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Category: roller derby

04/06/08 07:41 - ID#43929

madness...? this is derby!

Last night's game was a big success, though I have to admit that from the AV Club's bench, things looked a little bit different.

'Baby' Joe Mesi made his formal announcement of candidacy for the State Senate yesterday afternoon ... but the Tonawanda native's first public appearance as a candidate was at the rink [and he's already got his tickets for Hell on Wheels!] Chatting with Stonewall, he told her 'be careful! This is a dangerous sport.' Um ... but that's different than punching each other in the face until somebody falls down?

NWA Empire - another Niagara County institution - sent a delegation of amateur pro wrestlers to the game to promote their Second Anniversary Showdown next Saturday down at the VFD. They gave away a couple tickets and invited the roller girls to come out. Hell yes!

WFTDA celebrities from the Gotham Girls Ginger Snap and Hambone came out to guest-ref & geek out. They were just awesome people, very supportive and helpful, and we are all richer for having had them.

Six of the Albany All Stars showed some derby love from alll the way across the state. We gave them hats. I wish we could make it to the Albany-Syracuse game on the 26th but we've got that lesbian shotgun wedding in London.

Hatchet Man brought his pipe & drum corps to bring out the ladies ... but I can't for the life of me remember their name. Hatchet Man proceeded to coach the Dollies in his wool kilt, which could not possibly have been comfortable.

Oh yes and also there was a game. The Knockouts led the whole game, but the Dollies rallied in the third for an exciting finish. In the end, the Knockouts held to their lead, 95-76[ish]. The Knockouts had two injuries that stopped the game, but luckily neither of them turned out to be serious. Sour Grapes was sent to the hospital in the first period but they couldn't find anything wrong so they sent her back [she did not return to the game, but wishes she could have]. Mia Mauler got laid out flat on her back and probably got a concussion, but swears she's ok. Red Fox of the Dollies finished the game with cracked a rib, and that is not good.

A good time was had by all. See you at the VFD next Saturday.

- Z

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Category: roller derby

07/08/07 09:19 - ID#40000


The Queen City Roller Girls - Steel Town Tank Girls game yesterday was fun, if you're the kind of person who likes watching house fires, say, or CNN. Watch as Tori Nado decks Sweets in the face and fails to get ejected.

- Z
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Category: roller derby

06/21/07 01:39 - ID#39754

tomorrow night

In response to (e:imk)'s question: YES! There is, in fact, something going on at Albright-Knox with the derby girls this Friday.

Much like the bout this Saturday there will be all kinds of disjoint entertainment at the gallery, both on and off wheels. In addition to outdoor demonstrations of the sport by QCRG, they will be screening Kansas City Bomber (1972) starring Raquel Welch. And also there will be a seventies disco party, hard cider tasting, and Francis Bacon.

- Z

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Category: roller derby

04/02/07 10:44 - ID#38716

for the lamos who lamed out on us


Photos of the game are forthcoming

- Z
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Category: roller derby

03/21/07 04:54 - ID#38542

you didn't think i'd do it did you

The part of the big pink bunny will be played by yours truly. You'd think it would be more difficult to rent a pink bunny suit than it would be to rent a tux, but such is not the case

(e:dragonlady7) says I should be an evil pink bunny. I asked her what makes a pink bunny evil. She said they're exactly the same except instead of handing out eggs, they throw them.

- Z

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Category: roller derby

03/20/07 04:37 - ID#38531

and when we've had a couple of beers


Tickets are now available online

I asked if I could get a Derby Widow discount. (e:dragonlady7) said, only if you wear the bunny suit and skates. This is not entirely out of the question.

- Z

New journal music: Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits by The Magnetic Fields gather:0661516001174422854
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Category: roller derby

01/30/07 08:31 - ID#37929

slugs + kisses

OK, I'm doing the 'derby widow' thing. Tickets are $10 presale, and I can Procure them for you. It will be fun, and there will also be beer. It is expected that the event will sell out, so you should not rely on buying tickets at the door. Perhaps we should make this an (e:strip) thing? Perhaps! Slap me a post-it.

(e:dragonlady7) is a Slugger not a Kisser [ain't it the truth] and tickets are also available at Art-N-Body, Carl's Tattoo, Dwyers Pub, Karma Salon & Spa, Mohawk Place, New World Record, and Rainbow Rink.


- Z
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