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Category: good eats

09/12/07 04:06 - 65ºF - ID#41062

amy's place

Okay I haven't been to too many places so I couldn't really write a 'review' type post, but here we go!

Amy's Place

Main street, right across from the UB south campus.

Okay so this is not exactly fine dining here, but I saw that it definetely won some awards by Artvoice or Best of Buffalo or something.

I went there first with my friend Kat and her lady friend Colleen - who used to live in buffalo, last weekend. The food was great for my hangover. I had a simple breakfast of eggs over easy, homefries, bacon and toast. The homefries were spicy and wonderful. The bacon was good and cruncy and the eggs were just runny enough to be sopped up by my delicious whole wheat toast.
but again - i was hungover so it was difficult for me to formulate an accurate review.

Lauren and I went back today and now i have a better idea of the place.

ATMOSPHERE: Its a wonderful dive. The type of place where the walls are plaster, the people are eclectic, and homemade art adorns the wall. There is even a strip of cork above each booth for you to hang your own drawings that you can make on your paper placemat while you wait for your food to arrive. This is your typical diner style with a food counter, tables and booths all stuffed into a small space.

THE PEOPLE: This would be the type of place that you wouldn't want to upset your waiter/tress. A sign on the wall says: Be Nice or Leave! and the stories that circulate about rude patrons being ordered out are abound. The wait staff is an amazing mix of people, piercings, shaved heads and tattoos abound. They all cooperate with eachother to bring you a constant supply of coffee, and attention. It will definetely bring you back to your college days, though don't be suprised when college students aren't all you see here. The range of people that seem to flock here make it all the greater.

THE FOOD: Lebanese American. Excellant Middle Eastern American food here! They have plenty of vegetarian options, and the hummus is plentiful! There is plenty of people who insist that they make the best omlettes in town, though I couldn't say as I haven't had it myself. There is a section in the back of the menu that is full of the staff's concoctions. This is where I ordered from. Dan kabobs! though there was no kabobs happenin, It was basically chicken fingers and french fries on a hummus slathered flatbread that was then rolled up wrap style. Pretty basic, but oh so delicious!
such simplicity is what i live for! For the vegitarian I do hear that there are several varieties of veggie burger to choose from - including lentil walnut.

THE PRICE: lets just say that if you hit Amy's Place before 9 am you can get breakfast for 99cents. Eggs, Toast and homefries. After nine it is two dolalrs. need i say more?

okay that was my review.

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09/10/07 09:54 - 68ºF - ID#41040


a few brief points to cover.

first of all - it went from horrid to great.

Britney Spears is washed up - though props to Mary J for sticking up for her.

Miss South Carolina is an idiot. I laughed with the tears rolling down my face and all. but her 15 minutes are definetely up.

The way that they set up the VMA's with separate parties was great. Everyone seemed to have a great time, especially when Fall Out Boy won an award and when they cut to that party they were drunkenly screaming and moshing around and it was the best acceptance speech.

Timbaland and Dr. Dre are taking too many steroids these days.

Chris Brown is Crazy legs!

And now for other things in life.....

Sculpture park. Woo!

Coming back from South Buffalo on a sunday late afternoon during a Bills home game racing the fourth quarter clock to beat traffic.

my legs are still twitching.

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Category: good times

09/08/07 12:28 - 75ºF - ID#40997


Tomorrow our friend Kat is coming to visit
along with her new lady friend who used to live in buffalo.

now her new lady friend just happened to have recently left a chick who is still here in buffalo. and so i receive a message from kat that says 'you have to protect me from colleen's ex girlfriend'.... what?

it is amazing how it takes one of my friends from back home to come visit in order for there to be drama in my life again. i knew that there was something missing... some unseen tension that lay dormant for the past few months... its back. dammit.

but no. i told kat that i would not protect her from this girl.
lesbians are ridiculous.

anyway, so if antbody is interested in coming to see us at the big gay lesbian bar tomorrow night.... well... come on out...

last time we were there was with (e:terry), (e:paul), (e:jim), (e:james), and (e:jbeatty). and it was good times. though i was drunk.....

