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10/31/09 12:01 - 52ºF - ID#50168

live-blogging cross-stitch

Great party last night! It's always fun but also interesting hanging out with the (e:peeps). We left around 1a because (e:dragonlady7) was sleepy and actually under the weather [not the hamthrax, though].

You may not believe it from the frequency of my updates, but I'm live-blogging my crafting too. Someone was taking up the only sunny spot in the house.


OK this photo may be slightly too cute. (e:dragonlady7) earnestly cautioned me that if I posted crafts on the Internet, it would be assumed that I am female. Now I understand.

Does anybody want a copy of the chart?

- Z
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10/26/09 08:54 - 38ºF - ID#50121

8-bit cross-stitch

(e:dragonlady7) has started up a craft club which involves bringing a craft project, ignoring it while you drink a lot of alcohol, staying over, sleeping late, working off your hangover, and then putting in a couple stitches before heading home. We're very productive! But up until this weekend, my stated project was 'fidgeting.' Like, winding thread or something I guess. So this weekend I upgraded to 'advanced fidgeting:'


Cross-stitch: embroidery for the obsessive-compulsive.

The Happy Mac:

- Z
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10/22/09 02:07 - 60ºF - ID#50074

i don't know about this.


...but if you don't, we'll send the deformed babies in person next time.

Cleft palate is a serious problem, and they say they can fix it in 45 minutes for only $250. That's amazing! It boggles my mind. But am I the only person who sees an implied threat to send unsettling photos until I pay up?

- Z
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10/07/09 09:38 - 51ºF - ID#49953


Is this awesome?
[ ] YES!
[ ] NO.

(Check one.)


- Z
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10/01/09 04:20 - 52ºF - ID#49897

free souvenir

The thing about living in Buffalo is that you always need to take visitors to Niagara Falls. Now I actually like going to Niagara Falls, but this past summer we ended up taking two sets of people there on two consecutive weekends. When you get that much Niagara Falls, the eye tends to wander. And it doesn't have to wander far before it starts to see how much schlock you can get.

One of the things they'll try to sell you is a green-screen photo of you in front of Niagara Falls. You could just walk across the street and take as many pictures as you want of the real thing - for free - but I guess some people would rather pay cash for a dorky simulation. Now, thanks to technology,* you can get a dorky simulation for free!

::Download Flash SWF::

0. If the Flash app isn't directly above this, go here
1. Allow camera access, if necessary.
2. Get out of the camera frame.
3. Click 'Background.'
4. Use the slider to move the background, and adjust the threshold if necessary.
5. Say cheese, and click 'Save.'
6. There you go, you just saved eight bucks.

- Z

  • Adobe Pixel Bender

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