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Category: food

06/29/07 11:14 - 69ºF - ID#39852

vanilla IS a flavor


- Z
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Category: roller derby

06/21/07 01:39 - 75ºF - ID#39754

tomorrow night

In response to (e:imk)'s question: YES! There is, in fact, something going on at Albright-Knox with the derby girls this Friday.

Much like the bout this Saturday there will be all kinds of disjoint entertainment at the gallery, both on and off wheels. In addition to outdoor demonstrations of the sport by QCRG, they will be screening Kansas City Bomber (1972) starring Raquel Welch. And also there will be a seventies disco party, hard cider tasting, and Francis Bacon.

- Z

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06/18/07 11:13 - 71ºF - ID#39717

the undisputed master

of the hideous animated gif [cf: (e:twisted,39685) ]


- Z

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Category: religion

06/06/07 08:28 - 60ºF - ID#39556

for all yall atheists

Click his head . He sounds just like you. And for all yall Hindus, you can click sad Habu's tilak and watch him blow a question-mark bubble out his trunk.

And that's why I roll with Professor Giraffenstein the creation scientist.

EDITED TO ADD: Holy shit, you can totally pull on Mr Gruff's belt!

- Z
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Category: gay

06/03/07 10:38 - 66ºF - ID#39519

proud of who i'm fuckin'

That would be (e:dragonlady7) . I can't say as I understand why that's any of your business, but I just wanted to get that out in the open, there. I have sex with women, and you can't change that about me.

This afternoon I skated in the Dyke March* with the Roller Girls. We had fun, but it was a bit grueling. We busted our asses to get to Kleinhan's by 11am only to stand around in skates for two hours. I still haven't properly broken in my skates so by the time we got to Bidwell my feet were killing me. I whipped off my skates at my earliest convenience and walked around in my socks the rest of the day.

Before the parade, one of the roller girls' girlfriends was talking about an encounter she'd had with a protester. The protester had worked himself into a holy fervor and she was pretty proud of her comeback, and I said gosh - it's good to know that everyone's having a good time. To some extent, I meant it- what fun is a gay pride parade without a little tête-à-tête with the fundies? But for the most part, it seemed that the few protesters there were, were pretty bored.

You know, there were probably more people in floats owned by churches than there were protesters. There were probably more grandmas & grandkids on the parade route than there were balls-to-the-wall sexual deviants. There's probably a commentary lurking in there somewhere, but gramma's gotta go soak her bunions.

- Z

  • I thought it was the Pride Parade too, but the No Parking signs that the police put up along the parade route clearly stated Dyke March. Who am I to question the government?

New music: "Gay/Not Gay" by King Missile III.
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