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Category: sports

09/02/09 01:42 - ID#49678

City of Champions

I forget, what did people use opera for before highlight videos came into existence?

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Category: sports

09/15/08 07:40 - ID#45691

When you study in the nude . . .

One more thing to love about the NFL
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Category: sports

06/03/08 12:48 - ID#44529

Penguins win

12:47pm. 3rd OT. The cup finals go back to Pittsburgh.
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Category: sports

05/08/08 12:23 - ID#44275

Hey Hockey Fans!

My wife is going out without me on Friday night. The Penguins are playing hockey.

Anybody that wants to drink beer and watch hockey, I'm game.

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Category: sports

11/15/07 12:51 - ID#42139


A friend of mine and I are going to hoop it up tonight, but we are hoping that we can do better than one on one.

We will start around 7:30. No cost, all are welcome.

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Category: sports

08/07/07 10:02 - ID#40432


Is there an estrip fantasy football league? If not, is there any interest in one? I'd be happy to set one up.
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