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Category: eating in

11/12/13 10:12 - ID#58293

Another Random Food Diary

Compare to Claritin® (e:Paul,58292)

2 cups of korean almond walnut tea
24 X 4 ounces of oolong.
24 X 1 ounces mulberry tea
24 X 2 ounces sencha
1 cup almonds
2 cups of mixed grapefruit + papaya + oranges + apples
2 more granny smiths
16 X 2 chai with milk
1 hard boiled egg
1 stick mozzerella
2 persimmon
1 rambutan
1 cup honeydew melon

And this was my dinner:

Sauteed tofu with sprouted peas, thai chillies, green bell peppers, kale and delicata squash in soy sauce and ginger sesame flavoured olive oil with roasted sesame and coriander.

And two spectacular arepas with melted mozzarella and oodles of butter! :D

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Category: eating in

03/18/12 06:59 - ID#56242

What *else* do you do with raw popcorn kernels?

apart from making popcorn, that is.

Sometimes, there is only so much popcorn you can keep popping till you realize that you have entirely way too many kernels and you have got a bit tired of the plain popcorn...
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Category: eating in

03/17/12 07:11 - ID#56237

Gobhi dal

After so long...

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Category: eating in

03/07/12 02:46 - ID#56183

Perfect brown paper bag popcorn from scratch

I know (e:kookcity) wrote about the perfect stovetop popcorn but this is for busy times when you want popcorn and cannot be bothered to watch over the stove.
  • Get a brown paper lunch bag
  • Put in around 4 heaped tablespoons of unpopped kernels
  • Set your microwave to 2-3 minutes and put the bag in
  • When the popping slows to 1-2 per second take it out (this is crucial, burnt results are terrible).
  • Empty the popped popcorn out over a big surface area (a generous bowl, perhaps).

And now is the step that no one on the net is sure about. How to make the seasoning stick to the air-popped or microwave popped popcorn:
  • spray the popcorn with an ultra fine spray-mist of ... water!
  • sprinkle on the seasoning. I love just plain salt.

That's it. Totally guilt free, perfectly seasoned popcorn without a stove, without toxic stuff, without preservatives, from kernels to perfection in under 5 minutes.

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Category: eating in

03/05/12 05:38 - ID#56175

Finally. Regular Bread without recipes

I am now able to confidently go in and make a completely whole wheat improvised bread with whatever without any recipes from scratch. And, more importantly eat the results without cringing or wishing I hadn't made the colossal mess. I know I said this already zillion moons back here: (e:tinypliny,53247) But that was banana bread. This is THE staple everyday bread bread.

I think that is progress.

Only, it's progress in the words of a frog in that arithmetic problem, you know, the one that lives in a slimy well and jumps up 4 steps to fall back 3.
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Category: eating in

03/05/12 04:54 - ID#56173

The kettle's just boiled.

You know your tea addiction has gone a bit far when:
  1. You put the kettle on and when it boils, you immediately refill and put it on again because you know you will finish the current cup before it finishes brewing the next one
  2. You distinctly remember having asked your archenemy in a nightmare if they would like a cup of oolong (poisoned) or a cup of cardamom tea (also poisoned, what did you think?)
  3. You bid on auctions for green tea from's authentic chinese sellers because the blurry pixelated pic looked like that one tea you had once upon a time that you could never find in stores later.
  4. You lose the bid because someone sniped it at 4:00AM and you are bitter all day.
  5. You drink coffee and think, ugh this is vile. Only the whipped cream redeems this mess.
  6. You drink close to 27 16 oz cups of tea a day.
  7. You don't drink any regular water anymore, only tea
  8. You alternate between 7-8 different kinds of tea and have teas to match the hour and mood of the day.
  9. The promise of tea is enough to enable you to weather minuscule work storms
  10. You are known as the office tea pusher and have induced at least 5 other officemates to drink more tea than they ever did their entire lives.
  11. You buy a kettle exclusively for the office and it is used so much, it develops scales within a month.
  12. Your desktop is tea-themed
  13. Your recycling is 10% or more teabag wrappers.

Any 5 and you are one.
Any 7? have you taken the teaddiction test lately?
Any 10? Hmm.. and how does that make you feel?
Any 12? Have you put the kettle on yet?

Any 13? Welcome to my world.

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Category: eating in

02/25/12 03:56 - ID#56133

Broccoli and sprouts

Finally, a balanced meal that took 1/2 hour after weeks of eating 3-4 minute meals.
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Category: eating in

01/26/12 06:33 - ID#55983

Kale, tomatoes and almond soup

Okay, another quickie but super delicious soup. This time in 20 minutes (because nothing was pre-cooked today).

0. Put in some orange lentils to cook in the rice cooker.
-- From here on it's a timed contest between you and rice cooker!
1. Heat the wok to a high temperature (this is a given. If you don't get this by now, you might as well order pizza)
2. Add a tablespoon of sesame oil
3. Add some dried red chillies, shredded coconut, garlic and ginger fine chopped.
4. Meanwhile dry toast some almonds on a nearby burner.
5. Saute garlic/ginger till garlic turns a faint light brown.
6. Toss in finely chopped Kale. Stir fry till BRIGHT green.
7. Salt it (the kale will let some water out)
8. Add some finely chopped ripe tomatoes. Toss till mixed with Kale.
9. Toss and saute till tomatoes are fairly done.
10. If you have a decent rice cooker, the lentils should be done by now. Add to the spiced kale-tomato mix with generous amount of water and bring to a low simmer.

And you are done! Garnish with fresh chopped basil and lightly crushed toasted almonds!

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Category: eating in

01/25/12 06:33 - ID#55981

Awesome soup for a winter's day

I wanted to get back to work fast so I made a super fast soup just now in 10 minutes flat. It was so tasty, it's all gone. I want to remember this soup on horrible days when I don't feel like cooking.

1. Heat the wok to a high temperature.
2. Add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
3. Immediately add some cumin and dried chillies
4. Add chopped red onions. Stir around till coated with the cumin, chillies and oil.
5. Add chopped ripe tomatoes. Stir around for a minute or so. Smash the tomatoes.
6. Add pre-roasted acorn squash. Stir till incorporated into the tomatoes and onions.
7. Add pre-cooked quinoa.
8. Add a generous quantity of fresh basil.
9. Add some water (preferably water that has been used to cook beans or lentils)
10. Salt to taste.

And you are done. Best soup ever!

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Category: eating in

01/24/12 05:24 - ID#55977

Spatula of dreams

Behold... and then behold some more!

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