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08/12/07 02:21 - 84ºF - ID#40492 pmobl

Appearances vs truth

I felt quite yuppified earlier driving down ye' old Elmwood in my late model compact car sipping on a Frappuchino wearing my new shades from Elmwood Specs.


On closer inspection, there is the remnants of a duct tape-fix-job where my driver's side mirror should be, the Frappuchino was free, surreptiously handed to me by my underpaid Barista girlfriend, and the shades are the product of a last ditch effort to spend the rest of my medical spending account that I lost when I switched to working for an independent business at the end of last month.

Just recently I was introduced to the term "rent-poor" by a fellow derby mate. We seem to be living these happy, carefree lives in these gorgeous apartments, trying our best to not sell out to "the man", and yet we all dread the end of the month.

My current place is dirt cheap compared to the place I lived in in New Paltz, and I'm making the same kind of salary as I was there, but I paid the smallest share of a three-way split WITH utilities included. Now I pay the larger share of a two-way split...and well, you get the picture.

And even so, I wouldn't trade this life. After all, it's only the appearances that matter, right? :P
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08/09/07 04:57 - 76ºF - ID#40456

But I might gain a few pounds...

So, I sign up for a journal account and then don't update it for...3 weeks. Yeah, that's pretty typical.

Well, I'm chalking it up almost entirely to The Great Job Change that took away my limitless computer access. Here at my new job, however, I've found that once all the work I can think to do is done, I have a few hours in the afternoon completely to myself, and also have use of the computer - which is beautiful.

Oh, my new job, it's wonderful. I am the new Manager at Delish! on Elmwood. I've been here two weeks and I am sort of in love with my job. It's pretty simple really, but way less stress than my previous job and less than a block from my house. And I get to work someplace that smells awesome and is bright and pretty. Plus I get my lunch made for me for free by a professional chef. How can you possibly go wrong?

So, if anyone finds themself on the strip during the day (Tuesday - Saturday) and feels a sweets craving coming on, stop in for a cookie and say hello!
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07/20/07 02:54 - 72ºF - ID#40179

New New New! For a limited time only!

So, I was directed to this website by my super-articulate Roller Derby teammate (e:dragonlady7) and thought "Hey, I live on Elmwood! I have stuff to say!"

I'm also starting a new job at a wonderful business on the Strip in a little over a week, which will cut my commute down from 3 miles (not too bad, admittedly, except for the downtown traffic) to oh, 700 feet. And so, I will never have to leave Elmwood Village again, har har har.

Or, you know, only once a week to grocery shop. And also to go to North Tonawanda for Derby practice.

So, anyway, thought I'd get the ball rolling with a premiere journal entry.

Soon, (ie. whenever I can rustle up a camera) I'll get a nice userpic up there.
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