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12/23/09 11:22 - 24ºF - ID#50645

Phone help.

Ok, so I am always about 2 generations behind tech-wise. You can make fun of me, but I think this can work--with a bit of help.

I have the EnV phone, thanks to a generous friend who upgraded (thanks!), and a prepaid service (Page Plus) that lets me talk and text on the Verizon network.

The browser needs to be changed so that it goes through a different Proxy. Verizon set up the phones so that I couldn't change it easily, but THIS forum tells us how to re-program the phone.

The problem?

1. I don't think I am even smart enough to follow the directions it gives.

2. I don't have the cord that connects the phone to a computer.

Soooo--can any of my super-cool friends help me out? I will gladly trade any theological insight you might need (I wish I had a more marketable skill to trade. I can always purchase beverages for you though)
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12/11/09 03:33 - 20ºF - ID#50539

Tokyo Shanghai Bistro//Hu's

Went today, around 1:30. There was no buffet. The chinese food tasted ok (I had hot and spicy shrimp, that wasn't too spicy and was too sweet), but it only contained four average size shrimp. FOUR! The hot and sour soup, however, tasted great. (e:Janelle) had a bento box and it looked a lot nicer. I am definitely going to do Japanese if I visit again there is no buffet.

Afterwards, we stopped at Hu's discount store. It is my new favorite store. Everything is affordable there. I wish I had my picture phone (will again in January), I would share pictures of cheap wires, the aforementioned four shrimp, and the tights that had jeans painted on them.

I wanted to buy shoes and sharpies and underwear and cleaning supplies, and luggage but I held back, because I didn't really need any of them and they will still be cheap when I need them.
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12/09/09 11:57 - 34ºF - ID#50521

I like Christmas parties

But I don't like Christmas. (not until Dec 24, anyway).

I like apple cider, but not apple pie, apples, or apple juice.

I like sleeping in the morning, but not going to bed at night.

I like (e:strip), but I never post.

Sorry about that.

My friend wrote a paper that had a great line.

"The church is like manure. If you spread it out, something beautiful might grow, but if you pile it up, it starts to stink."

I haven't opened a t-shirt factory or written my play, but I am going to get back to the play after Christmas, for real.

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