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09/03/10 10:27 - ID#52648

No more blogging?

This post is inspired by (e:paul)'s lament on declining estrip use. I will admit that it has been easier to share via facebook and/or twitter. I have also slacked on updating/posting to

So in some ways, I think, internet use is changing, and (e:strip) might get left behind--but I don't want it to.

I think what makes this site great is that it is a hybrid community. Not 100% online, not 100% in "real life" and no other online community has that same vibe. But it doesn't work if we stop posting and/or getting together. And I, along with many of us, have done a lousy job of this.

What's the fix? Do we all just double down and re-commit to blogging? Wait and see if we miss it? Adjust (e:strip) to the facebook world? I'm not sure. I really don't think any one of those will do the trick, to be honest.

I wonder if the departure of some regulars has dropped us below the "critical mass." If it has, I hope my return to blogging can help change that. It's not like I've stopped having opinions, right? I even (finally) have a phone that can send pics straight to estrip. (I know, I am about 4 generations of phone behind).

As for face to face get togethers, I feel especially bad because I made a fb invited for our annual labor day party, but didn't blog about it here. I hope you all can come (maybe even you lurkers that we know are around but don't post). This party is bigger than Christmas for Janelle and I. We start around 10am and go all day. I hope to see you there. Call my cell for directions: 510-7086.
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06/12/10 11:58 - ID#51868

James is going away

And it is happening soon! (e:James) will be gone for Portland on Thursday. (e:Jim) and I ran into each other at a party and he helped me realize that the hour is upon us. We should gather with him and celebrate before he goes!

Wednesday night is the best evening for (e:janelle) and I, and it works for (e:James) and (e:Jim). How about the rest of you?

(e:Jim) was thinking Zetti's. I'm down. Also willing to play host at my house, but I have Pets, which means it would have to be outdoors for (e:Paul) and any other allergic folk. What do the rest of you say?
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10/07/09 10:26 - ID#49959

I only posted once in all of September

This is just not satisfactory. I have been a bad (e:strip) blogger.

I'm going to write something. But not tonight. Or tomorrow. Tonight I am too tired to think and I have a funeral, a meeting, and a class to teach tomorrow.

But on Friday, I will write about one of the following.



How awesome church is going to be on Sunday, even though it is going to make people angry (or maybe because of it).

Writing a play or screenplay.

My growing admiration for Stephen Colbert.

My growing dissatisfaction with just about every American politician.

My (thus far) secret development of an Obama impression. (I've got the voice pretty good, but look nothing like him)

My desire to open up a t-shirt factory in Buffalo.

You can vote on what I should blog about. I will write it on Friday after a much deserved sleep in.

Actually, if anybody wants to share a beverage on Thursday night, it's my Friday, and I will be ready for a cold one.
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10/19/08 11:42 - ID#46205

Does anybody else . . .

. . .post more because of the counter on the front page? It's amazing how easily I can be manipulated by a simple counter.
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