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Category: good times

08/12/07 04:05 - 80ºF - ID#40494

lame ass

I'm lame and don't know what I want to do for my birthday.
Or where to eat. Maybe I'll just pick up some mighty taco and watch a movie. That sounds like fun.
god i'm lame.
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Category: evento

08/10/07 01:48 - 78ºF - ID#40476

Gallery Trip

Everyone who is interested!

Albright Knox Gallery


probably an old hat for many of you (e:strip)pers. but its my first time. i hope they are gentle.

It is free on Fridays!
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Category: randomo

08/09/07 04:24 - 76ºF - ID#40455

docu - nerdo

i found a website that is absolutely chock full o documentaries. it makes me as happy as a kitten in a milk puddle. boy that was a silly simile.

i watched a documentary about flouride that was absolutely disturbing. i mean i heard that flouride was apparently not so good, but then i watched the documentary (biased as they tend to be) and found that the flouride that they put in our drinking water is, in effect, industrial waste from the phosphate industry. also learned that europe (smart little europeans) rejected flourine additives to their drinking supply in like 98% of their communities. And somewhere around 65% of american communities have flourine additives. And there are a whole bunch of other disturbing facts. Apparently my Pur water filter on my faucet doesn't filter it either.

Then I watched a documentary on Hitler's search for the Holy Grail. And the Ahnenerbe society that Himmler created to aid in this search. Very fascinating.

On another note... Cultural Friday!
We are going to the Albright Knox tomorrow with (E:chico) and Amy! (amy doesn't have an E name i think)
anyone else up for it?
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Category: good times

08/08/07 01:24 - 85ºF - ID#40442

a gun rack for her daughter in law

my mother just bought lauren a gun rack at an auction.
because she is sooooo funny.

and then suggested that we put it in our stairwell with a note that says that the occupants' gun was too large to fit on the rack.

my mother is insane.
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08/07/07 12:22 - 79ºF - ID#40424

i cook?

I am not a cook. I don't know much about cooking, nor have I ever really had much interest.

that being said, I'm starting to experiment. Zucchini and squash stir fry; with spinache pasta
and salsa chicken... with roasted potatoes and corn on the cob!

yeah who knew i could cook?

lauren and i have also taken to eating our dinners outside on the balcony. Nobody else seems to use their balcony like we do... though the neighbors seem to be venturing out there more and more... are we starting a balcony revolution?

on another note...

any of you mac users know how to export video that has been saved into iphoto? it doesn't seem to have that function available...
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Category: hgtv

08/06/07 06:16 - 80ºF - ID#40413

apartment paint job

Okay so the painting is all done and I have photos where you can see some of it.... i don't have a super fancy smancy camera that takes wonderful photos but i did what i could...

That's my cat. On my bed. I have a new bed that is being shipped to me sometime at the end of the month, but the point of this photo is that you can see my pumpkin patch/misty evening paint job.


There is my desk by the door. And one of the fully packed bookcases. notice the misty evening as an accent wall.

oh yes and then there is lauren in the kitchen.

oh what a tiny apartment. i love it.
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Category: good times

08/06/07 12:12 - 73ºF - ID#40398

on that note....

Lauren just found 'the best of soul train' on tv and i just stared slack jawed for a good ten minutes....cocaine was definetely in high use on that show.

happy birthday james!!!!!!!!!

and how special do i feel that i got mentioned in a sticky?

too bad for all ya'll that i'm boring in person. haha jokes on you!

bed time!

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Category: aminals

08/05/07 12:27 - 69ºF - ID#40384

Lucky Dog

This morning my mother informs me that my dog died. I tell myself repeatedly that it is good that he is out of his misery. He was pretty damn old and he was having seizures and lost his eyesight. It was so bad that my mom even wanted to have him put down, but my dad wouldn't let her. He died very soon after the seizures began.

I am just glad that I got to see him again last weekend. He was such an old stinky dog, but he was still my Lucky. (that was his name)

a thought: why is it that most dogs named 'Lucky' are mangy little buggers? mine was.

put together an impromptu barbeque at my bro - bob's house. invited my other brother too. it was nice to sit and relax in the cool day of today.

and returned with yellow squash, green peppers and a green tomato. oh and a couple of cucumbers. I already have a zucchini from the last visit - so now i have to figure out how to prepare it in a way that lauren actually eat it.

look at me... i'm an exciting party animal! it is saturday night!

i'm going to bed.
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Category: good times

08/02/07 09:52 - 80ºF - ID#40362

hot thursday

sooooo lauren and i took the bus down to the square.

first of all, i have to say that the bus driver lady was hilarious. calling out the names of all the streets and in between that she seemed to be talking to the people on the streets. as she was driving down the road... as in, 'oh honey, you better jump right back up on that curb, you see me comin, don't you - PEARL STREET! hey are you waitin for me or what, wave your arm a bit - COURT STREET" or whatever.. it was funny..

anyway - the square was nice... we sat in the grass and watched melissa ferrick and all the buffalo lesbians. it was strange sitting and watching them all. i swear some of these gals look like if they had balls they would be grabbin them. they just look like they are trying to be really tough... i can't imagine how much drama is going on with all of them... i made up all kinds of stories about them and it was fun.

but somewhere in the midst of it all, i started thinking about my friends back in new paltz.... watching these people all meet and greet their friends and work the crowd... well it kinda was like a wake up call... hey... you don't live in new paltz anymore... you don't have that security of that big exclusive group of lesbians that had no drama.. (or very little)

its a whole new world now.

well, so then we decided to walk home... boy that was a long ass hot walk home. but we did it and it kinda felt good. i think we are going to take long walks around buffalo more.

has anyone seen the superhero reality show on sci fi channel? wow.
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Category: good times

08/02/07 12:12 - 77ºF - ID#40349

thursdays in the....

tomorrow we have decided to step out of this paint and bleach smelling apartment. And this time it won't be to go to wegmans.

I just checked out the Thursdays in the square and found out that Melissa Ferrick is a special guest tomorrow night. Lauren is in love with Melissa Ferrick. So we are going.

Of course if any of you are going to be out there, you can find us quite easily. Lauren will be drooling and doing all that she can to bumrush the stage and throw herself bodily at Melissa Ferrick's cowering self on stage. I will be the one doing all that i can to hold back Lauren, while scowling with intention at Melissa Ferrick.

Sooooooooooo..... this is the point wherein I open myself up and beg and plead for assistance and directions. Ohmygod its a lesbian asking for directions!

Seriously, I was just checking out the nfta metro website and i think that somewhere along the lines either my brain has turned to butterscotch pudding as a result of long periods of bleach filled bathroom scrubbing, or the metro maps were written in hieratic hieroglyphs.

from what i can gather, if i were to use the busstop at 358 elmwood, i should take the 20H downtown to... (?) and then how to get back to the 358 is beyond me.

somehow i managed to getmyself around NYC by myself, but Buffalo still alludes me. I would just drive if i thought that i could park anywhere near the square. oh and i hate parallell parking.
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