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Category: daily grind

08/21/07 06:43 - 68ºF - ID#40663

nutty love

we went to tops and put together the greatest trail mix in the world.

and now i'm attempting to make some stuffed chicken parm.

then i'm going to attempt to do some painting. left handed.

and then its strawberries/blueberries and cream bitches.

oh what a packed day i've had.
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Category: questions

08/20/07 03:31 - 64ºF - ID#40638

vet help?

okay guys i need a referral to an inexpensive vet.

Maxx seems to have some type of cut on his chest that hasn't healed in the past week, so now i'm getting worried. help?

also keep in mind that i haven't started working yet - so remember - cheaper is better!
i know i'm a cruel mommy.
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Category: good times

08/17/07 09:59 - 68ºF - ID#40602

tell me who rocks who sell out in stores

who hot who not?

lauren is doing some kind of cute little booty dance in the kitchen while waiting for the hot water for her oatmeal. its very cute.

thanks, jim and james, for renewing the TPain quotes that will never leave my life...

oh and by the way? my lip gloss is poppin.

i'm just sitting here while we wait for an appropriate time to go out. that point being the point in which i have had enough blue moon to sufficiently relax me.

tomorrow i'm going to my brothers to babysit. no i'm not babysitting my brother, i'm babysitting my brothers' kids. and by babysitting, i mean heading around the corner to my uncles house for a card playing party while lauren watches the kids... hehe

okay no really i should probably stop typing.
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Category: xxx

08/15/07 05:38 - 76ºF - ID#40562

XXX Rated Pornographic Pervert XXX

Here is the point where you all find out what my true interests in life are... This post may or may not have been alluded to in previous entries....

so here is the deal. I need to find out some information on adult stores in the buffalo area.

1. Where are they? I saw two stores up on Elmwood that are practically across from eachother. I think both of them look like old warehouses. Kind of scary and I don't think I'm interested. Are there any not scary ones around?

2. Where can i find zoning information about adult stores? Say if one of the e-strippers here was interested in opening a store in buffalo that looked more like a Brookstones than a dirty warehouse peep store? Where might that e-stripper find this info out?

3. In the mean time, are there any (not blockbuster) video rental stores that may or may not have an adult video section that might not be full of only titles such as "AssMan goes to Vegas?"

All of your information will be highly appreciated. And if you are afraid to speak up, you may send me an email or post it and I won't tell a soul (except maybe lauren) as to where the info comes from.

Thanks Peeps!
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Category: football

08/15/07 01:07 - 77ºF - ID#40558

Will I be a bills fan again?

Okay so ten years ago I moved from the Thousand Islands in waaaay upstate NY to New Paltz, NY in order to go to college.
this move marks the time in which i severed all relations to the Buffalo Bills.

I went from knowing everything to knowing nothing. I came from the era of Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Lofton, Reich, Tasker, Hull, etc... man... those were the days that i thought the world was ending on a byweek. I was left elated, and deflated every sunday and the occasional monday...

then... nothing... i didn't even watch football. i might have even forgotten how the whole thing worked... even if i wanted to watch football, i would have been surrounded by giants and jets fans. my heart wasn't in it.
well now here i am... in buffalo. what a perfect opportunity to regain my interest in football, right? relearn all the players? watch every game and maybe even GO to one? oh what a concept!

only problem is that lauren hates sports. Hates the competativeness of it all. (obviously this doesn't apply to when she plays frogger or scrabble)

so now i have to convince her that it is all in good fun. or i should just give up. she has already said she is more likely to get into hockey than football - but i don't care enough about hockey... so... only time will tell i guess...
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08/14/07 06:50 - 76ºF - ID#40541

why lauren doesn't drive

(e:lauren) said i never let her drive.
so today i made her drive
and she gets flipped off by somebody....

i don't even know what happened - i was daydreaming with my feet on the dash looking out into the bidwell park and we passed a car and there was a big ol bird waving at us.

well i guess lauren is too crazy a driver...
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Category: randomo

08/13/07 08:50 - 75ºF - ID#40524

all i want for christmas

I want a 42" tall rectangular pub table.

due to the excessive height of our stools
we need a tall table.
it needs to be long and narrow to fit into the area that we need it to fit into.

if anyone has one of these laying around... well you just let me know.
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Category: good times

08/13/07 03:51 - 80ºF - ID#40516

jobby job job

i guess i have a job. she said she would email me the offer letter anyway. thats fun.
i guess i was nervous during the first interview - she said i didn't really relax till the last ten minutes or so. okay, i guess i did better this time around...


we ordered from Just Pizza last night. Can I tell you that a Chicken Club Pizza is the most amazing pizza ever? i can't stop eating it. i had some for breakfast. and then i had another slice for lunch. it needs to be gone soon because i can't think of anything other than how damn good that pizza is.

and now we venture off to NOT ELMWOOD PET SUPPLY to purchase some cat food that doesn't list sweet potatos, cranberries and apples in their ingredients. We are horrible parents, but i think science diet is a just fine food for my horribly fat and lazy cats.

(E:James) and (E:Jim) - you must think us heathens to feed our kitties such crappy food (hehe)

later on peeps!
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Category: good times

08/12/07 04:05 - 80ºF - ID#40494

lame ass

I'm lame and don't know what I want to do for my birthday.
Or where to eat. Maybe I'll just pick up some mighty taco and watch a movie. That sounds like fun.
god i'm lame.
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Category: evento

08/10/07 01:48 - 78ºF - ID#40476

Gallery Trip

Everyone who is interested!

Albright Knox Gallery


probably an old hat for many of you (e:strip)pers. but its my first time. i hope they are gentle.

It is free on Fridays!
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