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Category: holiday

12/21/07 11:20 - 33ºF - ID#42607


Yes I have been MIA. I have been working my poor little (big) bum off for millions of christmas shoppers to complain about getting their kids cell phones. It is a stressful time of the year for me, and mostly when i get home i curl up into a ball on the couch and cry. and by cry i mean systematically shred every tiny morsel of value that anything on the boob tube may or may not have. It is my own sort of christmas therapy.

Today is my only day off this week - so Lauren and I are going to go start our christmas shopping. Yes i said "start". we haven't done diddly so far. As it is my list of people to shop for has been edited down to order of importance/need. lauren's brothers and parents, my neices and nephews. everybody else is going to get gifts in jan/feb. Including lauren. and me.

I've been not present for the estrip world, but then i haven't been present for much of the world. work and lauren. that is all i can handle right now.

but the following video cheered me up a bit. Almost as much as 100 greatest songs of the 90s on vh1.

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Category: randomo holiday

12/13/07 06:59 - 31ºF - ID#42504

skate away

Here i am in east aurora. working.

and there all ya'll are in PMT. eating. drinking. being merry. etc.

why does work always have to get in the way of play time?

oh and speaking of work... i can definetely get into some serious trouble for being online right now.

but alas i don't care.

Every year I get rather upset about the fact that the holiday season is always ruined for me. I can't go home and be with my family because I will always have to work right up to and the day after christmas. Last year I managed to at least be at Lauren's parents for christmas. This year she will be there, but I'll be here. alone.

I get very depressed sometimes when i think about it. Christmas isn't very christmassy for me. We have a single scary silver/white tree in the lving room. the stores that I work at are filled with scrooges and jehovahs witnesses who have no desire to get into the christmas spirit. Oh and the fact that we have no money. it all just makes me feel a bit hollow.

maybe its because i'm not sitting in the middle of the mall this year. With christmas lights all over the place. and people crazily running for gifts. maybe i'm in fact crazy, but that made me feel christmassy.

but oh well. this too shall pass.

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Category: randomo

12/07/07 09:53 - 32ºF - ID#42429

Scammers are amazing!

today at work....

a woman was leaving with her baby and 5 year old little boy
and the little boy tripped on the carpet on the way out and was crying.

conveniently the woman had a digital camera and her lawyer on the speed dial.

The boy had a slight scrape on his knee with about a pinprick of blood. she was asking for ridiculous amounts of paper towels to 'stop the bleeding' woah...

we told her if she wanted to take pics that was fine but she had to wait and we would call the police. she said fine. the police came and they were SO upset about this woman wasting their time.

"if you want to make something of this, then we have to call the paramedics. Otherwise, sign that the kid is fine and everyone can go home"

she wanted the paramedics. sat there waiting with her kid (walking around - quite okay) for the paramedics. She said 'yeah he is walking now, but what about tomorrow?"

the paramedics show up and the cop says

"I have to go, there are REAL emergencies out there"

the paramedics showed up and when they saw the kid started talking to us about phones and when they are eligible for an upgrade. the woman signed that yes her son was okay.

the paramedics left and she started talking about taking photos again. WHY DIDN"T YOU DO THAT WHEN THE POLICE WERE HERE?

Tyrone was the funniest during the whole event.
"hope nobody died while the paramedics were wasting their time here"
and even took the toy that the store keeps out front for kids to play with as a distraction into the back room saying "we better get this out of here, due to the circumstance, we don't need your kids to get hurt on this"

I laughed a whole lot this morning.

but seriously - i feel bad for those kids.
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Category: randomo video

12/04/07 10:38 - 24ºF - ID#42397

How to waste hours of time

this is a video of lauren and i wishing you all some holiday cheer. seriously you need to see this....

