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I'm finally on a computer where the website works!!! Here's my first journal entry. My apologies and thanks to Paul who went to all the trouble of trying to figure out what was wrong, only to find that it was my computer that was the problem. oops. Thanks for the effort though!!

I officially moved into UB yesterday and my first night spent here will be tonight. I'm excited. I like my room. It's plenty big and if I can convice one of my roommates to move her bed life will be grand.

That's all for now I'm tired. I need things for my walls, so I need suggestions or early christmas/late birthday presents are appreciated. And I need to go yardsale hopping tomorrow to find either a table or a microwave or both. Huzzah. Or if anyone has a small microwave or a small narrow table to donate to me I'd love it. Hooray!!

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