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Category: beisbol

10/20/06 03:44 - 44ºF - ID#21201

Go, Tigers?


(e:mrmike,186) 's comment about Endy Chavez's catch in Game 7 of the NLCS led me to download the Mets website, and they have video of the catch and other highlights. Check out

and look to the left under Video; click on "Endy's amazing catch: 350k".

Also kudos to Oliver Perez (and John Maine) for keeping the Mets in it, despite the loss of Pedro and El Duque.

What a fun season.

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Category: ugh

10/19/06 03:23 - 59ºF - ID#21200

I just don't know what's worse...

Can't for the life of me figure out which is worse:

(1) Former Rep. Mark Foley's excuse-making for his "encounters" with teenage boys (the booze made me do it! sexual abuse when I was an altar boy made me do it!)


(2) The attitude of the retired priest who acknowledges nudity and "light touching" with Foley when Foley was an altar boy (see paragaph from this Washington Post story :

The Rev. Anthony Mercieca, in a telephone interview with The Washington Post from the Maltese island of Gozo, said he was surprised that his long-ago interaction with Foley had become linked to the scandal that erupted last month and cost the former congressman his job .

The retired priest is like, yeah we skinny-dipped and engaged in some light touching, but hey, nobody complained to me or the bishop about it, so what's the harm?

I guess nobody wants to actually TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what they've done. No, THAT would be PREPOSTEROUS. *sigh*
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Category: pop quizzes

10/10/06 11:16 - 54ºF - ID#21199

Jenks' quiz

I put my name in (e:jenks,253) 's quiz and apparently I will be defined in the dictionary as "a master of storytelling."

OR, if I delete my middle initial, "a beat poet working the streets."

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10/03/06 11:33 - 61ºF - ID#21198

thanks PMT

Paul, Matthew, Terry --

Thanks for hosting the party, (e:chicoschica) and I had a great time. I met so many (e:strip)pers -- one-stop shopping, almost as ruthlessly efficient as Wegman's, haha. We left early (I worked 14 hours on Sunday) and I still met at least 10, maybe 15 e-strippers -- (e:paul) , (e:matthew) , (e:terry) , (e:imk2) , (e:leetee) , (e:uncutsaniflush) , (e:mrmike) , (e:dragonlady7) , (e:zobar) , (e:enknot) , (e:carolinian) , (e:metalpeter) , (e:kookcity2000) (while he was still coherent haha), (e:jill) , (e:twisted) , (e:hodown) , (e:theecarey) , (e:ladycroft) , (e:libertad) many is that so far? And I know I've forgotten some, sorry about that. I'm just so happy to "know" so many (e:peeps) in our new city.

Next time we'll bring some good homemade food for the veges, or (e:vegs), or whatever you meat-o-phobes like to call yourselves.

Also: that house is amazing, it has good bones and is going to be stunning when it is done. Good luck with it guys!

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