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07/24/07 03:09 - 72ºF - ID#40237

always tired

Ok why am I ALWAYS tired.

I just put my head down on my desk for about a minute and dozed off. What? It's 2:30!

Oy. My shoes are too big. I'm not sure what to do about this. I know there are inserts you can get to make them fit more snugly but I'm not sure where to get them. I used to use them when on wardrobe crew at the park, but they were always provided for us.

I've been typing the same document for almost 2 hours. Looong explanation short: Once in awhile we get a document that requests that we admit certain things about certain documents, and we have to respond. We have to retype each request for admission which is 1 long sentance, and then leave a space for a response. There are 270 requests in this document. I started yesterday off and on, and have been doing a couple here and there all day, I'm only up to 206.

So I went to school and got my degree in Theatre. Now I'm a legal secretary...yes the correlation is apparent to me as well...? I feel like I should be disappointed or like saddened by the fact that I'm not working in my chosen area of study; but the truth is i'm not at all. I'm totally fine with it. I have no interest in or desire to be out there stage managing. Like absolutely none at all. I still love theatre and I love seeing plays and reading them but I just don't want to stage manage right now. It's too much stress and pressure and even though I'm good at it I have no desire to do it. Probably in a couple of years I'll be interested...probably. There's always the possibility of grad school in the distant future... eh, maybe.

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07/22/07 12:13 - 69ºF - ID#40202

agknarn harry potter

if you're one of those LAME-Os who don't read harry potter...i feel bad for you.

thats all i'm gonna say cuz i can't give anything away or at least (e:mk) will kill me.

book 7. 14 hours straight (almost).
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07/17/07 07:56 - 61ºF - ID#40143


effective yesterday at work (my 6th day there btw) we were reassigned to different attorneys.

the attorney i used to work for is a really nice guy who has a very heavy case load. he works a lot with another attorney who also has a very heavy caseload. Mary, another secretary now has both of them. I have an attorney who is also a really nice guy who works for LFP, Inc. aka Larry Flynt's company. he gets Hustler sent to him every month, awesome. he reviews a lot of other people's work and doesn't generate a whole lot of his own.

anyway, yesterday Bill, the new attorney, gave me 1 thing to do that took, no lie, 2 minutes to do. i spent the rest of the day cleaning and helping Mary who was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. eventually i get a new attorney they haven't hired yet, but i have no idea when that will be. so work shouldn't be too stressful for at least the next few days.


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07/10/07 09:50 - 83ºF - ID#40043


Two days down at the new job. So far so good. The attorney I work for is really nice and really patient. He's really understanding about the fact that I'm a little lost and overwhelmed, and he's very willing to help me out when I don't understand something. Let's see how long this lasts, haha. I actually work for 2 attorneys but one of them is leaving the firm on Friday...was it something I said?

yep. thats about all that's new. Europe was awesome. Milan is kind of gross and covered in graffiti but it was neat to go, I don't plan to go back. Madrid I would definitely go back to, it was cool. We didn't get to go out at all, so sometime I want to go with friends so we can go out on the town on a saturday night or something. It would be a great city to go to as a couple.

i love the show Whose Wedding is it Anyway. It makes me want to get married. Not that I didn't want to get married before, but it makes me want to plan a wedding and try on wedding dresses and pick out flowers and stuff. It looks like fun even though I'm sure it would be wicked stressful if you were actually the one getting married.

i can't get over how much this bride's dress and veil do not go together. i can't describe it, but its a hot mess.

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