feel great!

(e:james) - sorry we didn't call you for the jello wrestling. it was over in an instant. who knew that a forty pound monkey could overpower a full grown goat that quickly?

and then we drove another 6 hours back to new paltz. gone already, i know...

and now it is late and my spinal cord has fused into one large question mark. i finally wrenched my fingers from the steering wheel and i don't think they will ever straighten again. 20 hours of driving in 5 days. my car and my body hates me.

happy fourth of july everyone! i'll be at work tomorrow, resting....

thanks again!
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07/02/07 12:32 - ID#39885

praise jersey~


i'm officially a couch pet. staying with kathi unil i'm fully moved into buffalo. there is something extremely discomforting about it all.

more importantly

jersey was amazing. delightful. swell sweet. delicious. oh my god did i just say that about JERSEY? i have problems.
no really we went to the beach and had excellant drunken times.

i'll mention just a couple highlites.

1. found out what happens if you do not put sunblock on evenly. i look like i have red camouflage (sp?) skin on my chest. very hot let me tell you.

2. it was interesting to walk behind my group of big dykes on the boardwalk so i could fully appreciate the gawking of all the meatheads. also drinking beer in the bathroom on the boardwalk when i clearl y didn't need any more.

3. kathi fell asleep on the beach and we have a lovely photo of her sleeping on her chair, all alone except for the random dude-bro that offered to take his photo with her. when we finally showed her later she was thoroughly amused.

4. in my drunkeness, lynda and i had a good ten minutes of interpretive dance which i may or may not post the video of when i get my camera cables back. it was moving.

5. waking up and driving home exhausted with a hangover and sore muscles from fighting with ocean waves yesterday.

i'm sure there is more but i'm half dead. but here is the real news. the uhaul (budget truck) is loaded. sitting back at my former residence waiting for me to come pick it and steven up so that we can head out. 8 am which means maybe 2 ish we will be there? did i mention that i'm in pain?
and hung over? i just took a 3.5 hour nap.

buffalo? i'll see you soon!
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06/28/07 01:38 - ID#39835

tick tock tick tock tick

times a tick tockin away!
tonight after work begins crunch time.

everything we own is getting moved to the garage. or to kathis. tomorrow morning lauren and i will be wrestling with the hoardes of ny city folk who are all on a mission of mass exodus of the hot and steamy city in favor of the ever so pristine jersey shore (sarcasm? noooo)
spending the weekend at the beach with a ridiculous amount of assholes i'm sure. but hey, sun and ocean and a free house a block away from the shore? sure.

i intend on mild inebriation throughout the weekend.

ending sunday morning, when we again will be facing the hoardes of (holyshiti'vegottagobacktowork)
in time to get lauren to work
and me to the budget rental truck
and then pack all night

monday afternoon, you will see me, there in buffalo
i'll be the one swearing under my breath at the 47 boxes of books(bricks) that have lauren's name all over them.

here we go!
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06/13/07 04:08 - ID#39643

times a drawin closer...

i'm excited as pie. blueberry pie maybe. or cherry. i love cherry pie. ala mode. or maybe half a slice of blueberry and half a slice of cherry with a big fat scoop of vanilla perched melty like all on top and in between the two.
okay yeah.. my point was....
oh yeah

i just made a double appointment to go check out a couple of apartments on monday.

first thing first we have 367 elmwood - elmwood village.

Then we have 950 Delaware (sheldon apartments) on the corner of hodge.

they are both run by esquare capital - which i hear is supposed to be a good/gay friendly company, yes? no?

anyway - so they are both about $665 a month.... which rather frightens the hell out of me - but they include heat... so what... would that be equivilant to a $600 a month apartment?
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