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03/15/11 09:08 - ID#53838

10 Things I like about improv

1. It is collaborative creation.

2. There is instant feedback.

3. There are lots of laughs.

4. It is personal. One must make themselves vulnerable in order to succeed.

5. Success also means making other people look good.

6. It is completely disposable, not repeatable art. Every performance is unique.

7. It takes a ton of preparation in terms of learning the skills, and no preparation in terms of knowing ahead of time what might happen on stage. (No memorization)

8. Improv skills are life skills.

9. Improv doesn't only create stories, it creates trust among actors.

10. It gives you energy, by drawing from entirely different parts of your brain and body.

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03/08/11 05:13 - ID#53784

Joshua Larson

According to (e:Jason) 's facebook page, (e:Joshua) has died. I don't have any more information, but please watch Jason's page and send love his way.
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