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Category: football

01/06/10 09:25 - 20ºF - ID#50755

See Yinz later

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01/01/10 01:59 - 26ºF - ID#50711

New Year

I usually don't make a deal about the New Year, but today, I have already kept up a number of goals I have set for the New Year.

I've prayed a psalm, and the Jesus prayer (spiritual goals)

I've written for 30 minutes (not an every day goal, just 3 times a week)

I haven't eaten fast food (I get once a month). I still have to exercise 30 minutes, but I might save that for another day (also only 3x a week).

Sorry about missing the party. Sounds like it was great. (e:Janelle) and I had a nice night at home.
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