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Category: food

04/30/08 08:56 - 43ºF - ID#44196

Falafel Bar II in Allentown?

Some potentially great news for Allentowners and Roswell (e:peeps)... looks like the business space at 69 Allen St (near Franklin) is going to be a new Falafel Bar! (If someone else has already posted this as news, I am posting only as my own personal celebration of this development). The relative dearth of inexpensive ethnic food joints in Allentown (no, Jim's Steak-Out doesn't count) is something that A and I were just bemoaning, and then, lo and behold, as if from our mouths to God's ear, here is the sign announcing a new Falafel Bar. Sweet! And we have it on pretty good authority that it's the same owners as the fabulous Falafel Bar on Elmwood. Can anyone confirm that?

Mmmm I can taste the Lebanese deliciousness already...

Hope I'm not jinxing this place by posting. It would be a horrible mind-f--- for them to tease me and then start up a really lousy falafel joint.
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