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08/17/08 03:05 - 75ºF - ID#45351

So its only been since April or so

Soooo I haven't posted on here in MONTHS.

What's new:

I'm heading to Buff State in a couple of weeks to start working on getting my certification to English 7-12.

I moved back in with the 'rents in Kenmore, kitten and all.

I still don't have a new car.

May 16th ended up being my ACTUAL last day of work at Lipsitz Green.

Teaching went really well this summer, it just ended on Friday. I enjoy teaching theatre, but working with nothing but theatre kids all summer is shown me that I will prefer the variety of teaching some NON theatre kids as well. Theatre kids are kind of annoying sometimes, lol. They're mostly great, but sometimes you want to tape their mouths shut.

Good times, how was everyone else's summer?

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I miss you too!...

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Oh I see the sheep are there too. Is this the entirety of your flock? :D...

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Haha, I remember when Basra used to love these. :)...

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