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11/23/08 06:20 - 31ºF - ID#46813

Yay Bills!

54-31 Bills over Chiefs.

Ahhhhhhhhhh.... that was just what I neeed to end this "OMG BUFFALO SPORTS TEAMS SUCK" slide of sadness.

WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Trent Edwards was AMAZING!!! Such good times.

6-5. Keep it rollin'!!!!
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11/19/08 01:58 - 30ºF - ID#46755

Back to Black

Yo why do I keep wanting to write about music? Maybe its because I just got a new (old) iPod and I'm so happy to have music to listen to that isn't one of my 3 CDs I currently own. Getting your hard drive wiped and then iPod stolen is NOT sweet.

I currently need a regular part time job. I work at HSBC Arena but that's only like a few times a month. Of course after the 10 or 15 applications I've filled out, the only one that responds is another job that seems even less consistent than the Arena. Its teaching SAT prep to students. Good for the resume as I'm working towards teaching high school English. Bad because I only got a 540 on math when I took the test in, uhhh, 2002? And my math skills have seriously plummeted since then. Hopefully they're only looking for someone to teach the language arts category and someone else can cover math.

My "oh lord, please don't talk, because when you talk I see how stupid you are" crush, Jesse, WAS in class yesterday but, alas, we were unable to discuss our future together because 1. we did not meet to discuss our presentation and 2. we have no future together.

I like literature (duh), I like talking about it, I enjoy teaching it, I enjoy seeing how different people from different lives react personally to the same text. Even if you have 20 white jewish girls from the 'burbs reading the same book, they have different reactions. In spite of their similar superficial background, they're all different. However, at some point personal reaction can go too far.

In my Contemporary Lit class we're reading a graphic novel called Persepolis by Iranian born writer Marjane Satrapi. I HIGHLY recommend this book, its a super easy read and really gives great insight while striking a balance between "life in Iran" and "life as a woman". There's not a lot of plot to unpack, its straight up, but really interesting.

ANYWAY, the book centers around the Islamic revolution and the instituting of veils and fundamental principles on Iran. Therefore, religion is a strong and powerful overriding theme in the book, its unavoidable and a natural jumping off point for discussion of the book.

This guy in my class who's kind of a toolshed immediately drew a parallel between Islamic fundamentalists and Evangelical Christians. In the United States, the closest thing we have to the dominating outspoken radical religious thinking of Islamic Fundamentalists is Evangelical Christianity. I understand there are others, but at this moment in our history, they're pretty much in our faces all the time. Them and Mormons.

So the toolshed with 2 nose piercings, a really awful lisp and an overall vibe of "I haven't showered lately" starts talking about Evangelical Christianity and basically gets about 2 words out before the girl sitting next to him goes on the attack about how she's an Evangelical Christian and she doesn't like the comparison and basically told him to stop talking about it. The only other time this girl talked in class was to talk about how she voted for McCain and she wanted us to all know that not EVERYONE there voted for Obama. No one assumed that was the truth, btw, but, for the recordm the majority of the class, including the professor, was pro-Obama.

The reason I bring this up is, should the guy have stopped? Was it appropriate for her to ask him to stop because she felt that he was going to generalize? The guy honestly didn't get a whole sentence out, he said basically "In this country, the Evangelical Christians are-" before she cut him off. Should he have continued his comparison? He stopped on his own, the professor did not intervene. Was the girl within her rights to cut him off? Was she being too sensitive? I feel she should've waited to hear what he had to say before just freaking out at those first few words that said nothing of substance about her religion.

What do y'all think. Should she have cut him off the way she did? Was it her right? Should he not have made the connection?
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11/18/08 09:40 - 26ºF - ID#46734

My iPod is a sad place

Ok, so its not a sad place as in its depressing, its a sad place in that the music on it is awful. I have awful taste in music. This morning I've had an awesome rotation of Mariah, the pussycat dolls, the beatles and Lady Gaga.

I just don't put very much stock in the quality of the music I listen to. If its fun, I listen to it, if its not, I don't. Simple as that. That's why it drives me crazy when I meet people who are like music snobs and only listen to independent label artists who perform on "found" instruments from the war-torn regions of the Gaza strip.

One of my favorite bands of the moment is a pop group from Denmark called Alphabeat. The fact that I like such a random band is completely foreign to me. I'm used to being such a Top 40 lover, that actually liking a band that isn't regularly featured on Kiss 98.5 is weird for me. I think this delving into other music phase comes from the fact that my car stereo doesn't work very well and I really can only listen to 103.3, 97 rock and 92.9 and sometimes 102.5 and 104.1. Whoopdedoo.

I also tend to listen to songs they play at the Arena a lot, like City of Blinding Lights by U2 and I Don't Wanna Be in Love by Good Charlotte. I might be the only person in the world who thinks of Jason Pominville taking shots on net when I hear Joel Madden sing "If you've got nothing left, say I don't wanna be in love..."

Anyway, hopefully Jesse, the new love of my life will be in my next class and I can inappropriately ogle him while my professor talks about Young Adult Literature and I name our beautiful future half-Canadian children.
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11/10/08 07:53 - 36ºF - ID#46634

Hey Team

Hey guys!!

So I'm always reading journals but never post my own. Whoops.

Stuff is going well. School is going well.

I have a car, I named him Jarome. Its a 2003 Kia Spectra, its basically the least sexy car you can imagine. It has totally PIMP tinted windows and a stress buffalo in the front windshield.

Not much else is new.

I write a Buffalo sports blog and the other night we had a get together at Fat Bob's and it was lots of fun. The weird part that was in spite of the fact that there are many Buffalo sports blogs written by females, there were only 3 of us there, and 1 of us came super late after the BPO concert. It was a little weird, but all in all a good time.

How weird (yet awesome) is it (for those of us in school or working on a school schedule) to have class on Monday, then no class on Tuesday. I can totally handle 1 day work/class weeks. WOO!!

Good times all around.

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