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06/12/10 11:58 - 65.ºF - ID#51868

James is going away

And it is happening soon! (e:James) will be gone for Portland on Thursday. (e:Jim) and I ran into each other at a party and he helped me realize that the hour is upon us. We should gather with him and celebrate before he goes!

Wednesday night is the best evening for (e:janelle) and I, and it works for (e:James) and (e:Jim). How about the rest of you?

(e:Jim) was thinking Zetti's. I'm down. Also willing to play host at my house, but I have Pets, which means it would have to be outdoors for (e:Paul) and any other allergic folk. What do the rest of you say?
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06/06/10 08:25 - 58ºF - ID#51808

Pride parade

Do I lose my evangelical card if I take the kids to watch the Pride parade? As I remember it's pretty family-friendly (more church floats than anything else.) Are any (e:peeps) going to watch between Lexington and Lafayette?
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