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02/17/08 11:29 - 38ºF - ID#43367

Project Runway


Ok, so who watches Project Runway aka formerly one of my favorite shoes ever.

I feel like this season is totally anti-climactic. Last season, I was super duper busy all the time but I still made time to watch Project Runway. From like episode 4 I had strong opinions about each designer, it was awesome. I was biting my nails to see who would make it to Bryant Park and I was crazy excited to see who won.

This season? I didn't even realize it was "decide who goes to Bryant Park" episode until the episode had already started.

I just don't really care. I don't really like Chrisitan but only because he's kind of annoying, he actually is a good designer. I don't dislike any of them, there isn't much tension. They try to create drama with Chrisitian but it doesn't really work. The challenges aren't really that interesting, they didn't travel anywhere, they didn't really have to use crazy material. They had that candy challenge but most people got through it by using fabric from sheets and pillows. It's like this group of designers is really bad and they had to dumb it down. Remember how ridiculously challenging the men's clothing challenge was? That was redonkulous.

Anyway, I like Chris and Jillian. That's sweet.

SIDNOTE. I AM SO MAD. I love the name Penelope. For years I've wanted to name a daughter of mine Penelope. Now this crazy movie about a girl with a pig nose named Penelope comes out. This movie had better be good, and it better not be a huge hit. I hate when things like that happen. Just like I like the name Monica but because of Courtney Cox-Arquette and Lewinsky I feel like I can't name my daughter that. Although James McEvoy is in it, and I like him, same for Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon. Maybe it won't be a big disaster for my future offspring.
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02/11/08 11:48 - 12ºF - ID#43277


It's been over a month since I've updated. Well, that doesn't beat my 2 1/2 year non-update streak I had between 2004 and 2007

Anywho, not much has changed. I still live in the same place, I still have the same job, I still hate the girl whose desk is next to mine. I'm still planning on going to Buff State in the fall to get my teaching certification. I still have a cat named Oscar (Today is his 1st birthday, btw) and I'm still single.

Yep, that about sums it up.

Oh yeah and I was totally at the Sabres game yesterday and let's just say, if you were selling tickets to see Richard Zednik's throat cut open, my seats would've been very expensive, yuck.

I have a hockey blog that I update a lot. If you don't like hockey, I don't recommend reading it, although my friend and I are pretty entertaining.

Here it is: Sabretooth's House
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