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Category: randomo

05/11/08 09:02 - 52ºF - ID#44303

dreams, compassass, moms

the dream of the day!

This mornings dream has to do with a dog show. I got stuck with this little toy... thing... It kept peeing all over itself. As in it peed, flopped on its back with embarrassment in its own pee and peed even more.

And then Something about a group of reps from a Verizon corporate store standing outside my store telling everyone that our store was a dirty bastard of a Non Corporate store.

I think I need to write about my dreams because my life is so damn dull nothing else is going on with it.

We did watch the golden compass last night. IT was pretty good, and I can defientely see why catholics are all pissed off about it. I mean it is so anti catholic! but still a good movie... and if you have seen it you will understand...

i want a demon sooo bad. but i guess a couple of cats and a wiener dog (if i ever find it) will do.

ok time for work.

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Category: randomo dream

05/10/08 07:26 - 46ºF - ID#44293

Go speed racer GO!

I had a weird dream this morning. We had the front half of this house turned into a cellular sales floor. Inviting people in and going through all the displays of phones and whatnot. I was trying to convince people that it wasn't just a second rate cellular store, even though the room we were in was clearly a living room, couches and tv and all.

I remember the carpet was new and very soft. I was laying on it.

Somehow we were then outside and there were planes all over the place, flyin through the air and shooting - it looked like poor video game graphics to be honest with you. But I panicked and jumped into the car with my dad, aunt linda and lauren. I was very excited to see that lauren was in the car with me because I needed to be there with her. But where the hell was my mother?

She is meeting us in ***#*#*#*#*# (the name escapes me) it was somewhere up in the middle of canada. So We start flying up towards the bridge, and these little oozie pellets started hitting the car from. It was as if they were hard at first but when they hit the car they started melting. Dad was freakin out because my window was open.

SO next thing i know we are flying down this road at 500 gazillion mph and passing all these people who are trying to get out too. A black man with a child, who yelled out something like 'oh can't stop for a black man!' and i was thinking... noo you don't understand!

Then we passed a man clutching a bong. He was in his own cloud of smoke. Every dream needs a comic releif right?

Then a couple of street racers in those zippy souped up street cars flew past the other way....

Somehow I believe that a song was going on in my head this whole time. Some sort of amusing song wherein the people I passed were singing along in succession, each explaining what they could bring to the table if I stopped to pick them up. All I can remember of it is something about the bong guy bringing weed and the street racers bringing speed.

So moral of the story is that I can apparently rhythm in my sleep.
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Category: good times

05/06/08 09:19 - 49ºF - ID#44249

Florida 2008

Thurs, May 1. Avenue Q was amazing, though the tallest man in the world sat directly in front of me for the first half of the show. As much as I have heard the music on the cd, it was amazing to see how much I thought I knew about it was wrong. So hilarious! and the set was amazing!

Fri, May 2. After approximately 3 hours of nap time, we lept from bed and began the mad struggle to get ready and leave the house for several days. We arrive at the airport at 4 am, as we are told that if I come any later than 2 hours before my flight that I am absolutely screwed.

Thus we sat for an hour and a half in an empty terminal waiting, because everyone else knew better. My first plane experience was interesting. Excitement with a tinge of 'please don't let me vomit right now'. The excitement wore off and I fell asleep later on my JFK to Tampa leg of the excursion.

oh, and as for the layover? HA! We booked ass off the plane from buffalo and finally showed up panting at the gate for tampa and they weren't even boarding yet. Bitches! And several people on the buffalo plane managed to saunter over lazily as well to make it on time.

We arrived in tampa EARLY. By the time mel and her current plaything came to pick us up, I had already managed to rip the duffel bag that I purchased for air travel along the seams. Bitches!

The greatest omelettes ever at a small diner were followed by checkin to our awesome hotel.
"the most awesome in tampa!" We quickly made our way down to the pool and started ordering up the margaritas.

Dinner that night was in Ybor - a cute little village full of tattoo parlors, cigar shops and bars. I loved it. After walking around a bit we had dinner (and more margaritas) at this awesome restaurant. They had a little old black lady in a wheelchair in the restroom who liked to chat as well. I gave her a quarter.


Back to the hotel for a nap before going out (hellooo 3 hours of sleep?) and then out to an interesting lesbian bar back in Ybor. Lauren refused to wake up so she didn't go. We watched the "mel show" wherein all of Mel's people just kept floating by and talking.

Hotel. SLEEP! yes!


The next day begins the pain. I say that because we took Jess's rented convertible out to Clearwater beach wherein we learned that the spreading of sunblock needs to be a very thorough thing indeed.

Patches of red allover the body, like a camoflauge sunburn, followed. The back of my knees were apparently missed and lauren somehow got sunpoisoning (rash all over her legs).

Back at the Hotel, Jess and I go Jetskiing for an hour. THe guy who ran the place was a total burnout and sorta explained 'don't go over there, make sure you follow the no wake rules, if you run it aground, just get out and push.' What? what are the no wake zones? what do you mean don't go 'over there?' i think he went and took a nap when we left.

Jess left at 3 am the next mornin and we spent the day with mel, drivin around to her friends house. we saw an air show, and then went to chilis for the greatest margaritas that we had the whole weekend. I even stole a margarita shaker. SHHHH

All in all i believe we spent over $200 on the margaritas alone. Sweet ass trip people!

And now we are home. Woot!
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05/01/08 07:41 - 39ºF - ID#44201

the calm at the end of the tunnel?

