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06/13/07 12:27 - 81ºF - ID#39637

Living in the early 90s

So (e:mk) and I are all moved in but we are without the internet/cable until Tuesday. booooo. I'm pirating wireless from Spot coffee right now. how enjoyable.

We're planning a 'woohoo we have our sweet new apartment' party for the near future, but our apartment is not huge so it can't be tooo many people, we'll keep ya posted, who knows when it'll be.

The job search continues. I had an interview with an agency today, and I had an email this morning from a woman and another call from an HR manager both who saw my resume on Its looking like is the way to go for getting jobs. I had to take this wacky computer skills test. Anne hasn't used Excel in a while and she's pretty sure she didn't do so hot on that section, but she knows she aced the typing and Word tests because she uses those skills on an almost daily basis. Nevertheless despite my probably lackluster performance I got an interview with the office that needs a receptionist. Sweet. Here's hoping by the end of next week I'll have a real job!!!!!

yay! think good thoughts for me!!

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06/08/07 11:18 - 69ºF - ID#39587

mooooving time

So tomorrow's the big day!!!

except for a few clothes and a few odds and ends, and my bike, everything I own is packed up and sitting in my living room. its not that weird actually, i've only been at home since last thursday, and before that I was last at home for about 5 weeks last summer. I'm not emotional about it. My new place is actually closer to my parent's house than my old apartment was.

so a (i thought) good friend of mine told me she couldn't help me move because she had to work all day tomorrow, fine, not a big deal, work is work, I didn't think twice about it.

This was about a week ago, fast forward to this afternoon. I see about 5 facebook wall posts of her asking people if they want to go to the beach tomorrow...excuse me? Even if your work schedule changed and you still didn't want to help, at least call me and say so, don't just ignore me. She sat in her room while I moved all of my stuff out of our old apartment and didn't even offer to help, and I was doing it mostly by myself.
This whole thing just leaves me feeling hurt. I guess its out of sight out of mind. I didn't realize she was such a fair-weather friend. I won't even get into all of the things we've done together and all that. She wouldn't even live in the fucking apartment we shared for a year if I didn't make it happen. She's always been immature and passive aggressive so I don't know why this surprises me. Oh well, I was never 100% sure we'd stay close, I wanted us too and thought we would, but apparently I don't mean as much to her as she did to me. I guess dirty dishes mean more to her than our friendship.

Ok got that out of my system. Together with my 8 year old cousin we created a secret handshake for the apartment, all who enter must learn it.
anyone wants to help: 432 Richmond at about 10:30-11:00am!!! :)

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06/06/07 11:20 - 54ºF - ID#39541

black river

I love the song black river by amos lee. Anyone else?

Thank you Cesar Salinas for using this song for a dance piece in from the wings a few years ago, you've changed my life.....not really but hey, good song.

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05/27/07 05:41 - 72ºF - ID#39423


So I've been neglectful of my (e:strip) journal. bad (e:strip)per. especially since I'll actually be living in the (e:strip) soon and will no longer be a poser from Kenmore/Amherst as I am right now.

I'm sure y'all know about (e:MK) and I getting a SWEET apartment on Richmond. We're PUMPED.

It's great when good comes out of bad. Loooong story short my aunt's ex-husband has a LOT of stuff in his old apartment he won't be coming back for so we get it. A bed frame, TV, bookshelf, Coffee table, dishes, kitchen table and chairs and some other random stuff. Plus we have a lot of stuff from my grandparents including a mattress and box spring that I need.

The only thing we've spent money on so far is the couch...which we bought thanks to a tip from (e:jill) at the As Is store at the Salvo on Military... For this couch which is a full sized sleeper sofa we paid $15. Excused me, $16.31 with tax. And we bought a mattress topper for $40 to make the bed comfortable for our drunk friends who need a place to crash. We'll need to buy new bedroom stuff and a chair for the living room. And I'm buying a table from a friend of mine for $10. Awesome.

I can't wait to move in.

June 9th!!! Free Beer! Free Pizza!! Lots of Maloy quality time!! wooooo!!!

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05/13/07 07:59 - 42ºF - ID#39256

I feel old

I graduate from college today.

wow I feel old. and somewhat unaccomplished.

oh well.... i get a delicious cake to celebrate.

