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Category: bleh

06/27/08 07:31 - 73ºF - ID#44805

fuuck thiis shiit

I've sort of dropped out of posting on (e:strip) but reading it keeps me going. (e:tinypliny) I have read a couple of your transient chatter-rants and I think perhaps you're cracked.

I'm putting in serious overtime on a project that's due Monday but needs at least another week. The people upstream were two weeks late getting us what we needed, so it's a moral victory that we've managed to gain a week on the deadline. But it's rough being the anchor on a relay race - the other guys aren't the ones who have to cross the finish line last.

[Z: nobody cares. Can you at least put in a funny somewhere? Thanks. -ed.]

I (gave notice to|asked permission from) my (client|boss) that I was taking some me-time after we're all done with this. I know it makes me a total wuss but this is some seriously intense shit I've been doing and I need another break already.

Either that or I'll go to the next open mic night down at Stimulance and start reading selections from the Adobe PDF Specification Anthology 1.7 while a beret'd buddy jams out on the bongos. (e:tinypliny) and (e:james) I don't know what the fuck you're doing but here's my entry in the Batshit Translated Poetry Contest. Funny, I didn't realize Adobe was deploying the National Guard to Acrobat 8 in order to protect the economic situation.

PDF is sufficient, and that trend xobject more graphics (including the achievement of the objectives, articles, photographs and see an example). May Xobject often in the form of wages - is more than a few pages of all these elements on the page - if you want to do with the same results, so far the only country at this time, and pictures. This is a typical representative of the definition of 'hands to protect the economic situation is very popular, The National Guard and the most popular activities to enhance the color. As a result, reusing memory xobject.

- Z

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Category: weather

06/16/08 07:11 - 73ºF - ID#44671

look what god did to us man

Tequila & pomegranate with hail. [Two icecubes from the freezer and one from Upstairs.]


- Z
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Category: dang

06/03/08 10:12 - 62ºF - ID#44535

food for thought

We have not had a president with facial hair in 100 years. The last president with a moustache was William Howard Taft [1909]. The last president with a beard was Benjamin Harrison [1889]. The last president with sideburns [muttonchops] was Chester A Arthur [1881].

- Z

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