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Category: good times

08/06/07 12:12 - 73ºF - ID#40398

on that note....

Lauren just found 'the best of soul train' on tv and i just stared slack jawed for a good ten minutes....cocaine was definetely in high use on that show.

happy birthday james!!!!!!!!!

and how special do i feel that i got mentioned in a sticky?

too bad for all ya'll that i'm boring in person. haha jokes on you!

bed time!

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Category: aminals

08/05/07 12:27 - 69ºF - ID#40384

Lucky Dog

This morning my mother informs me that my dog died. I tell myself repeatedly that it is good that he is out of his misery. He was pretty damn old and he was having seizures and lost his eyesight. It was so bad that my mom even wanted to have him put down, but my dad wouldn't let her. He died very soon after the seizures began.

I am just glad that I got to see him again last weekend. He was such an old stinky dog, but he was still my Lucky. (that was his name)

a thought: why is it that most dogs named 'Lucky' are mangy little buggers? mine was.

put together an impromptu barbeque at my bro - bob's house. invited my other brother too. it was nice to sit and relax in the cool day of today.

and returned with yellow squash, green peppers and a green tomato. oh and a couple of cucumbers. I already have a zucchini from the last visit - so now i have to figure out how to prepare it in a way that lauren actually eat it.

look at me... i'm an exciting party animal! it is saturday night!

i'm going to bed.
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Category: good times

08/02/07 09:52 - 80ºF - ID#40362

hot thursday

sooooo lauren and i took the bus down to the square.

first of all, i have to say that the bus driver lady was hilarious. calling out the names of all the streets and in between that she seemed to be talking to the people on the streets. as she was driving down the road... as in, 'oh honey, you better jump right back up on that curb, you see me comin, don't you - PEARL STREET! hey are you waitin for me or what, wave your arm a bit - COURT STREET" or whatever.. it was funny..

anyway - the square was nice... we sat in the grass and watched melissa ferrick and all the buffalo lesbians. it was strange sitting and watching them all. i swear some of these gals look like if they had balls they would be grabbin them. they just look like they are trying to be really tough... i can't imagine how much drama is going on with all of them... i made up all kinds of stories about them and it was fun.

but somewhere in the midst of it all, i started thinking about my friends back in new paltz.... watching these people all meet and greet their friends and work the crowd... well it kinda was like a wake up call... hey... you don't live in new paltz anymore... you don't have that security of that big exclusive group of lesbians that had no drama.. (or very little)

its a whole new world now.

well, so then we decided to walk home... boy that was a long ass hot walk home. but we did it and it kinda felt good. i think we are going to take long walks around buffalo more.

has anyone seen the superhero reality show on sci fi channel? wow.
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Category: good times

08/02/07 12:12 - 77ºF - ID#40349

thursdays in the....

tomorrow we have decided to step out of this paint and bleach smelling apartment. And this time it won't be to go to wegmans.

I just checked out the Thursdays in the square and found out that Melissa Ferrick is a special guest tomorrow night. Lauren is in love with Melissa Ferrick. So we are going.

Of course if any of you are going to be out there, you can find us quite easily. Lauren will be drooling and doing all that she can to bumrush the stage and throw herself bodily at Melissa Ferrick's cowering self on stage. I will be the one doing all that i can to hold back Lauren, while scowling with intention at Melissa Ferrick.

Sooooooooooo..... this is the point wherein I open myself up and beg and plead for assistance and directions. Ohmygod its a lesbian asking for directions!

Seriously, I was just checking out the nfta metro website and i think that somewhere along the lines either my brain has turned to butterscotch pudding as a result of long periods of bleach filled bathroom scrubbing, or the metro maps were written in hieratic hieroglyphs.

from what i can gather, if i were to use the busstop at 358 elmwood, i should take the 20H downtown to... (?) and then how to get back to the 358 is beyond me.

somehow i managed to getmyself around NYC by myself, but Buffalo still alludes me. I would just drive if i thought that i could park anywhere near the square. oh and i hate parallell parking.
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Category: randomo

07/31/07 10:31 - 78ºF - ID#40333

blue moon

today lauren and i used up my 400 dollar credit on we bought a bedframe, slipcover for the couch and a floor lamp.

also managed to get the rest of the clothes put away.

and then we sanded down and repainted our stools.

and this large wooden chair that my mother gave us.

i went to hang my huge mirror on the wall but realized that the stud is not directly in the center of the wall that i want to put it on, so now we have to go out and get some anchors for it.

we don't have a coffee table. i've been checking craigslist for free ones...

i'm so damn exhausted yet again...
sorry... no photos yet...