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Category: randomo musico

12/02/07 11:22 - 34ºF - ID#42360

uber randomo

I woke up this morning with a serious need to watch the youtube video of david hasselhoff singing 'sweet caroline'. i didn't look too hard but apparently that one isn't a youtube favorite anymore. so i had to settle with the neil diamond version...

then i had to follow it up with mr bojangles.

and then 'walk the dinosaur'

can you tell that a) i haven't had a day off in a while and
b) i haven't gotten to play on the computer in a while?
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Category: moving

11/30/07 09:55 - 30ºF - ID#42340

again? are ya kidding?

sometimes i have to wake up earlier than i have to in the mornin to check my mail/estrip/etc before lauren needs the computer for the rest of the day...

and then i have nothing exciting to post.

been thinkin about moving a bit further north of buffalo when my lease is up - since mostly i work in lockport and lauren goes to school up there. i love the fact that we live right between allentown village and elmwood village for anything that we want to do - but seriously - we don't do anything down here so at this point its just costing us gas. maybe we should just stop being lame!

besides we need to be someplace with a yard so that I am allowed to have a dog. lauren promised you see :) i've named him already. Ralphy.

So my aunt and cousin live up in the falls - LaSalle? she is trying to get me to move near her. And i would have to say that if i were to move closer to anybody in the fam it would probably be her...

but then my boss shook her head at the idea of it. no no no... you don't want to live there...

okay fine. its not like i don't have till June to find out where I want to move to...

now i'm rambling.
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Category: randomo

11/27/07 10:53 - 30ºF - ID#42314

as the sands of time deliver

So the cats haven't knocked the tree down yet.

it looks kinda nice actually. It is the light that we were missing in the unlit side of the apartment. Of course it kinda looks like the tree is on fire in this picture...


this is what lauren has been doing for the past four days. Well no actually mostly she has been on the computer. She works so damn hard and i just wish i could help her.

i'm trying to focus on keeping myself positive. I tend to get so very irritated so very easily. i guess i made a lot of pretty good sales today too so i guess its working.

(people just really irritate the poo out of me sometimes~!)
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Category: good times

11/26/07 08:14 - 39ºF - ID#42281

egg nogged

lauren is hoggin the computer. the whole 'school work' thing..

yeah sure...

put up the tree last night. its sooooo ugly!

white tree.

the cats will knock it down soon i'm sure.

because that is what they do. they ruin christmas. every year.

but at least when they do bad things i get to yell at them "You are ruining christmas!" and it makes me laugh a little.

egg nog in my coffee. apparently i need more to compose full sentances.
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11/24/07 09:02 - 26ºF - ID#42267

I promise

I give my retail season resolution out to all of you know. in speaking it, i have a much better chance of keeping to it.

I promise to chill out when everybody and their mother wants to purchase p hones from me that are not very profitable at all.

I promise to not freak out when THe phones actually LOSE money due to current promotions.

I promise to remain happy and positive throughout the holiday grumbles and rumbles.

I will thoroughly enjoy my customers and look forward to their presence in my store, even if they are only paying a bill.

I will refrain from uttering complaints when they leave.

I will stop complaining about how walmart undersells us consistantly and makes it very difficult for me to deal with customers.

I will enjoy the holidays and all that there is about it. This includes traffic, christmas music, snow, and every member of my family coming in and requiring deals on phones.
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Category: good eats

11/22/07 09:54 - 34ºF - ID#42232

turkey turkey gobble gobble

Happy Turkey day you ALL!!!!!

(E:lauren) went home for the holidays and i find myself alone for the first time in quite some time! which apparently means eating large amounts of pizza.

now i have to get my butt in gear and clean up this joint and head out to my gram's. It will be insane. lots and lots of people. my mom is one of ten.......

so now i'm just procrastinating.

if i can figure out how to post with my phone - i will. I don't see how i could actually post a mobile photo without going to a pc first. i mean i don't have an iphone like (e:jim) or anything.

anywhoodle. i'm going to play some tunes and get moving. happy turkey gobble guys!

oh and (e:janelle)... did you guys get your gift?
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