Congrats everyone!


Happy Mother's Day!!
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05/04/07 07:51 - 42ºF - ID#39151

Buffalo Movie

Saw "Buffalo Movie" last night at Road Less Traveled Productions.

The show had good energy and 2 bad actors, but all in all it wasn't so bad, I could go into great detail, but meh, don't feel like it.

The reason that I'm mentioning the show at all is to tell you that the word "Buffalo" was used an UNBELIEVABLE number of times in the show. 82 in the second act alone, I didn't count the first but it was probably just as many as the second. That's like 160 "Buffalo"s. WTF? we get it, we're in BUFFALO!

It depresses me when I can see friendships sliding away. Its for the best, we're growing apart and this friend is just depressing these days, and has been for the past year or so. I want to help them but in the many ways I've tried, nothing seems to work.

Total random sidenote, hung out with Becky Graham who went out with us for Joyce's 22nd bday, last night (when we saw Buffalo Movie) and I learned she works at the Customer Service desk at Wegman's and consequently also works at the dry cleaning counter and we traded war stories and pricing. it was magical. Long story short: Wegman's is waaaayy cheaper, but takes a lot longer and isn't as good. Like things constantly have to be sent back because they're really wrinkled or just not done right, that never happens at the Urban Valet, like I've never seen something I thought needed to be sent back because it was badly done. We're SWEET. haha. but we're EXPENSIVE.

Like at Wegman's a man's dress shirt is $1.35 if you want it hung on a hanger, its $2.25 here. But it takes 5 business days to get it back at Wegman's and 2 business days at the most here at the Urban Valet. Yes I'm actually at work as I'm writing this.

Why did I just write so much about dry cleaning?

So since you all like answering my questions I post in here (which is appreciated) has anyone here ever temped as in gone from one random job to another? I'm just wondering how much notice they give you and if you can say no without being screwed over and all that stuff.
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05/01/07 07:40 - 43ºF - ID#39114

It's (almost) oooooooooover

Last day of undergrad classes was yesterday. So I spent my first class at UB in Alumni 188, and my last. How poetic.

Went to a party for like an hour last night but had to leave early because I had to work at 7. booooo.

Senior Dinner tonight, I'm excited, but I know it'll be sad. Oh man, so sad. I fully anticipate many many tears.

I'm not too devastated about college ending (at the moment anyway).
I know I'll be sad tonight and at the formal and at graduation, and next semester when I hear about something happening that I would've been a part of if I was still at UB. It's going to be so weird.

I know I'll be fine and that eventually I will get over college (maybe by 35).

On the plus side, once I get a better higher paying job, (e:mk) and I are getting an apartment. It'll be sweeeeeeeet.

Anyone ever used an employment agency? A friend of mine used Dunhill Staffing and got a full time permanent job that way. I'm just not exactly sure what I have to do to get them to want to find me a job.

Total sidenote, am I the only one who always forgets the "publish" button is at the top, and clickes on the NEW: select multiple media files to upload thing instead?

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04/25/07 01:44 - 46ºF - ID#39038

In Class

I'm in class and not paying attention. This is awesome. Why don't I bring my laptop to class all the time?

Oh well, too bad undergrad is ending in 5 days.
Grad school will apparently be riddled with me on my computer not paying attention. Awesome.

Well done.

Apparently my professor knows someone who has ferrets and has many outfits for them.

My dad totally killed my guinea pig. He left him in the sun for too long and his water like boiled and he died.hahahaha. well done Jim Maloy.

I want a pet for when (e:mk) and I get an apartment.

maybe a hamster or a mouse. sweet.
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04/23/07 10:58 - 49ºF - ID#39022

movin' out

so (e:mk) and I might get an apartment in the coming months.

she just asked me if its weird for siblings to live together, i responded with "who fucking cares"? who's with me?!?!

we found a building on Elmwood and Summer that seems sweet with all the things we deemed necessary (heat included, 24 hour emergency maintenance, security system) and best of all on site laundry and off street parking. sweeeeeeet.
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04/19/07 02:55 - 55ºF - ID#38958

Best of Buffalo

Yeah estrip and (e:Paul) being nominated for the best local website and best blogger respectively. Woohoo!!!
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