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Category: football

01/06/10 09:25 - ID#50755

See Yinz later

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Category: football

03/07/09 09:44 - ID#47980

How to build a football team

For the Bills, because they do not know.

1. Hire a good coach, and stick with him, even when he has a bad year. If a player won't play for him, said player goes--not the coach. (See: Noll, Cowher, Tomlin)

2. Build your team through the draft. Free agent signings should be rare, but when you make one, they should be for undervalued players, with more career ahead of them (See Bettis, Farrior).

3. Wide Receivers can be found at all levels, and should never be gone after in Free agency. Ditto Running backs. WRs are successful because of good QBs, and RBs because of good lines. (See: Ward, Parker, Washington)

4. Defense wins championships, and should always be the top priority. (See: the Steelers--always)

5. Character counts. Never invite the troublemaker, and don't be afraid to let him go, even if he is talented (See: Plexico Burress).

6. Coaching counts. Even the pros can still learn, if they are willing. Sign the guys that are willing to listen (See: Polamalu)

7. Another acceptable free agent signing is for depth--i.e. back-ups (see: Batch, Leftwich)

8. Even if a guy is great, let him go if and when he is old and wants a giant contract (see: Porter, Webster)

9. Stay in town. If your team has a city name in it, you better stay in said city. Don't go to the suburbs, and don't even think about relocating internationally.

10. Focus on fundamentals. Trickery will only go so far if you can't block or tackle.
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02/08/09 10:05 - ID#47684

One last yinz luv

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Category: football

01/28/09 06:41 - ID#47548

Yinz Luv the Superbowl!

Party this Sunday at my house. All estrippers are invited.

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Category: football

01/22/09 09:02 - ID#47485

I love the Steelers, but . . .

I hate this song. One reason that I am glad I am not in Pittsburgh is that I no longer hear this song. Seriously, if you call a random 412 area code number, you will hear this song in the background when they answer, and then again if they put you on hold. It will be the opening hymn in churches.

There are lots of other good Steeler songs, which makes me wonder why this one won't die. Anyway, without further ado: "Here we go"

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01/21/09 11:51 - ID#47481

More Steeler Stuff


I may have to post something everyday. Apologies in advance.
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Category: football

01/11/09 03:16 - ID#47369

James Harrison

Highlights of this video.

1. The tackle of an obnoxious Brown's fan.

2. A rap song that samples the NFL today theme song, quite well.

3. James Harrison drilling a number of hapless, helpless QBs.

4. James Harrison on an interception return, leaping OVER Ladamian Tomlinson (may it happen again)

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Category: football

01/05/09 09:28 - ID#47286

Spend time with your kids . . .

. . . so Peyton Manning Doesn't.

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Category: football

12/22/08 07:16 - ID#47142

It's sadder when they lose

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Category: football

12/16/08 08:58 - ID#47078

AFC North Champions

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