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12/26/07 11:35 - 32ºF - ID#42651

I'm an addict

Ok for those who don't know I'm obsessed with the Sabres and hockey in general. I've always liked hockey but this season without shows to work on or homework to do, its reached fanatical status. If I like something I become obsessed. Ok I don't become obsessed with people I meet but teams, celebrities, things and people I will probably not come into contact with. As there is a distinct possibility I could one day meet some of the Sabres, I choose to abstain from becoming obsessed with them as individuals and choose to know their stats and possibly where they were born and thats about it. I don't generally care to know if they're married or have a girlfriend or if they have children.

Ok so we recently beat the Flyers in 2 games in 2 nights. I decided to peruse the Flyers website only to discover this:

Ok so no matter how many times I attempt to link to the video it doesn't work, so if you really feel motivated go to the Flyer's website and find it.

Its just them reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. It's so awkwardly funny and especially Marty Biron (for those who don't know he's the 4th to read and the Sabres former goaltender) He has the greatest accent. And then, because they like dangling him out in front of the media, Daniel Briere gets the very last line of the story. Oh man I laughed a lot at this. Especially the ridiculous santa hats they're all wearing. Enjoy.

And I just love this picture and like to post it wherever and whenever I can:


The guy dressed as John McEnroe circa 1981 is Paul Gaustad, highest penalized player on the team thus far and resident SabreHottie, (check out those thigh muscles). The gent on the left is the hope and future of the Buffalo Sabres (as his contract length and amount would indicate). Yes, kiddie bike helmet and all, this is the future of the Buffalo Sabres, #26, Thomas Vanek.
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12/03/07 07:34 - 26ºF - ID#42383

Streching it

Hollywood is really stretching it with these "based on a true story black people against the white people inspirational teacher takes rag-tag group of teens and turns them into lean mean school-sactioned team activity playing machines" the latest one I just saw a commercial for is that highly competitive, all the kids want to be the captain of..........the debate what appears to be the 1940s or 1950s.


produced by Oprah, staring Denzel and Forest Whitaker. And that girl who played Michelle Tanner's friend Denise on Full House. Hopefully its better than We Are Marshall which bizombed. It also stars Denzel who helmed one of the greatest high school sports team movies of all time "Remember the Titans". Yesssss
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