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Category: good times

09/29/07 06:57 - 65ºF - ID#41404


We are heading out tonight to the Verve dance school tonight (almost on the corner of Allen and Main -- above the art store)

It is supposed to be a dance battle with people of all ages breakdancing. Supposed to be pretty interesting.

if anyone wants to check it out....

there is more info

yeah... word.
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Category: randomo

09/25/07 08:28 - 68ºF - ID#41315


Australian rugby league player Ben Czislowski, 24, complaining of an eye infection and pain in July, was found by doctors to have, embedded in his head, a tooth belonging to opponent Matt Austin, with whom he had violently collided in an April match. Austin also lost several other teeth in the collision.

A Lake Charles, La., man was killed in August by a single gunshot, which was explained by Sheriff Tony Mancuso: "(The man and his girlfriend) were engaged in consensual sexual behavior involving a firearm when the firearm was discharged, resulting in his death." [KPLC-TV (Lake Charles), 8-2-07]

A 60-year-old female rancher was killed in August in Mitchell, Australia, when a 10-month-old male camel (recently arrived as a birthday gift for the woman) apparently mistook her for a female camel, knocked her to the ground, and lay on top of her in what one camel expert said "no doubt" was "sexual" behavior, crushing her with his 330 pounds.
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Category: questions

09/24/07 10:47 - 65ºF - ID#41286

would you like an oil change with that?

anyone have any good suggestions for places to get an oil change?

i'm trading cars with lauren today so i can get her an oil change while she is at work. Her car is smelly. And sadly, does not have an estrip bumper sticker. i think i'll feel naked today.
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Category: good times

09/23/07 12:42 - 67ºF - ID#41265

Moores and Peters

my cats are being absolutely insane right now, running all over the apartment meowing like insane little balls of crazy.

Yesterday was my Gram's 80th birthday. It was a great time that we all had and I got to see more of my fam than i have in a long time.

my meatloaf was the talk of the party. well maybe not, but it was the best meatloaf there and i talked about that a lot.

My nephew, danny, is the cutest ever. Here he is dancing to whatever music he has in his head.

We got some family shots too.

this is me and my brothers.
we are all so excited and so happy to be there. please note the beer can that is so cleverly hidden in brian's hand. (mine was in my back pocket)
we are so classy.

all in all a great time. I missed the photos of my mom and all her brothers and sisters with gram and grandpap, and didn't have my camera present for the photos of the Moores, but i'm sure somebody will send them to me.

Today is 'busy day'. day off that includes doing lots of chores.
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Category: good eats

09/22/07 12:39 - 67ºF - ID#41244

add some ketchup.

there is three and a half pounds of loaf marinating in my fridge.
yes thats right. meatloaf.

be jealous. be very jealous.
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Category: randomo

09/20/07 09:00 - 64ºF - ID#41208

because i have time for this...

a couple of things before i run off to work.

1> Paul, Matthew or Terry! Or anyone who is in contact with any of these fellows: I left Matthew a sprint phone on the pmt porch behind the plant! i did not want to drop it into the mail slot as i assuemed that led directly to the floor, where said phone would probably be found in twenty five pieces. Somebody let me know if you actually found it!

2> Any suggestions as to where i can find about a 12" by 16" by 72" piece of foam? i need it to fill in the gap that was left after my dumb ass ordered a california king bed rather than a standard king.

3> i seemed to have missed some birthdays. theecarey happy birthday! lisabeth- happy birthday! anybody else i missed - happy birthday!

4> i'm having some pains right now. I don't feel well. eh whatcha gonna do...
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09/18/07 11:37 - 65ºF - ID#41188

healthy bullets

I just found out that several of the people that I work with are Jehovah's Witnesses. Which is fine really, as long as work remains secular. I don't want to discuss my past experiences with JW's. I might get edgy. I wouldn't be concerned, except my new manager, who I am attempting to not dislike passionately, was trying to get into a whole convo with one of the JW coworkers. The manager is a 'christian' but she seems like the type to use that word as a title rather than to actually subscribe to belief. or maybe I say that because i am already convinced that she is completely fake in everything that she does. eh... i'm a jerk, huh?

Saturday is my gramma's 80th birthday party. It looks as though all 10 of her kids will be there, but I could be wrong about that. I know that all of my siblings will be there, which will be great for a group shot. It is going to be a huge and ridiculous party.

And I am supposed to make a meatloaf. I've never made a meatloaf before. Hmm this should be interesting.

Also we watched the justin timberlake's HBO special last night. That guy is amazing. Who else could go from Mickey Mouse club to Boyband to pop star to hip hop/anything he wants star?
and who can dance so casually? he is my hero.

sunday we go to darien lake. until we find out that its going to rain or something.

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Category: randomo

09/16/07 10:48 - 55ºF - ID#41143

If mothers ruled the world...

we flicked past the Emmy's a few minutes ago and Sally Fields was receiving an award that was going on forever.

She started going on about the war and suddenly the cameras left her and went to a silent longshot for about 5 seconds and went back to her finishing and the people clapping.

Why exactly, Fox, would you chose to not hear Ms Fields speak about her views on the war?
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Category: good times

09/16/07 07:59 - 61ºF - ID#41133

ghetto jeopardy

Lauren and I are watching 'double down' on the wned learning channel. it really is crack for the mind. the kids are all awkward and sometimes we actually know the answers.
the production quality is, of course, horrid. but that just makes it more interesting.

oh what a wonderful sunday night.

last night was even more exciting. a couple of rum and cokes and a hearty game of scrabble.

and if i think about me just a few years ago... i would have never thought i would be this wonderfully lame.

and i would never assume that i would be this happy about it!
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Category: good times

09/12/07 11:14 - 62ºF - ID#41071

after the show!

oh ani. difranco.

you named your church 'babeville'.

oh ani...

you never cease to wow me.
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