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11/28/07 08:03 - 34ºF - ID#42323

After almost 4 years...I've succumbed

I don't get sick. It's like my thing. I hadn't run a fever or been sick other than some sniffles since December of 2003. No exaggeration. I get sick so infrequently that I remember each time I feel crummy.

I started to feel bad last thursday (a week before thanksgiving) and felt bad until thanksgiving, felt better thursday and friday and then saturday felt crummy again. on top of that we always travel during the thanksgiving holiday so I was away from home and my doctor until monday when he scolded me for not coming in for 3 years and then told me I had tonsilitis and sinusitis. Awesome. so I was ordered to stay home until thursday. So Monday-Wednesday has consisted of me sitting on my couch watching tv, checking bad gossip websites, napping and annoying my cat.

I suppose if I only get sick once every 4 years that's not that bad. It's weird, it was almost 4 years to the same weekend because I was sick the first weekend in December and its the last weekend in November. Crazy times.

Taking 3 days off from work has been amazing, I highly recommend it. It's great because I don't feel guilty about it at all, it was doctor's orders. Anytime I take off from work when I don't really need to makes me feel a little guilty. Basically because its really easy to make me feel guilty.

Good times, Sabres are playing well these days *knock on wood* I just knocked on my coffee table.

Come on Sabres!! 6 in a row!!*knock on wood again*
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11/07/07 09:36 - 36ºF - ID#42023

For those that might recall

A few weeks ago I went on a rant about the random guy in my office who has no job description to speak of.

Well earlier this week, I actually saw physical evidence of him working.

I should have taken a picture of it so that I'd have proof. But basically it was a memo to all the attorneys to notify them that it was time to decide how many holiday cards they wanted and to give him back the memo with their name and number requested and that their secretary would take care of sending them out. (technically he's supposed to call us their assistants but I digress)

It was a strange moment to see that he'd actually done something that we could point to and say: Look! Patrick actually doesthings!!!!

What a bright, shiny moment for Lipsitz Green.

In other news, after a friends of mine have and moderate to lots of success on I decided to join. What do I really have to lose? I'm smart enough to know most of the traps to avoid (there could always be crazies out there who have new tricks up their sleeves) and I'm not exactly desperate for love and some of these profiles are good for a few laughs. One guys headline: "If you are what you eat, then I could be you by tomorrow" Simply charming.

So I joined and I've been talking to this guy who seems frighteningly normal...although actuallly a bit talkative (at least online). We had a good conversation going for a while. Although he said some things that were a shall I put I mean its hard to judge because he was typing but he did get really excited when talking about his cat and how his future roommate has 3 kittens are really "tiny and cute". Also the fact that he's moving in with a female friend this weekend seems kind of odd. Now, whatever, I don't care who people live with. He clearly isn't interested in this chick because he's on, but still, its a little odd. (e:mike) I totally have a mission for you regarding this guy, and I know you'll love it.
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