Yes (e:Chico), please wait till tomorrow to post about bedbugs! Though we were pretty damn thorough in our cleanings. Thanks to (e:lauren) who picked up the slack and did all the laundry while i was work.

last night i was in bed by 10:15. know when that happened last? i don't. How exahusting this whole thing has been.

anyway - today i finally get to check into my gate numbers for everything and I am extremely nervouse. You see i have a 35 minute layover in JFK. And from what everyone is telling me, i am going to miss the connecting flight. Why? because 35 minutes isn't enough time! I have to book ass and run like hell if i have a shot. Well now i have my gate numbers.


My flight from buffalo comes into gate 17 and then i get to run like hell down that narrow walkway between ternimals 2 and 3 to get to gate number 20. oh my god am i going to make it? i am sweating right now. I can't believe this crap. this is why i shouldn't be in charge of selecting the flights.
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04/30/08 05:49 - 30ºF - ID#44189

don't let the bedbugs bite

so YESTERDAY we get a notice that they have to do some preventative spraying for bed bugs. Reason? last saturday or so the neighbors downstairs found a rash and suspected bedbugs. Orkin came and found one discarded casing of a bug that COULD be bedbugs.

So what does this mean? (e:lauren) and I both get home at 10 last night to find ourselves in a shit load of work.

Bag all clothes/linens/bedclothes and wash everything.

All furnature away from walls.

remove all wall hangings, and wall socket coverings.

flip up corners of carpet.

unfold sofa bed and dismantle practically completely.

vaccum carpet, all corners of carpet, wall crevaces, mattresses, cushions, etc.


It is now 5:45 am and I have to work an 11 hour shift in Springville. Which means after all we did last night (including breaking my f#^*!^& bookshelf) Lauren still has to bust ass all morning to vaccum and whatever. all of this while she is supposed to be working on her final paper.

AND she has to somehow round up the pissed off kitties and stick them in the car and sit there for an hour and a half while the guy sprays.

then afterwards we have to somehow put our house back together and actually do our packing, which is what we were SUPPOSED to be doing in small amount of time we have in between my work schedule and us leaving at the ass crack of dawn friday.
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04/29/08 09:00 - 38ºF - ID#44180


In three days I will be in the air on my first plane trip ever. I know I keep blatherin on about it, but the excitement is unbeleiveable.

what IS unfortunate, however, is the lack of free time i am about to have between now and then. Today I am working till 830 in lockport. and I have agreed to be in springville at 730 to do the monthly inventory. Why? because I feel as though if I agree to tackle the unpleasant administrative tasks I will be looked upon as a leader in the company and thus aquire a)better job security and b) OVERTIME!

Tomorrow night is all about packing. Laundry. Packing. preparation. Because i work all day on thurs and as SOON as we get home we have to hit Sheas. Which I have never been to. Where do I park? how early before a show should I be there?

Come home and try to sleep? because we have to be at the airport at 430 am. Where do i park? ahhh its all new to me. Trepidation! trepidation! And how much is airport parking? booooooo expensivo!
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04/26/08 07:58 - 63ºF - ID#44148

days off in hell

Yesterday was shopping for Florida day. Let me inform you that shopping for a swimsuit is probably the most horrifying adventure that a chick with an extra pound (or two) could experience. First of all, everywhere I went the bathing suits were either:

A) 2 piece
B) Adorned with rhinestones
C) adorned with gaudy flowers
D) Ludicrously expensive

It was not the most pleasant experience. I haven't been in a bathing suit in over ten years. I feel quite exposed. I felt on several occasions that a wetsuit covered with a mumu would probably be the sexier option.

More importantly... yet another battle at buffalo tonight, if anyone here is interested! BUFFALO BREAKDANCING! WOOOO!
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04/23/08 10:26 - 56ºF - ID#44121

dirty smut

I've been listening to a book on tape - a really random gross one that I didn't realize was more of a romantical book than a historical fiction - which is more my interest. So of course today on my way home from work I was subjected to about 15 to 20 minutes of a sex scene that uses delightful words such as "member" and "maidenhood".

Oh and incidentally, part of the reason the sex scene was so long was because they had to keep pausing to wonder aloud if the ghost of his grandfather was watching. Or to describe, in detail, the number of petticoats the young gent had to fight his way through to do his husbandly duty and officially make her his wife. BLAH!

Point of the story? I was pulling into the city when I realized my face hurt from the awful jaw dropping expression that was apparently plastered all over my face during the entire drive.

Apparently listening to heterosexual romance sex scenes set in medieval england during my long drive just doesn't do it for me.

but on a brighter note - three years ago today lauren and i made out for like 3 hours at the bar. happy anniversary love!
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04/22/08 08:51 - 57ºF - ID#44095

Name That Bum!

Every time I go to the zoo i get faced with animal bums. so here is a fun new game for all of us to enjoy... NAME THAT ANIMAL BUM!!!


and we have to check out (e:lauren)'s bum while she checks out animal bum.

and, oh my goodness look how (e:lauren) has shrunk!

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04/21/08 05:21 - 76ºF - ID#44087


I'm at work.... and its slow. Watching a kid across the street trying to bust his face open by riding his bike up a makeshift ramp. I'm afraid to look away in case he succeeds.

otherwise, the day is slow. dull. boring.

yesterday I enjoyed the 420 holiday by taking care of (e:lauren)'s hungover butt. We watched movies (i am normally too antsy for movies) which included Liar Liar and Pirates of the Caribbean. It was kinda as if the cable company knew that everybody would be stoned and ready to zone out to stupid movies all night.

today was my day to go back on my diet. i cheated soooo much in the past few days. so far so good.

i need to make up a list of all the things that I need to do before the trip, so i don't have to think about it.
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