lauren is reading and reading and reading and reading and i think here eyeballs are going to fall out and roll down her chin. who knew full time grad school would involve 1600 pages of reading a week?
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09/05/07 10:51 - 75ºF - ID#40962

menah menah

this is a special treat for jim.

my favoritest muppets video ever.
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Category: good times

09/04/07 08:31 - 73ºF - ID#40938

that time i was addicted to indian music

Please do yourself the favor to get to know these two music videos.

this is starring prabhu deva who has been described as the michael jackson of bollywood. please note the great clothes, and the great dancin.

and this one... well if anyone can do this dance for me... i will pay you... seriously...

my favorite youtube videos of all time.
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Category: not so good times

09/03/07 03:54 - 77ºF - ID#40914

disaster in lala land

I am a genius. I have ordered a bed from using my gift certificates. Free bed, hoorah, right? well if i wasn't such an idiot, it would be a wonderful situation.

i ordered a california king sized bed. i have a king sized bed. what does this mean? about a foot and a half either at the head or foot of the bed. and a lot less room in an already 'quaint' (small) apartment. yeah thats right, felly is the smartest chick on the block.

So for now, we have removed our egg crate from the top of the bed, rolled it up and covered it with a sheet and kept it at the head of the bed. eventually we are going to have some type of construction project with foam and batting or something, but in the mean time its just.... well i'm an idiot...
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08/31/07 10:38 - 68ºF - ID#40869

blue eyed husky

on the way home from work - on 190 - a beautiful husky was in the road. everyone stopped and had their blinkers on... a few people were trying to catch it. i had my friend on speakerphone - and she was blah blah blahing away about something that i honestly wasn't listening to because she didn't pause long enough for me to interrupt her to tell her what was going on.

the dog went to the side of my car and the guy in front of me sped off... the dog went back in front of my car and i sat there not wanting to creep ahead and scare it away.

then it jumped the median into the other lane. i saw an SUV swerve (and almost lose it) and then i saw another car slam on its breaks. i thought i might have heard a thump before it stopped.

i don't know what exactly happened to the dog. there were already several people out of their cars and i was the front of traffic so i had to move ahead. i couldn't bear to look so i had to go on ahead. i eventually realized that my friend was still talking away even though had screamed when the dog jumped the median and was yelling at the other cars flying in the opposite directin to stop as if they could hear me with the windows rolled up.

it was traumatizing. it was such a beautiful happy dog. if somebody finds out what happened to it, please let me know..
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Category: randomo

08/30/07 11:10 - 65ºF - ID#40843

thursday night jamfest under my window

i've had a bit of a break from the world of posting - due to a new life change... WORK! hoorah!
seriously though, after a whole month off... well.. its taking a bit of getting used to being back in the forty hour week game. plus commute.
its great though... the job is fun... the people are fun... time flies by!

also it is a very busy store... people in and out all day long... which will be great for commissions as well as for keeping the time a movin towards 'see ya later!'

other than that, i'm just excited for sat night - not only is it the end of my work week - hoorah for e party!

please please please don't you guys let me drink too much sat night - i have my nephews birthday party sunday at 2 and my cousin's housewarming at 6. take the drink out of my hand and smack me in the face! well not too hard... i'm sensitive you see...

okay and lauren is busy reading some ridiculously complicated feminist theory book and sid (fat cat) is laying on her back. i'm sure that the weight of his fatty fatness is causing some type of spinal damage as we speak. i am going to save her.
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Category: art

08/27/07 10:56 - 69ºF - ID#40769

so there


you know you jealous of my mad skillz.
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08/27/07 03:52 - 79ºF - ID#40758

grumble grumble

Lauren went to school today. So today, my last official day of my month long vacation (the thought of it burns holes in my stomach lining) i am sitting at home bored.
i already ironed clothes, polished my shoes, spoke to my mother, watered the plants and had a good chat with them while putting them out on the balcony for fresh air and some sun, watched a documentary on mind control and cleaned the kitchen...
i have two options.. being creative or gang warfare on grand theft auto.

sigh the choices we make...

oh and also i figured out how to put my aol IM thingie online. in case any of you cared. yeah

yeah hi i'm going to draw... (shoot gangsters)
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