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03/16/09 09:56 - 38ºF - ID#48067


Judging by the crowd yesterday, there are quite a few people that aren't so worried that they stopped spending money. I think if I was scared about the economy, one of the first things I would cut from my budget would be plastic beads.
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03/13/09 10:22 - 21ºF - ID#48041

"Saved" tonight at my house

on the medium screen (bigger than tv, but def. not imax).

People that want to talk about it afterward will be invited to, but not required.

The movie is really funny, and a little bit too true.

I will make popcorn and have pop, popcorn, and beer. If you want to bring something else to share, feel free. Otherwise, just show up and enjoy.

7pm, 265 Lexington

Ten things I like about the movie.

1. MacCauley Caulkin plays an angst-y character.

2. I know guys that are like the pastor.

3. All the non-Christians act like Jesus.

4. There is a nice balance of thoughtfulness and slapstick.

5. If (e:felly) came and watched a movie starring Mandy Moore it would be super-awesome.

6. A guy in a wheelchair playing footsie.

7. (shouted in anger) "I am FULL of Christ's love!"

8. "There's only one reason why good Christian girls go to Planned Parenthood" . . . "Mary's planting a pipe bomb?!??!!"

9. Happy memories--(e:janelle) and I saw it first on a date in Philly.

10. More happy memories--when I showed it to a youth group in Mt. Lebanon, they totally didn't get it. (but I'm sure you all will.)

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Category: haiku

03/12/09 03:16 - 26ºF - ID#48030

Another work haiku

Another detail.
Preach? details Heal? details. Pray?
boiler's broke again.
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Category: football

03/07/09 09:44 - 38ºF - ID#47980

How to build a football team

For the Bills, because they do not know.

1. Hire a good coach, and stick with him, even when he has a bad year. If a player won't play for him, said player goes--not the coach. (See: Noll, Cowher, Tomlin)

2. Build your team through the draft. Free agent signings should be rare, but when you make one, they should be for undervalued players, with more career ahead of them (See Bettis, Farrior).

3. Wide Receivers can be found at all levels, and should never be gone after in Free agency. Ditto Running backs. WRs are successful because of good QBs, and RBs because of good lines. (See: Ward, Parker, Washington)

4. Defense wins championships, and should always be the top priority. (See: the Steelers--always)

5. Character counts. Never invite the troublemaker, and don't be afraid to let him go, even if he is talented (See: Plexico Burress).

6. Coaching counts. Even the pros can still learn, if they are willing. Sign the guys that are willing to listen (See: Polamalu)

7. Another acceptable free agent signing is for depth--i.e. back-ups (see: Batch, Leftwich)

8. Even if a guy is great, let him go if and when he is old and wants a giant contract (see: Porter, Webster)

9. Stay in town. If your team has a city name in it, you better stay in said city. Don't go to the suburbs, and don't even think about relocating internationally.

10. Focus on fundamentals. Trickery will only go so far if you can't block or tackle.
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03/05/09 03:01 - 50ºF - ID#47960

Girl-drink Drunk

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Category: politics

03/01/09 03:59 - 22ºF - ID#47915

An economic stimulus proposal

So next year, quite a few military personnel will, if all goes according to plan, be returning from Iraq.

This could be bad news, or good news.

Of course, it is always good news if there is peace and safety, but the possibility of bad news is this: an economy that already has high unemployment will have a glut of new workers--workers that have spent at least a year outside of our culture (more for most), and who's skills may not have an equivalent in our economy.

To make matters worse, quite a few have suffered trauma. Historically, re-adjustment to civilian life has not been easy.

Here's the good news. Many of these service people will be flush with combat pay. They will want new homes and new cars and furniture and clothes without camo and all sorts of things.

As long as we are throwing around all sorts of cash, I think we should make an investment in this area. In addition to regular veterans benefits, I would provide an additional bonus for veterans to take a class on starting a business. Another bonus for attending a support group. We should pay them to rehab houses and give them affordable mortgages to buy them. I would also love a bonus paid to veterans who stayed drug and/or alcohol free, or pledged not to own a gun.

So much can go wrong when veterans return. More Vietnam veterans have died of self-inflicted wounds than died in the conflict. This, however, is not only preventable, but by making the right choices, the end of our current war can be an integral part of the economy's jump start.
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Category: religion

02/24/09 01:17 - 21ºF - ID#47876

Ash Wednesday

Tomorrow is the day that we remember our mortality. Not so pleasant, but good to do once in a while. When I put ashes on a person's head, I will tell them (and it is particularly hard with sick people, who know it all too well) "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you will return."



Lent is hard to get without experiencing it. But it really can go well.
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02/23/09 04:09 - 22ºF - ID#47869

Media fast

I'll still be on media where I know people, so blogs, twitter, and facebook are all good, but I am taking a break from videos and mindless websites in the hope that "old media" will change me in some positive ways.

So, starting Wednesday, limited internet, no tv, and no partisan talk radio. Until Easter (but maybe longer if it is as good for me as I think it will be)
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02/11/09 12:33 - 53ºF - ID#47711

What the Font?

For design nerds with iPhones:

found via Buffalo Feed.
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02/08/09 10:05 - 29ºF - ID#47684

One last yinz luv

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