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Category: humor

05/11/09 11:36 - 45ºF - ID#48647

Funny Video

When you make a funny movie look like a not funny movie, it is funny.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: bikes

05/09/09 03:08 - 67ºF - ID#48634

What a ride!

I was feeling kind of bad about my slothfulness on such a nice day, and somehow, walking to Sprinkles, the new ice cream bar in Delish didn't help for some reason. Maybe if I would have only had one scoop.

Just an aside--the Delish people are great, and so is the ice cream bar. It's worth a trip for the treat.

So anyway, even though the wind and the rain were threatening, I decided to head out on my bike, and it was a good choice. I highly recommend this ride.

I rode from my home to the island at the end of W. Ferry. This was the toughest part of the ride, as it was directly into the wind. It was also the only part of the ride that I had to deal with traffic. For those who fear "urban" neighborhoods, this was the only part that looked scary. But with all of the people outside, there was absolutely no reason to be afraid.

From the Island, I headed North on the Riverwalk. The river was beautiful, there were birds, and old guys fishing, and kids rolling down the hill with their mother. Windy, but flat the whole way, and is was a cross wind, which is much better than riding into it. Nice views of fancy houses across the river, too.

From the unfortunately named Squaw Island, I headed inland. It was a little bit confusing finding the path, but not really. Even though I was tempted to continue all the way to Tonawanda, I wanted to ride the Scajequeda path, which (to my shame) I have never done.

A great ride. Views of the creek, nice trees, and a look at the back of Amherst street. In case you were thinking of dumpster diving at Wegman's you can't. Trash goes from inside the store into the compactor. There is a nice playground behind Our Lady of Blackrock (I forget the church's real name).

Everytime I went under an underpass it was clearly marked, and a note was made that the clearance was ten feet. Maybe not necessary for a bike path. Maybe better signs at the Grant Street Crossing would be a better choice.

From there, the path goes past the back of the historical society and the Japanese garden. Again, I can't believe I haven't been there before--a beautiful place. (And backtracking a bit--Rock Harbor Commons looks cool, too. I am going to have to make an event there this summer, and I will ride straight there on the riverwalk).

Across the pedestrian bridge, around Hoyt lake (nice statues) and onto Lincoln parkway. Lincoln parkway to Bidwell parkway, to Richmond (with quick stops on Richmond to visit an estate sale, a car accident, and a friend who was in her yard). Richmond to the house.

Good exercise, but not too much. A photographer could make this an all-day trip (but I didn't bring a camera and wanted to break a sweat).

Buffalo really is a well planned city, and a great place for a bike ride.
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Category: religion

05/07/09 10:01 - 52ºF - ID#48612

National Day of Prayer

Obviously, I think prayer is good.

I don't need, or even want, my government to tell me to pray.

And--although part of my job is praying in public, Jesus made it pretty clear that prayer is something best done in private (Matthew 6), and so I will follow that admonition.
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Category: tv

05/01/09 12:10 - 61ºF - ID#48548

The Simpsons

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Category: adhd

04/30/09 09:40 - ID#48541

ADHD update

So, (e:jim)'s update has reminded me that I have not updated.

Basically, I am off the meds because the doctor's appointments and bills became to much to deal with. My doctor was great, but their office staff was a wreck.

I promised my dear wife I would start over again with a new doctor.

Does anybody know a good doc, with an organized/efficient front office and billing system?

And Jim, I am sorry that the other stuff stopped working for you. The Ritalin, for the short time that I was on it, worked sometimes and not others. I only felt bad if I drank too much coffee with it, or took my doses to close together.
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Category: computers

04/23/09 04:26 - 44ºF - ID#48485

Dear Computer Nerds

I am downloading the newest version of Ubuntu right now. Windows will live on in a partition of my harddrive, but hopefully, I will use it infrequently.

I am more excited about changing an OS than a person should be, but I am glad to stop complaining about crazy Microsoft and actually start doing something about it.

I give credit to Open Office and Firefox for demonstrating how much better Open source can be, and to Vista, for convincing me that a different OS couldn't be much worse. Also to Ubuntu for making a live CD easy to test out and for making installation look easy (we'll see how easy when I am done)
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Category: politics

04/20/09 09:22 - 45ºF - ID#48446


Our government has admitted to torture, in general, but hasn't "named names" or prosecuted it. In my opinion, the Obama administration is failing to do its' duty here. While the "low-level" guys MIGHT have an excuse, the higher ups do not. Prosecution will be difficult, but if we do nothing, there is no deterrent to future torture.

To avoid trials, I would be willing to offer amnesty for all people that made a full reporting and apology for any involvement in torture. Following that period of amnesty, there should be a full investigation and trials.

To me, this is not a left/right thing. It's a humanity thing, a security thing, and a rule of law thing. There is never a reason to torture a person. Every time we condone torture, we gain enemies and alienate allies. Every time we ignore our laws and our values, we weaken them.
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Category: computers

04/10/09 08:34 - 37ºF - ID#48339

Paul inspired me

I've wanted to try Linux for the longest time. Now I really have. I downloaded an Ubuntu live CD last night, and am making this post right now from my home computer running it.

(e:Janelle) is more fond of windows than I am, so we will not install it on the home computer, but I do anticipate that I will install it on my laptop sometime soon (I have one windows game that doesn't work on the home computer--I've got to wear that out a little, first)

Everything works great, everything looks great. It's fast and its easy and there is all kinds of stuff for free.

My only beef is that the internet looks different. I think it's the fonts.

I don't know if you can see the difference in this screen shot:

hmm. can't upload the screenshot. nevermind.

That's the other thing you can't tell from the live disk--how the plug-ins and other necessary downloads work. I am still growing in my confidence though.
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Category: religion

04/07/09 01:39 - 28ºF - ID#48319

I guess my church isn't the crassest . .

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Category: religion

04/05/09 09:58 - 46ºF - ID#48302

Haven't posted a sermon in a while . . .

. . . but I did something different for Palm Sunday. Here it is:

At first, we like God.

Because we think God is going to save us.

At first, we like God.

Because we are sure that God is on our side.

At first, we like God.

Because God can act now, quickly, and decisively.

So we shout, "Hosanna." "Save us."

And God does.

And we celebrate.

But notice--

His War Horse is not a Horse.

He's on a pack animal. And a borrowed one, at that.

Now look, he goes to the Temple.

We wave our branches higher.

He's going to save us our religion.

He's going to save our country.

He's going to take back the land for God.

We've wanted God to come. Now God is here. Victory will be ours.

"Save us," we shout. "Hosanna" "Blessed is David's Kingdom."

David built God's temple.

You are going to tear it down?

David defeated God's enemies.

You are going to feed them?

David took the land for God.

Your Kingdom is not of this world?

David took God's throne.

You are taking the cursed cross?

At first we liked you.

But you aren't going to save us.

A grain of wheat must die?

The first must become last?

We must take up a cross?


You are not like David.

You are not like God.

You are the anti-King.

You are the anti-God.

You cannot save us.

You will destroy us.

You must be stopped.

"Save us?"

We were so foolish.

We have no King but Caesar.

"Crucify him."

"Save Us," cries the crowd.

"Take up your cross," replies Jesus.

It sounds silly,

But to people-in-salvation,

the cross is the power of God.

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