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Category: ralphie

05/28/08 07:11 - 38ºF - ID#44468

there is life outside your appartment

amazing to think of what i did before the puppy. Like computer work. Pay bills. watch tv. watch MOVIES.

yesterday we took mr ralphie on a long ass walk. saw (e:drew) along the way which confused the crap out of me... why? because random jogging person said 'hi felly, hi lauren'... this is unusual you see because now random people that we meet say 'hi ralphie'.

yes it has happened that quick. Ralphie is a celebrity. We have so many people stopping us to say hello to him that we have regulars! From across the street... "HEY ITS RALPHIE!!" oh sweet jesus no leave my dog alone...

We have people pulling over to stop and gawk at my dog... the best was when 3 large guido type fellows pulled over in their suv to yell at us...

"Aye he's really cute! I bet I'd be pretty cute if i had a dog like that!"

Now stop and read that last line again but this time, think of Rocky saying it. yeah... its like that...

so anyway, on to the world outside of Ralphie.

its my day off and i'm driving to East Aurora for an 830 am meeting. bitches.
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05/24/08 10:54 - 56ºF - ID#44438



started out with a nice walk with Ralphie. Walked up Elmwood to Lexington ave and back, and he did so well. THe little shit is so stubborn he refuses to move for the first block of the walk and then he finally gives in and LOVES it.

Today I'm thinkin about pickin up the fam and headin out to delaware park for a little picinic. just some sammiches, a blanket and some relaxation with Senior Ralphipants.

Tonight I believe that we will head out to Miss Kitties to meet up with (e:lauren)'s friends. We havne't been out in forever. Haven't done much other than raise a puppy and work and dance class in forever. I think its totally time for a drink. or two.

hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day~!
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05/22/08 11:30 - 48ºF - ID#44419


remember that guy who drove around with his SS# written on the top of his van? he was inviting people to try and steal his identity.

He got his identity stolen. HAHAHAHA!

what an idiot
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05/20/08 08:20 - 44ºF - ID#44398

new keyboard.

Now that things are settled down... sorta... i feel as though i can rejoin the world.

Training a dog is suprisingly time consuming. Scratch that. Training a Dachshund, one of the most stubborn breeds that exhists, is time consuming. It is a good thing that Lauren is out of school so that she can do this properly.

He is doing very well with most things that he is learning (no biting, potty on the floor, potty in crate, barking, being a bitch to the cats, going into the bathroom -which is the delightful land of kitty litter) but his stubborn streak means he is doing it all still when it seems to benefit him more than not.

he is quarentined to a makeshift area in our kitchen. Which that in itself is shifting everything in our lives a bit. When nothing is in its 'proper place' it throws a wrench into your daily workings.

When I get home from work I have to split as much of my time between bonding with ralphie and paying attention to the cats so they don't scratch my eyes out in my sleep.

in other news...

(e:lauren), my smarty smart pants, got her grades in for class last semester and she got two A's and two A-'s. What a smarty smart pants!

(E:lauren) is going to need a job soon. A job in something that is closer to 'women/genders studies' than 'wilson farms'. anyone know of something?
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05/16/08 01:31 - 59ºF - ID#44366



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05/15/08 09:31 - 52ºF - ID#44355

update from puppy land

Ok not much time to post as of late. the little bugger has me exhausted!

One thing I would not recommend is to have house guests when you bring home a puppy. Lauren's brother and friend from back home came to visit the night we brought Ralphie home. When you are trying to play the gracious host and keep the dog from whining all night, you don't get much sleep.

He does whine a lot, though he was much better today. Thank god he is starting to quiet down.

He really is so adorable, running after his little yellow ball. He bouces all over the living room floor when he is excited. It is so cute/funny to watch. Every time i try to shoot video of it, he stops though. Brat.

The cats are displeased thus far. Sid hid under the bed until today when our guests left. He still is skirting Ralphie's general area. Maxx is doing better, hanging out in Ralphie's area. He has boxed him twice though, but thankfully without the use of his claws.

OH and since Ralphie was cold, Lauren cut a sock up and turned it into a sweater for him. Ralphie now looks like a hobo.

Ok time to go play with the cats so they don't get any more pissed at us.
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05/13/08 07:25 - 63ºF - ID#44330

Puppy picx

Check out this super handsome fellow named ralphie!
Maxx is displeased thus far.
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05/13/08 04:33 - 64ºF - ID#44328

a new arrival!

we have a dachshund puppy!
pics will come as soon as he is out of puppy quarentine.
(leaving him in the crate until the cats get used to his presence)

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05/12/08 08:56 - 47ºF - ID#44315


I haven't checked my mobile messenger on my verizon phone in forever, but I keep getting these notes on my aim saying that I'm signed in to two locations! irritating because I couldn't figure out why.

Checked on my phone and i'm still logged in, but no new convos going on there. so i'm wondering how many messages i have missed because my phone is stupid.

Also - got an email about a dapple dachshund.
I wanted a black and tan, but this little girl is kinda cute. I'm not sure... oh man the decisions....


She has two different colored eyes too... but also 8 months old. Will my cats accept her? will she accept my cats? do i WANT a dapple? oh man decisions decisions.....
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Category: randomo

05/11/08 09:02 - 52ºF - ID#44303

dreams, compassass, moms

the dream of the day!

This mornings dream has to do with a dog show. I got stuck with this little toy... thing... It kept peeing all over itself. As in it peed, flopped on its back with embarrassment in its own pee and peed even more.

And then Something about a group of reps from a Verizon corporate store standing outside my store telling everyone that our store was a dirty bastard of a Non Corporate store.

I think I need to write about my dreams because my life is so damn dull nothing else is going on with it.

We did watch the golden compass last night. IT was pretty good, and I can defientely see why catholics are all pissed off about it. I mean it is so anti catholic! but still a good movie... and if you have seen it you will understand...

i want a demon sooo bad. but i guess a couple of cats and a wiener dog (if i ever find it) will do.

ok time for work.

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