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12/31/07 04:26 - 32ºF - ID#42696

happy new blahhhh

hey peeps -- long time no post.

happy holi-daze... i'm feeling a little dazed myself today.

let's see, what's new(s)...?

great christmas gifts from ami... grey ribbed Calvin Klein sweater and... wait for it...

...a new Islanders jersey!! SWEET. she gave it to me early so i could wear it to the isles-sabres game on 12/12/07. isles lost but it was fun getting hostile looks at Irish Times and at the arena, ha.

went to long island to see the 'rents and g'rents and spent down time with my sisters. my youngest sister Jessica and her bf Dan met me in NYC and we saw the tree. we also went to the east village, ate in a fantastic tiny little Mexican restaurant and drank Christmas ales at Hop Devil, a beer bar.

after a few days on LI i actually missed buffalo. bizarre.

anyway back now and ami and i are trying to pack in some good times before i head off to europe for a few days (strasbourg, paris, brussels). we've succeeded so far but today is kinda blah.

the only interesting thing that's happened today -- save for a nice catching up phone call from chica -- is that i got mildly gay-bashed on the metro. maybe my fashion sense is too allentown, but i got called a fag and a fruit-cup on the train this afternoon. nice.

stay classy, buffalo.



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