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Category: 10 things

03/17/10 11:52 - ID#51205

10 Things I like about Ireland

1. u2.

2. Hurling

3. Guinness

4. Irish Whiskey

5. Cliff's of Moher (and other amazing sea cliffs)

6. Irish monasticism/Celtic spirituality

7. Galway (which was home for a Summer)

8. Dublin (it would still be a great town, even if it didn't produce u2 and Guinness)

9. The Committments.

10. More u2 (worth mentioning twice!)
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Category: 10 things

08/06/09 11:16 - ID#49469

10 Things I like about my new t-shirt

Yes, this is a shallow post.

1. It's stretchy, but not clingy.

2. It breathes.

3. The t-shirt was made in America, sweat-free.

4. And printed in Buffalo, NY.

5. It supports the Elmwood Village Association.

6. It is a good excuse to wear a t-shirt to work.

7. T-shirts are already the most comfortable thing you can wear, so a comfy t-shirt is like, double.

8. Green and grey are nice colors.

9. It was an impulse purchase. Even though I am an impulsive person, I'm not really so impulsive with my money.

10. It's finally t-shirt weather around here!
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Category: 10 things

06/23/09 12:10 - ID#49038

Ten Things I like about Summer

1. Outdoor concerts.

2. Shorts.

3. Sandals.

4. Less work to be done.

5. Traveling.

6. Fresh vegetables.

7. Fireworks.

8. Eating dinner on the front porch.

9. NFL Training camp fast approaching.

10. Sun.

I know, boring--but I haven't posted all month. Maybe I will have a real opinion soon.
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Category: 10 things

12/30/08 12:50 - ID#47217

10 Things I like about making pizza

1. The mystery of how the yeast will work.

2. Using my new mixer.

3. Punching down dough.

4. Picking out toppings.

5. Cheese. (I love cheese)

6. The new pizza stone that (e:janelle) gave me for Christmas.

7. The new peel that (e:janelle) also gave me.

8. The blast of hot air from a super hot oven.

9. The art of sliding the pizza off the peel.

10. Eating it (duh)
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Category: 10 things

12/02/08 10:31 - ID#46920

10 Things I like about the economy

Just for the record. I don't like what is happening. People I know and like are losing their jobs. This is an exercise for me in trying to find the bright side.

1. People are growing in their empathy. For many of us, people in poverty are no longer "them," they are "us."

2. Gas prices have come down.

3. This will get us to do things differently.

4. We will have learned that ridiculous debt is ridiculous.

5. People should end up happier. Statistically, people are more likely to be happy when they have less disposable income (as long as basic needs are met).

6. What goes down, should come up? Maybe? Right?

7. (e:vincent)'s cogent analysis.

8. I expect to be able to find some used skis super cheap.

9. The best things in life are still free.

10. My grandparents prepared me well for living in a depression.

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Category: 10 things

11/24/08 04:25 - ID#46820

10 Things I like about Xmas decorating

This might be easy for some of you, but I am doing it because I have to remind myself.

1. Spending time with people I like.

2. Snacking while I work.

3. The moment when you turn off the overhead lights and look at the glow.

4. Trying to take low-light pictures of the tree.

5. The smell of a fresh tree.

6. It only comes once a year.

7. Happy memories.

8. The celebratory cold one at the end.

9. The fact that other people do a lot of the work.

10. This year, the churches decorations DO NOT include a live tree--which makes my life a lot easier.
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Category: 10 things

10/26/08 02:32 - ID#46348

10 Things I like about Tony Campolo

1. It obviously not all about appearance with him.

2. He loves God, and loves the Bible, and lives it out in a way that is good for the whole world.

3. He's not afraid to say what he thinks.

4. He's not afraid that you might think differently.

5. He's a black-church guy in a white-church body.

6. His "the Kingdom of God is a PARTY" sermon.

7. His ". . . and you don't give a shit" sermon.

8. His story about when he picked up a bunch of prostitutes.

9. He is willing to admit that he has changed his mind.

10. He has the ear of presidents, but treats the "lowliest" people as if they were president.

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Category: 10 things

09/26/08 07:46 - ID#45797

Ten things I like about bank failures

This one might be a challenge. Lets see if I can do it.

1. The "I told you so" factor: I knew adjustable rate mortgages and interest only mortgages were stupid.

2. Bad news for the country can be good news for Buffalo. Economically, we can't get much worse, and when people lose homes elsewhere, they can still afford them here.

3. Some appropriate reforms just might get in place.

4. Greedy people get exposed for who they are (Read 2 Timothy 3).

5. Money market funds might get insured.

6. Drama gets added to the debate.

7. MY bank hasn't failed yet.

8. This is another good reason to establish an alternative economy.

9. Also another good reason to own your own stuff and grow your own food--stuff like that.

10. When we are all poor, my used car and thrift store clothes won't be as unusual.
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Category: 10 things

09/05/08 09:38 - ID#45582

Ten Things I like about the Daily Show

1. It's available on line.

2. It tells the truth.

3. It gets everybody.

4. Jon Stewart's Funny faces.

5. "This week in God."

6. Politicians having debates with themselves, via video clips.

7. Stewart doesn't take himself too seriously, but he takes the established media even less seriously.

8. They say things other media will not.

9. Guests are treated well, even when Jon doesn't agree with them.

10. A moment of zen.
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Category: 10 things

06/16/08 11:35 - ID#44666

Ten Things I like about my Dad.

1. He's dependable. As sad as it is, just showing up and sticking around puts you ahead of WAY too many parents. Dad's always been there.

2. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

3. He has "outsider" politics. One of the things that we agree on is that the system we have (politically speaking) is messed up. The Buchanan-Nader coalition is a weird one, but it's real.

4. He loves sports. A half-time call is a usual and good thing in my family. I learned loyalty from my Dad--we stick with our teams through thick and thin. In the case of the Pirates, there has been a whole lot of thin.

5. He treats people right. Dad makes sure that his employees get health care. He doesn't need the government to force him to pay a decent wage. He doesn't discriminate.

6. He loves my Mom, and cares for her.

7. He's a man of faith, and a respecter of people.

8. He's a good listener.

9. He is patient.

10. He's my Dad!

Happy fathers' Day!
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