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Category: tv

05/01/09 12:10 - ID#48548

The Simpsons

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Category: tv

04/24/08 02:10 - ID#44126

Did you watch Law and Order last night?

It was good. The good cop was actually a bad cop, but he was a bad cop because he was a good guy. But he used to be a bad guy.

And he was willing to go to jail with the reputation of a bad cop to make the difference in the life of a friend. It took the investigation of all of his friends to figure out why he did what he did--he was keeping his mouth shut to save his friend, even though everybody thought he was not only crooked, but a murderer.

"Greater love has no man or woman than this, to lay down his or her life for a friend." --Jesus
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02/13/08 10:44 - ID#43320

She's going to be on!

Tina Fey hosts a new Saturday Night Live this Saturday night.

I love it.
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11/16/07 10:11 - ID#42160

30 Rock

Best show ever. (except maybe the Simpsons)

And I often like to watch it online, so I figure the writers, especially the brilliant ones on this show, should get a share of the online and DVD revenue.
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