QUESTION: where does everyone go for meat? (haha no really?)
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Category: randomo

07/30/07 10:23 - 78ºF - ID#40318

the spice girls have reunited

I'm feeling a bit more myself now...
I cannot even begin to tell you why i felt it entirely neccessary to spend five days of serious apartment painting and organizing before i felt somewhat human. I still don't feel entirely human... i think there is still a bit of the beast left inside of me but i'm too damn tired to let it out.

All I have left to do is paint the bathroom. the smallest room of the apartment, though that isn't saying much as my apartment IS rather small. Still i'm avoiding it.

There is still so much to do. So much left to put away. All my pictures and paintings I need to hang. So many clothes I need to put away. I'm not the type of person who could live with boxes laying around for months. I think the older i get, the more OCD i get.

But pulling that damn couch up those tiny stairs was the last straw and now i've put my foot down. I'm relaxing for a couple days dammit.

Oh and I had a second interview for Wireless Zone - an independant wireless retailer for Verizon. They loved me and I'm sure that they will hire me. They apparently are VERY busy. Problem is that it is a thirty minute drive. That only will bother me in the winter, really.

But I have another really juicy and delicious opportunity that requires time, research and patience. I'll have to write about that one another time though. It is deserving of a post in itself and this one is already too long.

I think i'm going to go lay down on my 900 lb couch and watch some free tv.

have i ever mentioned that i love buffalo?
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Category: moving

07/28/07 11:17 - 74ºF - ID#40288

wegmans is my baby daddy

i'm hoping the worst of it all is over.

today i moved a 900 lb couch up to my living room. it really is a hideous couch, but i have a bunch of fabric and i'm hoping to transform it as we have transformed this apartment.

seriously though, i think the couch might have caused serious internal injury. We had to take both doors off their hinges and heave. two people at the top, two people at the bottom.

at one point i questioned whether or not i had any ability to go on living. that was about half way up.

at another point i almost passed out.

i also was in the sun all day at a christening for my second cousing. i'm approximately the color of those hideous red curtains that i have found mixed in with the stuff i have moved in.

so now i'm reading about all the (e:strip)pers hanging out at the 24 and i'm wondering how i 'm awake enough to read this, write this, or comprehend any of it, and yet i want to go play.

forgive me (e:society)... i'm almost ready to come out of hiding...

just a little nap first...
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Category: randomo

07/27/07 10:45 - 72ºF - ID#40265

pumpkin patch and misty evening

those are the names of our new bedroom colors.

by the by...

we are here in buffalo now. since tuesday.

we have been spending 12 hour days painting like madwomen.

so pardon the absence, we are insane.

also - i am getting the dreaded blue screen of death on my computer. i have screenshots of the technical info. anyone know of a dell authorized repair center? i believe that I have a one year warrenty. or if i send you a screen shot could you tell me what my problem is? (that is, my computer problem)

back to the grindstone.
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Category: family

07/23/07 12:19 - 70ºF - ID#40214

meet the griswolds

I realized that I ordered my Harry Potter book from it didn't arrive on Saturday. and so i just received a confirmation email for the full cost of the book being refunded to my amazon acount.... sweeeet.

of course now that i'm thinking about it... i think that the harry potter books might have been delivered by us mail. and of course i have a forward to buffalo, which i am not there till tuesday late evening. which makes me wonder......... did i inadvertantly cheat the system, or was it magic?

no matter, i haven't had time to read it.

i just got back from day one of my family reunion at bear mountain.

already dean has gotten into fights with both my mother and my uncle larry.

also aunt mona and drew have gotten into a fight

grandpap fought with everyone that tried to make him get out of the car at arrival.

and there was a lot of grumbling as a result of 19 rooms being requestqed in 3 cabins that only have 18 rooms. god these folks are crazy.

its coming down to the wire. i have alread said goodbye to so many people and its beginning to get upsetting. oh and already i'm getting requests to stay in new paltz for a few extra days. and pleeeaasssseeee come back for this party on the 4rth...

oh and i still don't have a job.
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07/19/07 02:39 - 74ºF - ID#40166

countdown to acid reflux

tonight i fix lauren's car window/blinker with jess.
tomorrow is my last day at work
tomorrow night is happy hour at oasis for the last time
saturday is harry potter
saturday night is a barbeque at my bosses house
sunday through tuesday morning is family reunion
tuesday is the day i grab my cats and say goodbye to new paltz.

i've been so busy. so very busy. sorry i haven't posted/commented more than flippantly. i'm rather flippant you see.

hey guys, what is this Nova 3C promotions company? They want me to come in for an interview, but if it is going to be annoying telemarketing for pennies crap i don't even want to bother...

i can't wait until the stress levels die and my dry and sarcastic sense of humor comes back.

this little kid just ran out of kb toys yelling,

'dad! brian just called me a retard and that really hurt! it really did! my feelings are hurt'

i don't know why i found that so amusing, but yeah... okay i really got to stop procrastinating...
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