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Category: goals

09/21/11 12:11 - ID#55176

Internal Struggle List

I read this article at 4:00 AM today:

I like its main points of summary. I reordered them to help myself out.
  • Be realistic
  • Face your fears
  • Focus on your options
  • Rise up to the challenge
  • Find peace
  • Don't stress over things you cannot control
  • Engage in acts of gratitude
  • Be cautious when thinking about confrontation
  • Don’t suppress or deny your feelings
  • Be around people
  • Spend some time alone
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Relax
  • Live your life
  • Seek professional help

And these are my goals for September and October.
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Category: linux

09/20/11 05:18 - ID#55172

Save takes longer in gedit and gnumeric

Pedestrian observation but hitting Ctrl+S or the save button in linux (on gedit and gnumeric)"^ is always followed by a longer delay in saving the state of whatever program I am in (specifically programs that I use for writing and composing longer documents)"^ compared with windows. I have no idea why. My linux machine is substantially faster than my windows machine so this delay can't be because of disparity in drive-accessing speeds.

It could be that windows is just telling me it has saved the state of the program sooner than it really has and that Linux doesn't report the state being saved until it really has finished saving. But this is just speculation.

I know it isn't a big deal. A few extra seconds isn't much but it does adds up when you are writing a really long document and have fallen into the habit of saving multiple times as you write. Hitting Ctrl+S is almost second nature to me when I start writing. Having to wait a good chunk of time more in linux for even minor saves is somewhat annoying.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this strange lag. I have seen it in Crunchbang, Ubuntu, Fedora and numerous other distributions I have tried. Every distro has the same annoying longer delay for saving (on gedit and gnumeric)"^.

^and some other apps that I will continue to list as I keep a closer watch on this issue: Gummi is now in the list.

"EDIT after comments: Please click that small comment bubble below and see the comments to this journal. (e:Paul) gave me some very useful suggestions about getting to the root of this problem. Thankfully, its not the operating system or even the hardware on my computer (two things that I was hoping it wouldn't be, because I can't change them without considerable effort).

The problem apps are gedit and gnumeric. I have found a substitute for latex composition with a live preview already: Gummi! And it is 100x more fabulous. Gnumeric will be hard to replace. I don't know what program comes even close to the awesomeness of Gnumeric. OpenOffice (Libreoffice) calc is a pale shadow for the particular way I use Gnumeric.

"Thanks, Paul. If every linux newcomer had a patient friend like you, I think the transition to the OS would be so much more painless. :-)
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Category: linux

09/18/11 08:46 - ID#55166

Linux Bugreport Rap

If something isn't broken
don't go tinkering and fixin'
for you could be shot to hell
without so much as a token

But if something really is awry
there is little point in being shy
fire those irate bug reports
at upstream and downstream ports

You will be ignored (or rarely not)
your bug report could be cold or hot
but what really matters is just that
You filed it. Give yourself a pat!

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Category: science

09/17/11 03:45 - ID#55162

Science on organic foods: what needs to be done.

Attached is the article I linked in my comment to (e:paul,55115). It reviews the state of science that is investigating if organic foods are really as good for people as many believe. It outlines the limitations of current studies and lays down some guidelines for how future studies might address this question better.

Intervention studies are the gold standard for evidence. Population studies generate statistically tenable hypothesis. :)

(e:Heidi), this PDF is for you.


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Category: music

09/11/11 06:15 - ID#55143

Rubinstein interprets Chopin

There is some indescribably exquisite melancholy about the slower version of Chopin's Waltz in B minor, Opus 69. Evenings are calmer with Rubenstein's interpretation of Chopin.

I want to learn the piano someday. And when I do, I want to learn all my favourites among his nocturnes and waltzes till I can play them with eyes closed. Someday. Certainly.
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Category: the odes

09/11/11 03:59 - ID#55141

Crossing over.

They chose perfectly.
I wish they didn't give him the corny helmet in the end though. He has way too gorgeous hair.

LOL: They really do make a lovely pair. :)
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Category: buffalo

09/10/11 11:39 - ID#55136

Sunlight Simulation

Does anyone have a sunlight simulation lamp they like? Are they worth getting? I think I work better in sunlight and often have horrible panic attacks when its cloudy and gloomy outside. My sleep patterns are really messed up and I often can't sleep at all. Yellow light at night is starting to make me panicky as well.

I have been seriously considering lighting up my place with balanced full spectrum light. I want to see if moving away from the yellow spectrum will change anything. A couple years back, I bought white CFLs. Unfortunately, instead of 5500K (the spectra of sunlight), I bought something in the 4000x range. As a result, they are too bluish.

I don't want halogen lamps. I looked at sunlight simulation lamps by some company called Verilux but a ton of customers on Amazon have remarked on how quickly these lights break. So does anyone have any full spectrum lamps they can recommend?
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Category: buffalo

09/10/11 11:13 - ID#55135


I came out of work to a spectacular dusk.


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Category: the odes

09/10/11 11:06 - ID#55134

Google Voice transcribes Paul

9/7/11 7:51 PM 3 days ago

But lately, bye bye, could you transfer a investment hey cooking application you What, what's up. All the maybe we can connect spring way, it's just me. West. You are special expense. Morganson Later. Bye, the If I can drop it off the roof there's like a whole. Maybe the whole flat you can. Bye bye hey okay. Hello, bye Yeah, P to say, you can give me a call. Bye. Hey, evening, yeah dear. You will. Hello. Hey man. Later, just, Subject, I gonna close the alright. I didn't. Hey there the Victor, but no later. It's 4 What, right. Bye. Yeah, Hello Hello Bill, hey. Well, alright, or are available, okay right hello, hey.

And all this took 3 minutes to say.

What I really want to know is who are Morganson and Victor... and Bill??
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Category: eating in

09/04/11 08:17 - ID#55094

The Pear Wars.

(e:Paul) challenged me to a pear war with the warrior ants and the swarm of bees in (e:PMT)'s garden. It was not a pretty sight.
There were fallen pears all over the place being viciously attacked by HUGE crazy ants, bees that possibly had a nasty sting and quite horrendous-looking fat blackish worms that looked as if they had crept slowly out of the scarier zombie movie scene. I think I accidentally brushed my hand on one. UGH. Maybe I should consider amputating it now.
For a while I debated kicking the bee-infested pears around to dislodge and rescue the pears but I was really worried about painful repercussions. Wisdom prevailed and I left them alone. But I did blow the ants off many a fallen fruit and got quite a haul of awesome pears.

(e:matthew) walked in on my grand-bug-war-for-pear-rescue halfway through and threw in some tomatoes into the mix. I know I am totally overdosing on tomatoes today but these mini ones were TOO delicious not to eat as soon as I got back! Thanks so much, (e:matthew)!

And now the quintessential dilemma. What does one do with 20kg of pears?

I am thinking slow roasted red pepper/tomato-pear-basil-soup spiked with red chillies and garlic...
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