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Category: 10 things

12/31/07 10:43 - 30ºF - ID#42691

10 Things I like about 2007

1. It's the year I moved to Buffalo, bought a house, and started at Lafayette church.

2. It's the year I got to visit Vietnam.

3. I discovered Derek Webb in 2007.

4. Our country didn't start ANOTHER war in 2007 (I think I can safely say this with 14 hours left).

5. I discovered estrip in 2007 (and some other fun online stuff--wordpress, google docs, attack!, but estrip is the favorite).

6. One of my brothers started college, another finished (and even got a job!).

7. 2007 was the first year of Steelers head coach mike Tomlin.

8. 2007 was the last year of my Grandma's life (I don't like that she died, but I like the WAY she died--very thoughtfully, prayerfully, and peacefully.)

9. Marriage with (e:janelle) continues to get better (2007 is the third year in).

10. The Pittsburgh Pirates changed all of their front office staff (this may or may not lead to improvement, but they could not have done worse).
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12/26/07 06:35 - 34ºF - ID#42657

The story of Stuff

A friend emailed this to me:

It's a long video, but good. It's about stuff--where it comes from and where it goes.

Sorry I haven't been a frequent poster. I think December will be my weekest month since July.
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Category: religion

12/21/07 03:13 - 40ºF - ID#42609

Look at the animals!

Tonight. 6:30-8:30. A living nativity, with sheep and babies and everything. There are even pony rides for the kids and a pastor in his own brand new Lafayette Church hoodie.

Oh. Should I not wear a grey hoodie? Did they ever catch the bad guy that always wears a hoodie?
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Category: 10 things

12/18/07 11:50 - 32ºF - ID#42576

Ten Things I like about Attack!

1. It's Risk, online (as a facebook app).

2. It's slightly different than Risk, to avoid a lawsuit.

3. But it plays just the same as Risk, only faster.

4. There is a little chat box to make alliances.

5. There is a chat box to talk trash.

6. It fills my desire to take over the world, without me actually having to take over the world.

7. I can take vigilante justice, and when I know that I am not going to win, take the player I feel to be the most deserving down with me.

8. I don't have to count out/move around those tiny little plastic pieces.

9. Its fun to watch losing players desperately seek alliances, as I take them out.

10. Wars on Attack don't cost anything except time.
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Category: family

12/13/07 09:52 - 27ºF - ID#42499

Family news

Mom and Dad were featured in an article in Pittsburgh's paper:

Florists Warn of web Imposters

and my brother Mark won a photography contest. He's good. This one got him $1,000.

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Category: 10 things

12/11/07 05:19 - 35ºF - ID#42476

10 Things I like about u2.

1. The edge's guitar playing. Effects heavy, rhythmically, and with simple, but beautiful melodies.

2. Bono's lyrics. Many are simulataneously personal, political, and religious.

3. The way every album sounds different with every album, but consistent with itself, and always distinctively u2.

4. Their generosity/activism that goes beyond just about any rock star, all while they still admit to being hypocritical.

5. They've been friends/band mates since high school. For at least 3 of them, this is their first job.

6. They're not just from Ireland, they are from Dublin. They're not just from Dublin, they are from cool neighborhood in Dublin.

7. They were on the Simpsons, and made fun of themselves.

8. Amazingly big live shows that feel amazingly intimate, and surprisingly like church (the way it should feel).

9. I can play (scaled down) versions of their songs on guitar, and even with my weak skills, they sound good.

10. I've never met a u2 fan I didn't like--and there are millions of us.

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Category: war

12/10/07 05:32 - 33ºF - ID#42459

folllow the money

A story about priorities.[/link]

How much do we spend on the military vs. some other important stuff.
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Category: christmas

12/09/07 04:04 - 28ºF - ID#42446

Christmas Pictures

Christmas pics.

(e:Janelle) and I had a great fun time at Lafayette Church (another shameless link), including a potluck lunch/carol sing. Then we came home and decorated our house. Check it out:


This is the tree at church.

And the nativity scene on our mantle.

I also put a string of lights on our porch. Here's hoping a drunk doesn't steal our extension cord to pay for a quick buzz. Maybe I will take a picture of the lights after it gets dark. (actually, you can see some of them out the window in the pic taken with the flash. I am amazed at the power of my camera sometimes.

And in case you were wondering, yes, that is a sombrero on top of the tree, and those are chili pepper lights. They are happy memories from our "South of the Border" wedding reception. Any ugly and/or tasteless ornaments, however, are courtesy of (e:janelle).

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Category: tour

12/08/07 10:11 - 33ºF - ID#42432

Tour "Essex Corners"

Ok, short notice, I know. But from 1-4 there is a tour of homes (and businesses, I think) in the area that now wants to be called "Essex Corners" (at least it's not becoming a village, right Paul?") It begins at Prime 490, in the heart of Essex corners.

This is a short walk from my house, and I really do think things are going to get better and better in that part of our neighborhood.

Janelle doesn't want to give up too much of her Saturday, but I'm going, with or without her (I can't believe I haven't done a U2 post yet--that will come soon). If you would like to join, drop a comment and/or show up at 1.
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Category: 10 things

12/07/07 09:05 - 24ºF - ID#42423

10 Things I like about Hines Ward

1. He always smiles when he plays football. Even when its hard. He loves football that much.

2. As of this Sunday, he has caught more touchdowns than anybody else.

3. He's bi-racial (black and Korean) and proud of it. This has made a HUGE difference in Korea, where anybody that wasn't 100% Korean was outcaste.

4. He loves to block. Wide receivers are typically smaller, and avoid contact, but Hines seeks it out. He enrages/embarrasses bigger defensive players by putting a hurt on them.

5. He plays through pain (again, still smiling)

6. He plays well in bad weather (see the last two games)

7. He can throw (he was a QB before he became a wideout).

8. He doesn't complain about being on the run-heavy Steelers (it gives him more chances to block!).

9. He's generous in Korea, Georgia, and Pittsburgh.

10. He's going to be instrumental in the Steelers defeat of New England.
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