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10/18/07 01:31 - 58ºF - ID#41698

Free Legal Music Download

So I just downloaded Radiohead's album. Why? not because I like Radiohead, but because it was free.

I say, why not give them a chance and get a free legal download? So I did. I can't say that I love it, its not really my kind of music, but why not, I didn't loose anything except some space on my harddrive.

Any thoughts on if this free download or at least download only thing will catch on or if it should catch on?
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10/11/07 09:26 - 50ºF - ID#41590


I love meeting people without middle names. It's like they're from another planet.
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Category: work

10/10/07 03:14 - 57ºF - ID#41575

That guy

This entry is dedicated to one of those "that guys" every large office has.

This is dedicated to the "what exactly do you do here?" guy.

He has an office, or at least a cubicle, and he always looks busy. You just have no idea what he's so busy doing. There's no apparent input or output.

He's never the guy you ask a question of. No one ever says "I don't know, check with Hank" or "That's really Hank's area of expertise, he'll know what to do". No, you never need to talk to that guy. He's usually quiet and keeps to himself and doesn't really talk much, thus eliminating any possibility you will ever know what his function is. He's listed under a generic or totally vague title such as "Assitant Administrator". There are no real clues as to what his function is.

My "that guy" at LGSC is Patrick.

His desk is on my floor, in a work area smaller than that of the guy listed as "Facilities Supervisor" who refills the office supplies. He's hardly ever at his desk, suggesting he is somewhere doing something important.

The only clues I have to his function are: I once saw him photocopying a whole bunch of packets for distribution. However, since I did not receive one of these packets, I have no idea what their content was. Second, he occasionally sends out faxes...yet they're always addressed to the same person.

Our usual interaction consists of passing each other in the hall where we exchange customary awkward greetings and move on with our lives, or (and this is my favorite) in the kitchen.

For some reason, in the afternoons if I happen to have found myself chained to the copier, which is located in the kitchen, I will encounter his water drinking ritual.

After lunch, he goes to the bathroom, then comes into the kitchen and turns on the purified water faucet, let's it run for a few seconds, and proceeds to fill a styrofoam cup of water and drink it while standing at the sink. He then repeats this system at least once, sometimes twice. He then tosses out the cup and returns to his desk to continue doing whatever it is he does. One would think...hey Patrick, you know, you can take those back to your desk and drink them at your leisure. There's no need to chug them like you've just escaped the Sahara. There will be more later.

I also never see him come into work or leave. Considering I sit right by the elevators and the only stairwell you can get to other floors through, I'd notice. He either lives under his tiny desk or he's so busy with all his "work" he needs to work overtime.

Oh Patrick and your weird glasses and super awkward existence. What would the 4th floor be without you?

No really I want to know, what would be the difference?

I don't want to know what he does. It would kill all my fun. I just pretend he's a secret agent.
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10/04/07 09:35 - 67ºF - ID#41500

Debbie Downer

My entires are usually dedicated to things to annoy me so I'll talk about good things now:

Oscar is really the cutest cat ever and he occupies a great deal of my energy. In the middle oftypging that sentence i had to untangle the squeaky mouse that hangs over my bedroom door from my fan to prevent him from attempting to do it himself. HE'S SO CUTE!!!

Work is not great but at least I have a job and a steady income, even if its not fantastic. I do have some people I enjoy working with, but they work on different floors. Come to think of it, that's probably why I like them there is a floor buffer between us. My bosses (the two attorneys who I actually work for) are really nice even if they don't give me a lot to do. And I've started a tentative search for a new job.

My friends are sweet. I had a dream that one of them was dating K-Fed and it didn't occur to me that this was odd until I thought about it as I was getting out of the shower, haha.

I've been a member of agym for MONTHS and I never go, but I just found out I can go to any BAC and use it and its all good. So I went tonight and worked out and feel at least moderately better about myself.

A friend is getting married this weekend and it should be fun. I gotta go look at a wedding gift now, bye!
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Category: school

10/03/07 03:41 - 71ºF - ID#41475

Grad School, Schmad School

On the one hand its great to have a former professor whose opinion you trust to help you out with the planning the future career thing.

On the other hand, its not so great when it comes to her challenging you to try harder and go for that big name school you'll need on your resume when all is said and done and you're looking for work. Thereby putting on a great deal of pressure. I know she knows my limitations and won't send me off into the world blindly with no clue as to what to expect.

Nevermind the whole Ph.D./ dissertation thing, I don't even know if I'm smart enough to get into any program let alone a highly selective top school. Oy. Nevermind the cost!

Grad school is hard...and I haven't even gotten into it yet.
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